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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. I sure know how to screw up a post. Post 699 is a mess. Sorry for not knowing how all this stuff works and for having Big Fingers that sometimes hit the wrong button. Grrrrrr
  2. Wow mate even more jealous of your journey now you lucky guy :)
  3. You never know, there could be some last minute addendum to a business travel itinerary. Meanwhile, I'll review my geography of Canada. :eek:
    Just a crazy thought (wishful thinking) for now.
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  4. I am often dripping when caged and I get my panties wet, especially with a urethral tube!
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  5. Hi Mash , great to hear all is going well with the new device and tube , and you are getting some positive results and rewards from it , the main one being your mistress's like of it and her renewed interest , which in its self makes the whole chastity concept not only more rewarding but more exciting
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  6. I will be in British Columbia next weekend, staying with a friend. I am going to take my device and lock myself up when I get there. I need to keep my business out of her business, if you catch my drift!
  7. Your Mistress is Fantastic, much to learn from her.:rolleyes:
  8. Thanks. I'll pass that on to her. I wouldn't hold my breath that she'll become active on this sight. She has said that it's a waste of time. That's part of the reason she's put me on an Limit to how much time I can spend on the Internet.
  9. What on this miserable world is not a waste of time?
    At least this is a very enjoyable one
  10. I'm Sorry but she just doesn't see it the same way. I've tried to get her active her but she is very strong willed when she wants to be. She does check it out from time to time but that's all. Sorry
  11. Another weekend alone as my Mistrss has gone to spend the weekend with her mother. It's different when I'm at home. I always have a list of things to take care of after I'm done working.

    So far I haven't had any issues with my tube it's comfortable. I have liked that when I'm away from home that I can stand and pee but I won't be doing this when Mistress is around. On Monday night when she gets home she told me she's going to remove the tube to check things out and also that she has a Test for me.

    So now I have all weekend to wonder What she means by a Test.
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  12. Well my Mistress is away for the weekend but that doesn't mean that she doesn't still have me do things or have control over me.

    Last night I received a call from her to say good night and to say. I've booked you to give a friend of mine a massage at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. This will be one of your special massages. White panties only and a Blindfold. Have fun Love ya

    The first thing I Thought of was who would I be giving a massage to , possible one of her dinner friends. My non wife massages have really dropped of lately, with Terrie not being around as much and Carla. Well I guess Carla has found someone else to Play with. It had also been awhile since I've given a Blindfolded massage so I was excited.

    As was ready standing as instructed at the head of the table just before 4:00 when I heard someone drive up. They entered the house and the massage room. They hesitated for a few minutes before getting onto the table. They were ready and so was I. I applied the oil to my hands and placed them on their back I jumped as soon as I placed my hands on their back. It was the back of a man. I hesitated before slowly rubbing his back. This WAS NOT what I was expecting. I wanted to stop but knew that if I did I would be in serious trouble so I continued. The man on the table was bigger than Paul and also bigger than myself and more muscler. I wondered who he was and what his connection to my Mistress was. I was tempted to ask but didn't. As I massaged lower down his back he Said "Massage my Ass" I did as instructed almost scared not to. I felt embarrassed massaging him while caged and wearing panties. I also wasn't showing any signs of excitement as my cage wasn't tight at all. After massaging his ass for a while I was moving down his legs when he suddenly turned over.

    I continued to massage his legs but it was short lived untill he said what I hoped he wouldn't. He said "Suck Me " I did not want to go down on this man. It's not that I hadn't sucked on a cock before it was that before my Mistress and other ladies were present, now it was just him and me. He repeated his order " Suck Me or you'll be sorry " I placed my hand around his cock and stroked him a couple times. He was much larger than myself and larger than Paul. Than I put my mouth on his cock and did what me wanted me to do. I felt terrible, it wasn't enjoyable at all. I continued to suck on his large cock taking as much of him in my mouth as I could as I continued to stroke him. This continued for a few minutes untill it happened. He exploded into my mouth thrusting his hips upward almost choking me with his cock. He pushed my head down onto him as he thrust upwards. I wanted to pull away but couldn't I took his seed into my mouth. He released his hold on me and relaxed. I stood up with tears in my eyes. I had been used and I didn't like the feeling.

    This man than got off the table told me to bend over the table. I just prayed he wasn't going to do what I thought he was. He came in behind me and roughly pulled down my panties and laughed. As I layed over the table with my panties at my ankles and my cage cock pressing against the table,all I could think of was why my wife was doing this to me. Why did she make me suck this man and was now letting him take me. I braced myself for what was to come when I suddenly felt his hand spank my backside very hard. Over and over again he spanked me like a child. He stopped the spanking and walked out of the room laughing.

    I stayed bent over the table untill I heard him drive away. This had been one of the most embarrassing afternoons I had ever had. Even now as I'm finishing this post I'm still asking myself the question . Why My Mistress made me do this?
  13. @Mash2214@Mash2214 you ask yourself why your Mistress asked you to do this , control and a test of your submission to comply with her wishes , even when she is not with you , and you passed with flying colours , although you may not have found it pleasurable you still carried out her instructions , which shows your submission and loyalty to her , lets for a moment ask another question , what if you had not done as asked , what would have been her response and how would you have felt ??
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  14. Have you ever talked about how she is getting close to if not passing your limits? I realise you trust her and on the whole you are enjoying how she has taken control, but there is always the risk of things spiraling out of control or taking you to a place where your submission places you at risk.

    I would ask the same question as sissybitch but with the emphasis more on you, your needs and desires. What would have happened if you had said no? I know you want to please her and do not want the game to stop, and that the game is in reality much more than a game, it is your life.

    At the very least you have to let her know how unhappy you are, my advice would be to not stay silent on this. Passive sadness will be obvious if she is observant, but direct and honest discussion of your issues is important to both of you.
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  15. Sounds like you need to talk to your wife! Blindfolded massage of an unknown man is a completely different kettle of fish to a blindfolded massage of a wife's female friend. Things might be going too far too quickly.
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  16. Thank You for all the responses to my latest situation. I really appreciate your comments.

    When my Wife came home on Monday Night we did what you all said we sat down and talked. The main focus of the conversation was how far she was taking me on experiencing different feelings and emotions. The problem is that a couple years ago when we got very serious about chastity and my totall submission to her it was talked about than that I would give her the freedom to feed or satisfy my very high sexual appetite with what ever means she wanted. Up to the other day nothing that she's done to me or had me do had taken me beyond my limit untill now. I love the power and control that she's taken over me and our sex life and she agreed that she never wants to go back to the way it was.

    She did apologize to me for what she had me do, which I really appreciated. Everyone has limits of what they think is exceptable no matter how Kinky or crazy it may be. We had just found my limit.

    Before going to bed I treated her to a full body massage which surprisingly she didn't fall asleep during. I was than given the priveledge of bringing her to two glorious Orgasms using my fingers and tounge. i was also given the priveledge of making love with her as she layed on the bed and I mounted the phalius that was standing up so proud and powerful from her womanhood. As I slide onto her I couldn't help but think how much I loved her and how much I loved where our relationship had grown to.

    Communication is so very important no matter what kind of relationship you have.
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  17. I'm not homophobic by any means. But that would have been a massive hard limit for me. Good luck to you if you can go beyond your limits. Did you wife know beforehand that what she asked of you was a limit for you?
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  18. SubVerity

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    Definitely no more than an adventurous 2.5 on that Kinsey scale then.

    If your wife had told you what she wanted in advance and that not going ahead was not an option, and that whatever happened was happening because it pleased her and made her proud of you - would you have felt any different about it do you think? Would it have been easier? Could you have gotten into it more under such conditions?
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  19. This morning I got up before Mistress and made coffee as I normally do. The only difference was she got up almost right after me and told me to come and stand I front of her as she sat on the Love seat.

    She than said to me. " last month when we agreed that you would be locked up permanently you didn't have this cage with the Urethera tube. I think we need to remove the tube periodically to clean and inspect my property don't you agree."
    Yes Mistress I responded.

    She continued " This is how it will be. When the cage is removed my property is NOT allowed to get erect. It will point downwards at all times. Do you understand
    Yes Mistress I responded.

    " if it points forward or upward I Will strike it with the riding crop untill it points downward. Do you understand " she added
    Yes Mistress I responded

    She than took the key and inserted it into the lock and said. " This will be a test for you." She than unlocked the cage and removed the lock. It felt strange as the tube was being extracted from me. She placed the cage and lock on the table than told me to remove the ring. As I placed it on the table my cock was already betraying me it was semi erect pointing straight ahead. Mistress sat back and just stared at me she than said. " I'm going to go and get the riding crop. You have two minutes to get my property under control or I Will use it. " she than went into the bed room.

    It felt so good to be unlocked and have the tube removed. Even though the cage had become very comfortable it still feels nice to be free of it. my feelings were mixed. I enjoyed the freedom and wanted to get fully erect but I also didn't want to feel the sting of the riding crop. When Mistress came back into the livingroom her property was pointing downwards the discomfort of the riding crop had won. It was very difficult to get under control but I had avoided the riding crop for now any way.

    She than had me remove my pubic hair with the hair removal cream and a light shaving to get any hairs the cream missed. It was much easier doing this while unlocked than while wearing my cage as I normally did. I cleaned the tube and cage and presented myself to my Mistress. She had me put the ring on and than step closer to her. She than took her property into her mouth and sucked on it. As I looked down at her all I could think of was. " Are You Kidding Me That's Not Fair " it felt so good but I was determined that she wouldn't get me erect. I thought about anything and everything I could to Not Get Excited. Finally she removed her mouth, I had succeeded her property was stil pointing down wards. She just sat back with a bewildered look and said. " Impressive, I guess you passed the Test " my cage was once again locked into place as I went to make her breakfast.
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  20. Now looking back at what happened. If I had know in advance what was expected it would have been easier but with her not being there was what bothered me the most. It's like how can my actions to this person be pleasing to her when she's not even their.

    We did have a very good talk about situations like this. I don't think their going to be happening much anymore if at all.
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  21. She did know that this was, should I say a grey area for me with regards to my limits. It was more of a Limit than even I thought it would be. We live and Learn
  22. There is one problem with the riding crop being used to make your Mistress' property point down. My Mistress whacked her property once with a paddle and told it that it was very naughty and to our surprise it made her property get very, very pointy upwards!
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  23. I so hear you. She has used the riding crop on me before with the same results. I got excited and erect until the pain took over. She said this was a test a Test of my willpower and control, this is one test that I know I won't Ace
  24. I've been following your On Display posts and the evolution of your wife led relationship with interest. Like you, I would have had great difficulty with your last experience. I would like to think that I too would have obeyed, but it would have been difficult. I'm very glad that you were able to talk through it, and discuss were your limits are, and your wife is now aware of them, and best of all life is back in balance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a difficult subject.
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  25. What I find interesting is that your main issue was she wasn't there to enjoy what you were doing, so where was her enjoyment in all of it? This is interesting for two reasons. One is through your discomfort you was still thinking of her and doing something to please her, and the other is that means that this could potentially happen again but only if she was there to supervise.
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