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NoVember group for open discussion on how you are doing ...

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by danleft1, Nov 1, 2017.


Why are you doing NoVember (pick all that apply)

This poll will close on Dec 6, 2017 at 10:07 PM.
  1. Missed out on Loctober

    11 vote(s)
  2. I'm locked all the time anyway

    18 vote(s)
  3. My KH thought locktober was so much fun I'm now doing NoVember

    11 vote(s)
  4. Self locking and trying to push myself farther

    5 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Well, we were traveling and had a very busy October that made Locktober something that was not going to happen (more work than joy). So even though November is going to be busy also, being locked up should not play a roll in things this month. So we are going for 30 days in the cage, no release for anything.

    Thought it would be fun to have a group of any others that are locked for a majority of the month to share their journey honestly ... from the newbie trying long term lock up for the first time (to help him along) ... to the old timer that can do 30 days locked up with out even thinking about it ... to what I assume the mass majority of us are, those that have done 30 days with no Orgasm, but it is the rarity not the norm, and that many of use may get out often for "cleaning" but are willing to push harder for lock up time.

    Me personally ...
    Longest time locked (not out for any reason) ... 12 days
    Longest time between full orgasm ... 45 days
    longest time with no sort of orgasm (no ruined or full) ... 36 days
    Hoping to go all 30 days locked and all 30 days with no type of orgasm ... last orgasm was 4 days ago.
  2. Started August 25. Ruined O August 31. Not let out since then. Currently locked 62 days longest time, longest time between full orgasm 95 days. My KH is having a wonderful
    time with me and won't say when I will get out. I am not sure about NoVember. She just got a new toy. It may be a long month.
  3. Interesting ... in just the first 24 hours the emotional (head-game) of being locked with a "release date" pre-set is so much different then the "not knowing" ... it feels like trying to achieve a goal ... I'm sure this will change as time progresses but it does feel different emotionally.
  4. Things are settling in nicely ... I had not wore the cage in 2 - 3 weeks because of travel etc. but it fits and feels great.
  5. Starting to feel the "itch" ... it was 6 days ago I had my last orgasm and usually around day 5 thru day 10 I go through a real horny stage.

    Anyone else have a stage so many days after an orgasm that is real tough to get through?
  6. Locked up in October. Let out for the first few days of November, but now locked in again. Feels good for my little thingie to be were it belongs.
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  7. Made it thru Locktober, still locked into NOvember.
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  8. And we may continue until Christmas before she opens my cage like a present
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  9. I’m really gunna sound like a dick and I apologise, it’s gunna come across the wrong way.
    BUT..... I keep reading about longest lockup times and the emotions and feelings of being “locked back up again”. I am locked on a permanent basis and ONE (not all) reason for the permanent lockup is because of the emotions and the up & down feelings I felt from continual releases. I hated it. However after a few months of permanent lock up it’s so natual and easy (as long as you don’t cheat and make yourself cum when it gets too much), I Don’t want to cum and I don’t suffer from the need or urge to do so. I’m happy surfing an ever lasting wave of love n desire to please my wife (keyholder).
    Just try it.... don’t cum, stay locked, and aim for 3/4 months if you still want to cum after 4 months then you have my respect for your effort and I’ll stand corrected, that it’s just a “me” thing. But I think it genuinely is the best way to experience chastity.

    Ps. Before people go on about hygiene etc, I’m in a very easy to clean mature metal jail bird and hygiene levels I can assure you are higher than any unlocked male.
  10. As a fulltime chastity slave, I anticipated celebrating Locktober. I am obediently participating in No-vember, too! These decisions rest completely with my Keyholder.

    I have always enjoyed the holiday season. And now, because of our chastity arrangement, the holidays just got a little more interesting! Now we have two new holidays to celebrate.

    As for how am I doing in NO-vember thus far? My last non-prostrate orgasm was about 40 days ago. I am enamored with the chastity lifestyle and very much in love with my Keyholder.
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  11. I agree with you ... once I get around the 14 - 20 day mark of no orgasm (ruined or other) it does witch over to enjoying the ride of no orgasm and I stop wanting for an orgasm and start wanting for no orgasm.

    However when my KH says she wants me to give it my all and she wants to feel me orgasm ... well all rational thinking goes out the door like a teenage boy and well the clock starts over ... lol ... but that is also part of the fun, struggling through to that 2 week mark again.
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  12. My KH wants me to give it my (oral) all undistracted by thinking about coming myself and she likes me to feel her orgasming. I stay locked like chris82 with no removal of the device. She found holding or hiding keys annoying so as the time is running down towards zero on the Kitchen safe she just spins the dial to continue for another ten days.. and another ten... Unlike for others I read about here, birthdays and anniversaries
    don't result in an orgasm for me, so although both occur in NoVember, the no bit will apply I'm sure. I literally have no idea when she will give me my next orgasm. The last was in March.
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  13. Glad I’m not alone. Thanks guys. I genuinely do fear being released and cumin again tho cause I’ve struggled often with the emotional rollercoaster of hormone levels that it’s far nicer to be locked and denied. Plus I’m a jerk apparently if I’m allowed to cum lol. Last time it took nearly 8 months for me to return to my usual locked submissive state
  14. @chris82@chris82 @harddenial@harddenial

    I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. It's hard for me to even imagine. Just seems like it would get boring after so long.

    I'm planning to do something special for November but I'm not exactly sure what yet. He's still going to be going though locktober until the 16th so I've got time to come up with something. His last orgasm right before we started locktober but he had 2 ruined orgasms by accident that ended up pushing the 31st back to Nov 16th. =P.

    Whatever I decide to do we probably won't do the whole no unlocks thing.
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  15. Men reach a plateau of excitement, and then stay there without stimulation. Add stimulation, and things get interesting.

    That is how you can control a locked man.

    Oh, and I voted for option 2.
  16. Ever wonder how your KH can be in tune with you when you are not even in tune with yourself ... lol

    So I can feel that I made it over the hump of the extreme horny stage that follows an orgasm (for me usually from day 5 - 10) and I'm still very horny but can tell it is beginning to subside to "normal" ... well after a week of no real attention from my KH, last night as we were going to bed she gave me a quick tease session, you know just enough to almost say now that you are getting it under control we can have a little fun.

    how did she know ????

    Do we really wear our horny / lust / desires the openly and not even realize it ... lol
  17. Well, I can't really participate in NO vember because my cage has not arrived. I hope that I will participate next month!
  18. So anybody ...

    1) Been let out (for any reason)?
    2) Had an orgasm (ruined)?
    3) Reached their longest time for lock-up or no orgasm?​

    Me ... #1 no ... #2 no ... #3 no
  19. Also a no, no, no for me.

    My wife called me in to the bedroom a couple of days ago to provide pussy worship. She studiously avoided touching my caged penis and instead concentrated on manipulating my nipples in quite a nice way. Afterwards, she updated the Keysafe for another 10 days (you can always do this at any stage before the timer gets to zero). She has now gone to visit her sister for a few days safe in the knowledge that my horniness level will remain high while I'm at work.
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  20. no no and no for me as well
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  21. 1) Yes, for hygiene purposes and for switching chastity devices (under supervision, of course)
    2) I was graciously permitted an orgasm recently
    3) I am currently in my longest period of lock-up and the 40 days without orgasm was undoubtedly my longest
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  22. With my wife at her sisters and me being caged for 45 days without removal at all I decided it was time to milk myself. My Njoy did its usual effective job but just as i was about to stop i felt an orgasm starting to build. I kept going and had my first ever anal orgasm. A completely dry one but very intense and my legs were shaking for a few minutes afterwards. Wow. Took me by complete surprise. So Locktober and NoVember have led to a very interesting experience!
  23. Unfortunately I don’t get milking or releases and I’m certainly not allowed out to cum. I did have what we call “my overflow” (which is when my balls get so full I can literally push cum out by tensing the muscles in my penis) this happen on the 1st of July, but nothing since then.
    So no cum no release no milking just constantly locked & denied.
  24. Are you not allowed to milk yourself? My wife does it occasionally but mostly I have to do it myself.
    I know what you mean about tensing your muscles. Sometimes at night I can feel a slow release happening involuntarily; if I'm aware of it in time and I squeeze my muscles in the perineum area I can also push more out. As I've been snipped I'm guessing its prostate fluid and the muscle squeezing has a similar effect on the prostate as a conventional orgasm.