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Part 3 ~ My Vanilla Break

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Mistress Watchful, dollyanne hates that You are feeling badly. You have incredible self-insight and you're probably right about the hormones. Dollyanne has experienced that too, even with a quite low level of herbal products. Dolly now cries at the drop of a hat and sometimes feels extraordinarily low. It's amazing the effect that little hormone changes have!

    The good news is the body tends to be self-healing ,given time. It's also amazing what a big hug, a few rays of sunshine, and the bright eyes and happy smiles of Your children can do for You! You WILL feel better! Dr. Dolly has spoken!

    Curtsey and a BIG HUG,
  2. You will have to join the queue, just behind me, to slap her.....:angel:

    This reminds me of the scene in 'Airplane' where there is an orderly queue to slap the hysterical woman! :tongue:

    Back to serious for a moment, this is YOUR life, no one elses. You dont need to 'live up' to anybody's expectations but your own.:squigglemouth:

    What is very clear to me, reading the various posts on this site, is that you are among friends, none of whom are judging you or expecting you to pull a rabbit out your arse or any other magic trick you might want to do! :xd:

    Now then, where was I? Oh yes... <steps forward to slap you!>

    There, feel better now? :wink:
  3. Kidney stones... ARGH! Drink a bit of cranberry juice with all that water its kept me from having more stones.
  4. Is not this site just for this?? If there is one of us here who lived in the perfect little world, and has the perfect little life, then by all means please step forward to lead the rest of us. I do believe Mistress that this site was started to be of assistance to those of us with similar struggles. While my wall was a little softer, I still hit that wall last month. If was the similar stories here and advice from others that helped inspire me to continue, and more importantly it was you who inspired me to even try chastity in the first place.

    There are no expectations you need to live up to, well beside keeping this site up please. lol I personally have a couple of vanilla sites I started sctrictly to help people with divorce. I have a very happy marriage so the only role I serve is just to help people talk to other people and share stories-hmmmm sounds very similar. OK no more sarcasm as none was intended. Perhaps after your swats from Mistress Michelle and MasterG you can fly to the states and do that photo shoot! LOL Relax you have a lot of ideas to offer and even if you are not living them out right now we, well at least I, can always use some fresh ideas and suggestions- Now my advice, smile it will make people wonder what you are up to-when asked simply say "wouldn't you like to know" It will drive people crazy.
  5. Hiya... I really wish I could sit down and read these posts thoroughly, I'm sure they contain everything I need to hear today - unfortunately I'm having "issues" with a few things. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to breathe and regroup... but I doubt it. :sad:
  6. Anytime You wish to hop a jet over here I would be more than happy to help You re-group.....if You were to come in November I'd need a much bigger house, for You, everyone would be coming out of the woodwork!! LOL
    Shame You havent had time to read the posts....seems Master G has some fun in store for You as well :wink: I'm not opposed to sharing :kiss:
    Mistress Michelle
  7. Moving on Up!

    As ever, thank you all for your insights and comments. Sometimes its easier for you to see what I cant!

    Jimi With reference to your how often comments, this is something we have just figured out. Im pretty sure we will be using chastity as a prelude to kinky sessions in the future, rather than 24/7 of course, the opportunities for this to change in a few years is always there!

    Going without sex makes it easier to go without sex. I agree, so I have been making a concerted effort to have as much sex as possible in the past couple of days!

    Ladylionzsissy thank you for your advice. I have had kidney stones twice (once at 38 weeks pregnant, and then 3 weeks after baby was born) it was a living HELL and I never want to go through it again. I have just bought a water cooler/fountain and am drinking far more water than ever before in a step towards curbing my hunger and boosting my energy levels.

    To everyone as far as dieting is concerned, it aint gonna happen! I love my food and love my curves. I just want to stop the wobbly, so exercise is the only way to go!

    Dr dolly (hehe!) thank you also. I have got to get my hormones sorted before I cause some real havoc in this house. Its not fair on anyone!

    MasterG as always, after a piece of my ass! Thank you, I feel much better.

    Xcite thank you for reminding me why I started the site, for novices and genuine people with all the ups and downs of genuine relationships sometimes I get lost in my own should be, could be world!

    Mistress Michelle lol maybe we should all just hop down to Vegas and take over a whole hotel for utter sinful pleasure!!!!

    Right now thats all out of the way. I havent had time to reply to my private messages yet, I will get round to it but it appears we have a couple of site problems to fix. Also, I am in a different frame of mind and very probably ready to start Journal #3!!!! But more of that later.
  8. Moving on, the "Vanilla Break" is over... it is working it's way back towards "Vanilla with Kinks!"

    Part 3 of my Journal
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