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Sep 4, 2017 at 1:50 PM
Feb 6, 2009
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November 13



I started a blog. My spelling sucks and I am not very good at it Enjoy! LOL May 11, 2011

maturemetal was last seen:
Sep 4, 2017
    1. sdambrunn
      That was supposed to say WOW not Ww see what happens when there is no one to punnish you for spelling mistakes.
    2. sdambrunn
      Ww if I can ever find a key holder this might just be what I ask santa for
    3. Missy Tanya
      Missy Tanya
      Happy Birthday. Take the day off from work, but do keep Mistress happy!!
    4. subtletorturer
      Well sorta sad my slave didnt work out. But I am recomanding mature metal all over the place lol. Hope some one has actually buys one. Hope to find a slave who wants to submit to one some day hey ho onwards and up wards.
    5. maturemetal
      I started a blog. My spelling sucks and I am not very good at it Enjoy! LOL
      1. muzzledman
        hope you get involved with locked & denied,i registered with them because of checking out your website,cool you started a blog
        May 12, 2011
    6. mistressmaturemetal
      You better love me:). Love you too
    7. subtletorturer
      Waiting to see how my relationshiip wit slave j developes but have the jailbird in mind as he needs a custom build. He found maturemetal but might live to regert my interest lol. Thanks for your wonderful service hope to purchase from yo soon. With a fiendish grin SubtleT
    8. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Happy 2nd Anniversary on Mansion!!!!!
    9. claudiab
      Have a great day.
    10. Goddess Jen
      Goddess Jen
      Happy Birthday! Hope you get every wish your heart desires today :*
    11. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    12. Spike's Bitch
      Spike's Bitch
      Jailbird arrived this morning.
      What a beautiful device! Your pictures dont do it justice. Awesome job. Fits perfect.
      Just in time too because 'the equipment' down there was getting very irritated i. This hot weather with the birdlocked.
      We ended up using a thin metal wire to attach my PA to the lock. Works perfectly.
      It is much more comfortable to play sports...
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    November 13
    Chastity Devices:
    Mature Metal Tube, Mature Metal Watchful Mistress, Mature Metal Pet trap, Mature Metal Jailbird, Mature Metal Queen's Keep. A new devie is in the works.
    Chastity Resume:
    Jan 2008


    Please check out my web store for stainless steel cages and tubes http://www.maturemetal.com