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Lost my libido

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. I guess my last orgasm was over 3 months ago. I would have to look at my signature block to tell. Combined with the discontinuance of a medication I was taking whose side effect was an increase in libido, I did not even feel like having sex this past weekend. Questioning whether being locked up is even necessary, but my wife will not give me the OK to unlock. I am coming off two different meds and starting a third so I have no idea of what I will end up feeling. For now I find myself devoting all of my time to my work and hobbies online.

    I am unsure if the orgasm denial is what has all but rid me of my libido or creasing my old medications. Has anyone experienced a reduction in libido after a few months of orgasm denial?
  2. I understand it's fairly typical of females kept in chastity for extended periods but I've yet to hear it of males.
    Perhaps Vinny, your libido is finally "back in the day?" ;-)
  3. I have experienced something similar, in my case, it was probably due in part to my wife ignoring the fact that I was locked, with very little or no tease and denial. I'm guessing that the more often that you are aroused in chastity, but remain locked, the more likely it is that your libido will remain higher.
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  4. Hopefully it's just a temporary downturn as your body and mind adapts Vinny. I lost my libido for five years as I got bounced round various SSRIs for what the docs initially thought was depression. Stopped taking them a six months ago and I'm me again. Thank god.
  5. Throughout my one year denial I noticed that my libido « comes and goes ». If I had to make an analogy I’d say it’s like a computer in sleeping mode. The libido simply shuts down at some point if you don’t participate in activites that arouses you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be sex, it can be a naughty video, picture , seeing a lady wearing socks (yes I’m weird :p) anything you’re into really.
    And just like a device that you’d simply manipulate to have it come back to life, at the first arousing signal your body gets, your libido surges back, and the longer I’ve been denied the more overwhelming that feeling gets. That’s how it’s working for me at least :p
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  6. My experience is similar to Catbond, but with shorter duration. Around the 2 week mark I'm climbing the walls with lust. Now at several months I find I forget about it at times. Especially at work. When it comes on though, it comes on very strong.
  7. Catbond said and I agree, the desire to be free is what makes libido happen
  8. If you’ll forgive the unintended pun, it comes and goes...some days I feel like climbing the walls. Others? Meh...take it or leave it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    I’m in long term chastity...8 months and counting, and honestly I’ve never felt better. I belong in chastity, whether the motor is revving or not, and all the libido in the world will not change the fact that my last orgasm was 8 months ago, and, honestly I have no desire to have another. I do find that when I’m horny, I stay horny for a very long time, and the down times are getting shorter and shorter. Which is exactly how I want it, and my wife has never been happier.

    Stick with it, you’ll find what works for you...
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  9. My experience is very similar. Bride leaves me locked 24/7 during the week and usually lets me out on the weekend if I'm lucky. With that said, it seems like my libido is actually decreasing. However,as of late, I receive essentially no teasing or denial during the time I am locked up. I am also wearing the shortest cage I can use without it being too short. There is absolutely no room for even a wanna be erection. Together with a more than full time work schedule, my libido needs some good time foreplay before it wants to show up again.