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Mistress question for lockees

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mr M, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. My mistress asked me, which would you rather have?

    The ability to masterbate everyday for one week?


    One mind blowing orgasm with the woman you are in love with after a week of lock up?
  2. #2..... as long as it isnt a once-and-done kind of deal.
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  3. #2 definitely. Especially if there is edging during the week.
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  4. #2. No doubt about it. This is a chastity web site after all.
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  5. My wife offered me that choice once. I chose the woman I loved and my wife got made as hell at her girlfriend. :)
  6. Definitely number two
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  7. I choose

    3. Giving a mind blowing orgasm to the woman you are in love while staying locked lock up for another week.
  8. 2 no doubt.
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  9. If you picked #1, I doubt you would be in chastity.
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  10. It has to be 2. For me it's the whole point of chastity!
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  11. #2
    Only problem is that probably male will last not very long :-(
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  12. I had many years in my youth with #1.
    But now the only answer is #2. Too bad I knew nothing about chastity when I was younger and my Wife has said the same thing that she would have loved to have started chastity lifestyle earlier in our marriage. Oh well water over the bridge, but its all dammed up now. lol
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  13. No.2 but only when she allowed it and interspersed with night of pleasuring!
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  14. My Mistress, @FEMabAC@FEMabAC , appreciated the responses, and was not surprised that #2 was popular. She did wonder why #1 didn't get any real response given there are a percentage of men in chastity who try sneak out of the cage to enjoy themselves or who just really like masturbation.

    Thanks you for all the responses on behalf of my mistress.
  15. No.2 of course
  16. Number 2 is the number one choice with me as well but I would li,e to add that you have a 50/50 chance of having that Orgasm just to make it exciting.
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  17. #2 no question
  18. Both without the lock up. Why should I suffer.
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  19. i'd choose the second option as well. Isn't this all supposed to be about the pleasure of the keyholder to begin with?
  20. no. Its not about the pleasure of the keyholder. Its about the pleasure for the couple. If you are given two bad choices, create a third that fits your desires and narrative.