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On Display

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Hi Mash great to see you back with us , things again seem to moving to another level , some of which look to be heading into the cuckold realm , if things were to go down that path how do you think you would handle it ? do you think its something you would be ok with , the two new cages also sound as if they could be challenging , overall I think you may be in for an exciting and frustrating time , good luck with this evening that too sounds as it could hold some surprises , all the best for now and keep us posted
  2. Sorry about having to still work once in awhile. I do t think I would handle cuckolding very good at all, it goes against what she has always said. But that being said I don't have a lot of choice since I've agreed to serve her and be Locked permanently. I just hope if she does she'll allow me to be part of it in someway or another.

    About the two cages one is the same size as the one I'm wearing now except it has the uethera tube. This is something new for me. The other cage is shorter, she locked me in the short one this morning and to be honest it feels good except I haven't tried to get hard yet.
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  3. Hi Mash take care with the urethral insert on that cage , I have left a reply on your other thread ,
  4. When Mistress came home from work everything was ready. The table was set for four as instructed and I was prepared as instructed cleaned, shaved,cuffed and collared. I met her at the door kneeling while holding a glass of wine. I was looking the part of a good servant. She took the wine leaving me kneeling at the door she went into the bed room to change her clothes.
    When she returned she said we don't have much time untill our guests arrived so we need to hurry. She than surprised me by pulling the arm chair up close to the table and putting the suction-cup butt plug on the chair. She lubed it up and simply said to me. "Sit". I eased my self down onto the plug until my cheeks were on the chair she than fastened my hands and feet to the chair so I couldn't get up. She then went to the bed room and returned with a rope which she attached to the ring on the collar I was wearing pulling my head back she tied the rope to the back of the chair. I was Displayed nude caged with my head back. She finished by blindfolding me and putting head phones on so I was robbed of sight and sound. This wasn't what I had expected for the evening as I sat waiting for our guests to arrive the small cage that she had locked me in was getting very tight. Even though I was helpless to do anything I was still getting wet and excited. As the guests arrived I felt hands touch me on different parts of my body one person with long nails caressed my swollen testicles and ran her fingers across their delicate flesh.

    For along time I sat unable to see or hear what was going on. I wasn't part of the evening I was only an ornament for their viewing pleasure. Even though I still kept my cage tight and wet it. my blindfold was removed and my head and hands were untied. Mistress was looking at me with a Huge smile on her face she Kissed me and said. "It was a lovely evening I hope you enjoyed it " she than went off to bed leaving me to contemplate what had just happened. Strange as it may seem I Did Enjoy the Evening
  5. You are a very lucky man to have such a exciting Mistress. I love reading of your experiences. Glad that you are back.
  6. Holy cow Mash, yes, that is another level for sure. Do you know who was at the dinner?
  7. Thanks. If I was born rich I wouldn't have to still work. Maybe I should just Retire and serve my Misses full time. The pay would be good just not in $
  8. I wouldn't call it a level it's just another day in the mind of a Mysterious Mistress. I know that their were four people , Mistress, a lady with long nails, someone with smaller hands and. ?

    My wife knows a lot of people through her business adventures and the outgoing charismatic person that she is. I don't know who was there and I know she won't tell me
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  9. That just makes me tingle. I can imagine you meeting them with them knowing and you not. If someone smiles a bit too much or gives off some vibes you'll wonder if it was them, wow!
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  10. Ha I thought about that to. I just hope it wasn't ladies I do know. Knowing my Wife they would be ladies that I don't normally see. Tingles are a good thing Ha Ha
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  11. This morning I'm like a new person who has just been locked for his first 24 hours.
    Yesterday morning Mistress removed the very short cage because in her words. " It's time for you to loss your Virginity" at first I wasn't sure what she was talking about than she told me to get the cage with the Urethera tube. When I handed her the cage she did something that I didn't expect. She had me stand In front of her and she took my uncaged cock into her mouth. Since I was still flaccid she was able to take all of it into her mouth I looked down at her with my cock totally in her and instantly became excited and started to grow. It had been six months since she had last sucked on me and to say the least my excitement was starting to show. She kept me all the way in untill I was almost fully erect than she removed her mouth and started to suck on only the head. She than sat back in the chair licked her lips and just stared at my fully erect cock. It had been two months since since I'd had a full erection and now I was also getting a blowjob.

    I waited for her to continue but she just sat their looking at me. I wanted to push myself forward into her mouth or stroke myself but knew that wouldn't be a good move, I just waited with great expectations. She didn't even touch me, she was just looking at my fully erect cock inches away from her. She than told me to take a step back and put my hands behind my back and said. " It still works Perfectly. When it's soft again you can put on your new cage "

    I stood in the middle of the livingroom as she had coffee and was doing something on her laptop, she never touched me or payed any more attention to me. It took along time but I eventually went flaccid enough to install the base ring. This caused me to once again get aroused so again I waited. When it was time I slowly inserted the tube that was attached to the new cage InTo my penise. It took a couple minutes but than it just slide easily in and I was able to lock the cage. I felt no pain or discomfort I could hardly tell it was even their. I was glad that I had previously shortened the tube so it just extended past the base ring but their would be Zero chance that I would be able to pull out the back even if I wanted to.

    As I presented my self to my Mistress she was almost shaking with excitement. She caressed her caged and penetrated property and simply said " I Like this Already"

    Time will tell if I'm able to share in her excitement the first day has been uneventful but I'm still disappointed that she didn't finish what she had started.
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  12. please @Mash2214@Mash2214 when you was all tied up at the dinner party who was serving the meal and things.
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  13. Sounds like reality is setting in but you are in a good place with everything. Always look forward to hearing how you are doing. Got back from FLA after a long weekend with my Bride in the Orlando area on business trip this weekend.. She kept me free as a bird the whole time but made good on her promise to send me for a Brazilian. Didn't realize there is a back side to the process as well as the front. The pain or discomfort is brief at most and the whole process takes little more than 15 minutes. She was very happy with the results and rewarded me with the only oral sex I've received this year, just when I thought I'd never feel that again ever. Your Miss. will surprise you, as always, with something, when you least expect it, because you are so good to her. Have you used a urethra tube before.? Do you use a piercing for lockup ?
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  14. My question too, excuse us for being so practical, but we are curious about it.
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  15. It was t me. My Mistress does do things in the kitchen when she wants to. Or maybe it was one of the other ladies. I don't know.
  16. Normally I do serve meals but this wasn't a normal dinner. I was to be an ornament not the server.
  17. My Mistress loves to surprise me and keep me on edge. This is the first time I've had an urethra tube in me. I'm also not pierced. I had suggested it to her years ago but she didn't want me to get pierced. So the possibility that I could pull out the back has always been their but when I've done this before it wasn't very comfortable. Now with the tube that option is totally removed. I have a very hard time keeping any secrets from her. Even before we started into Chastity when I masterbated I would always feel guilty and tell her what I had done. I was usually Discaplined for doing this but this helped to clear the air and let me know that I belonged and that she cared about me.

    I love the thought of you being taken for a Brazilian
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  18. Hi Mash. My Wife is also against the idea of me being pierced and likes the idea of a looker2 that comes with a urethral insert. She actually likes it more bacause of the pepperpot style head and how that would stop me being able to see my penis, something she likes about the holy Trainer I currently wear.

    it will be interesting to hear how you get on with the insert.
  19. The tube is still in me and has become unnoticeable as I went about doing what I normally do. I thought I would notice it more than I have. One interesting benifit is that I can stand and pee very easily now. If always been able to pee standing no mater what cage I've worn by pulling my forskin through the bars but now it's just so much easier. That being said I have been informed that if I'm caught peeing standing up I will be severely dealt with. So ill still be sitting to pee.

    Another positive development from having the tube in is Mistress has taken a renewed interest in her property. She's been caressing and playing with it a lot more than she has in months. This is one benifit that I hope continues. Maybe it's because now I can't pull out the back even if I wanted to. Last night after giving her a fulbody massage where her hand was always finding her property. She had me lay on my back on the bed with my legs pulled up, I was expecting her to penetrate me with the Strapon but instead she kissed and caressed my testicals causing me to test the strength of the new steel cage. ( the cage didn't break ). Her efforts got me very excited but as normal she stopped before I achieved an Orgasm. This did make me think about what would it be like to have an Orgasm with a tube in your penise? Maybe I'll find out some day.

  20. when i had one in me it always make a mess when i pee cos not all the pee comes thro the tube thingy it go round the side as well. and not all of it comes out so when you put your panties back up they get wet and feel horrible.
  21. @Mash2214@Mash2214 - Still trying to figure out if I am jealous, envious or flat out glad that it's not me going through the twists and turns you keep experiencing. lol

    I have tried a couple urethral inserts (cheapies) and they didn't work for me .. heck one of them the metal end popped off the plastic tubing just as it had entered beyond that point of no return .... (what a bitch to get out ... eeeesh).

    Which model are you sporting? Maybe a link or even better some pics?

    btw ... that evening with you tied up blindfolded and sitting on that chair ..... damn, talk about "On Display!" lol

    Thanks for the updates :)
  22. This morning was like any other morning. I woke up before my Mistress to have coffee ready for when she got up. Since I wasn't washing her car this morning she had me stand I front of her with my legs slightly spread and bent so her package was hanging freely for her viewing pleasure. As I was standing their a small stream of precum dripped from the end onto the floor. She just smiled and said "The floor does need a washing " She than went for a shower while I prepared everything for breakfast.

    Before she had her breakfast I was given the priveledge to bring her to an oral Orgasm. She says starting her day this way keeps her excited all day. Shortly after she left for work she sent me a simple text " 50/ side, send pic ". After tanning my backside I sent her a picture as requested. Her response was simply. " not good enough repeat and re send ". I took the black strap and re applied the strokes to my backside, spanking myself even harder I didn't want to disappoint her a second time. My back side was now showed the signs of being very well spanked as I sent her the picture.

    Her response was simply
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  23. I have offered to get pierced and considered a urethral insert, but my Bride, being an RN, will not go down that road. She is so easy going. Glad to hear all continues to go well for you. Next week she is going to be in Canada, British Columbia. Wish I was going. You never know who you might bump into there lol... Maybe one of these times ??
  24. Her response was simply " Good boy, have a nice day " she always finds away to keep my life interesting.
    The tube I'm presently using is what you would call one of those cheap ones. It's a plastic or silicon tube with the metal end on it. I thought about the end coming off so when I shortened the tube I glued the end on to lessen the chance of it coming off. I can't imagine what it would be like if it did come off OUCH. I added a picture In " Under her Control 2"

    With regard to being tied to the chair. She has tied me to the chair many times in the past but this was the first time she did it while inviting others over to witness it. I was definetly On Display. It was also very exciting being in that situation exposed and vulnerable.
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  25. I'm from Saskatchewan so I'm along ways from British Columbia but. you never know who you might bump into ?
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