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MISTRESS, Female, from Texas

Enjoying EVERY day of my life Oct 12, 2016

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Jun 17, 2024 at 4:48 PM
    1. dirt turpin
      dirt turpin
      Fantastic Eyes Mistress. Would You please allow me to follow You ?
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    2. CuriousRK
      Loving the MM Jailbird and Watchful Mistress. Both are amazing devices and incredible manufacturing quality hand built just for my anatomy. Thanks for the help getting me locked and secure!
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    3. MsCynsSlaveBoy
      Thank you for being so accommodating while my Mistress and myself were in the process of ordering one of your cages. We ordered a Watchful Mistress from you about 3 weeks ago. We are anxiously awaiting it. Thank again !
    4. Obsequious_Nova
      Love my jailbird, after all the refittings and modifications it is finally comfortable and secure. Thank you so much for working with us - from SoCal.
    5. bound4blueballs
      Thank You for the jailbird M'Lady, we recieved it just in time for my Keyholders birthday, it fits perfectly, and is everything it needs to be. We used to use a birdlocked, which required daily removal for cleaning, but with the open design, my Wife can now click and forget for a week at a time.
      Oh you should see Her smile.
      Thank You again
    6. rva_sub_51
      Good morning! I talked with your husband about a cage last week, I'm looking forward to putting in an order soon. Do you keep an informal registry of men who are in permanent lock-up, and gather information on how well your cages perform under the most extended durations?
    7. zebra
      Hi - Has MM ever considered making something the one in my avatar - I would love to have something with the end hole slight bigger - since don't use an insert
      I know it a Chinese model
    8. litldick
      Good Day Mistress MM,
      May i also follow you here? i am now self-locked in a Queen's Keep devices that i purchased from You years ago and i can honestly say, it has become a part of my normal attire. It is very comfortable, usually i forget i'm wearing it. Well, that is until Now to find my forever keyholder to take control of things again! Thank You for a great product!
      1. mistressmaturemetal
        yes you may follow me :) I am so glad you are still enjoying your Queens Keep.
        May 21, 2017
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    9. Jblocked
      How Manny workers are in your plant. Do you know how Manny are locked do you give a employee discount?
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    10. Sarahs
      Hi - just wanted to drop a note and say how much we enjoy our Mature Metal Jailbird! Great device! Thanks!!!!
      1. mistressmaturemetal
        SO glad to hear!!! Let me know if you ever have any questions..
        Jan 12, 2017
    11. sissyamycd
      greeting from the mission District Mistress
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    12. Giles Webster-Griffiths
      Giles Webster-Griffiths
      Just home from an exciting date...Giles waiting to clean up my cream pie....what an amazing chastity cuckold he is......why don't women realise the power they have and then the freedom.....
    13. Sissy maid doris
      Sissy maid doris
      Hi mistress just wanted to ask a sizing question
    14. mistressmaturemetal
      Enjoying EVERY day of my life
      1. kickball
        good to hear Mistress
        Oct 12, 2016
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      2. Jblocked
        I bet a you have great stories with all you workers lockedup
        Oct 12, 2016
    15. fiveindenied
      What a terrific profile picture......
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      1. mistressmaturemetal
        thanks... I try :)
        Sep 28, 2016
      2. fiveindenied
        and you try VERY VERY well
        Dec 8, 2016
    16. 1984marriedcouple
      I would like to thank you for all you're help with measurements and getting the right fit. We are very pleased with our queens keep!! With you're help we got the right fit the first time. The is the easiest lockup duration we had with out complications. Thanks again and if you want or need a recommendation posted somewhere let us know and will gladly report our positive experience.
    17. Junebug15
      Mistress MM
      Does mature metal have a hinged ring product. McD ?
      Thank you
    18. HerMonster9
      Mistress MM,
      I recently purchased a Jailbird and I'm so excited to receive it. My girlfriend/KH loves the idea of long term lock up and said once I receive me new cage sometime in May, I will remain locked until October.
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    19. 11lives
      Mistressmaturemetal. I see thes posts yet am not sure about all of the information. Am looking for a keyholder and would like to meet others in the lifestyle. Live in Colorado in small town so always wanting to know whats going on perhaps to plan a trip. Be well
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    20. mistressmaturemetal
      hosted by Huis Clos
    21. mistressmaturemetal
      International Chastity Social (Pre-Folsom) Hotel Rex - Lobby Bar 562 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102
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      1. Precarious PET
        Precarious PET
        Oh we are so there! I will be on my knees for months at my best behavior to get my Queen to take me!
        Apr 25, 2015
    22. PauloChaste
      I must congratulate you on my wonderful Jail Bird!
      Thank you so much
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      1. mistressmaturemetal
        We are so glad you are happy with your jailbird.
        If you ever have any questions email us at maturemetal@grandecom.net
        M MM
        Apr 8, 2015
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      2. PauloChaste
        Thank you and I will if required.
        Apr 9, 2015
    23. Precarious PET
      Precarious PET
      Dear Mistress Mature Metal,

      My Queen and KH has instructed me to write you and tell you how VERY pleased we are with our new Queen's Keep! The name alone is perfect for us! We have tried many devices over the years that can only be categorized as toys compared to your products! Security, Comfort afordability and style UN-MATCHED! Truly a functional piece of art!

      Thank You for All you do!
      Miss Catherine's PET
    24. SlaveLarry
      Another thing the jailbird does is almost totally squelch erections. Every time I try and get an erection from stimulation, it goes away very quickly.
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    25. SlaveLarry
      right now I am leaning toward the double ring base. The 1 7/8 has a slight tendency to rotate a little to the left. The 1 3/4 double base ring eliminates that entirely. And I must add that this is the most comfortable device that I have ever worn. I last wore the Holy Trainer version 1 and version 2, so I have over six months in those. I can hardly tell I have this on.
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    You must be kidding :)
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