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Hurricane Shenanigans!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Disclaimer - Not Vanilla Friendly.

    So, @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet and I are in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. It is a very nerve wrecking and uncertain time right now since the hurricane turned towards us within the last 24 hours, which was not expected. Needless to say, we are hunkering down, battening down the hatches and enjoying our time together. I have off work Monday since that is when it is going be at it's worst. It's already quite windy here, which is rare in Florida, so definitely enjoying it. We have decided since we are going to be cooped up for awhile we may as well make the most of it. We went for a drive this morning, and Tampa is eerily still. There's an ominous and somber feeling in the air. All stores were closed and we were lucky to be able to fill our gas tank up at the one gas station open within a 20 mile radius.

    He has been very horny and submissive lately since he has been locked for 21 days and without an O for 13 days - records for both. I've been teasing him relentlessly - letting him make me cum over and over again with his fingers and tongue, but not giving him even the pleasure of a prostate O. Denial is denial, right? It doesn't matter where the O comes from. He has become almost like a puppy dog, following me around and wanting to be as close to me as he can at all times. It's a very intimate and powerful feeing which makes me reluctant to ever let him cum again. I don't want him to lose this feeling, even if only temporarily. Things have become much more intense and much more real over the last few weeks. I feel way more powerful and Dominant than I ever have before in my entire life and I just can't get over the "high" from it.

    There has been quite a few firsts over the last few days. I have been utilizing my strap on more often and not only on his ass. I have taught him how to deep throat my strap and relish in watching him gag, sputter and drool on it. As his denial progresses, so does his desperation. He loves being used and degraded. I have used my strap on him the last three days, and I don't see any need to slow down on that (unless I'm cummed out and tired)! He's been tied to our spiral staircase with his arms above his head and on his tip toes with the blindfold and nipple clamps on and used to my satisfaction. I have made him climb on top of me use my big strap on when I was too tired from my day to do it myself.

    Today, he woke up very aggressive. Like his old self when we first started dating where he was Dominant and I was submissive. I was already tired from the O's he gave me on the couch the night before, while I talked to my friend on the phone for half an hour. He was a good boy and stayed very quiet the whole time, even when he was dripping sweat and I was smothering him between my legs. So, since he was displaying his "Dominance" I decided to display mine as well. I teased him and played with his nipples which always gets him going. After several minutes he was begging me to do something, anything to him, so out comes my large orange strap on. Fu&*ked him like there was no tomorrow, because who knows? We are in the path of a major hurricane after all! After that, he had settled down and got "Dominant" yet again, so I decided to show him who really is boss. I gagged him and restrained his arms above his head with his head down and ass up to our bedroom door. I stretched his arms to right past the comfort point then secured his balls with the Humbler and then wrapped rope around the Humbler and secured that to the door as well so he couldn't move. I left him there for probably about 15 minutes until he was begging to be let out. I untied him and he immediately dropped to his knees to service me and suck my toes, which I absolutely love. After that, we relaxed and then went out for a bit in a futile attempt to find a restaurant that was open. We came home, watched the news and then watched TV on the couch for a few hours. Finally, when we were tired from watching the news, we decided to have another shower. Of course it was playtime! I soaped up and rubbed myself against him, which immediately got him going. I could see the desperation in his eyes. I took advantage of his desperation, turned him around, put him on his hands and knees and massaged his prostate for about 15 minutes or so. He absolutely lost it. Incoherent words, scratching the bottom of the tub with his fingernails. Then the dripping started -which was the first time ever I was able to successfully milk him. After I was done with him, I decided that we should get out of the shower since it was getting late. As I was getting ready to turn off the water, I casually mentioned that I really needed to pee and then he asked something I knew would eventually come. He asked me to pee on him. We've talked briefly about it before, but never did it. I was a little embarrassed because, well, it's pee. I was reluctant and hesitant but ultimately decided to do it since we only live once and to my surprise we were both crazy turned on by it. Not by the act itself, but by the total and complete Dominance on my part and submission on his part. It was an incredible experience and we are both very surprised by the feelings that manifested with it. All in all, it has been an amazing few days and the hurricane weekend isn't even over yet;)
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  2. wow! your name isnt Irma by any chance is it?. You sound like you really grabbed the bull by the horns and exerted your dominance in a really positive way which left nothing to argue with, i hope you are both safe and well both from the hurricane and this wonderful life you have both created for yourselves. Thanks for sharing.
  3. My thoughts, prayers, and positive energy for all those in the path of Irma and those recovering from Harvey.
  4. I am here hoping Irma will change its path again. Hope you are well.
    As I see your journey you are conquering for yourself a new power within you, being more assertive an straight forward.
    As he he begging for sex, you are straightening your skills of dominance. Happy for you both.
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  5. Hope y'all can stay safe and no damage or disruptions from Irma - Best!

    @n2toys@n2toys has also been finding Herself and enjoying dominating, denying, and torturing me - don't think either of us are inclined to golden showers but also understand this was an unexpected development for y'all - but we're very much enjoying pretty much the same path otherwise...

    Stay safe!
  6. As soon as I heard about the hurricane I thought of you guys and hope you two get through ok.

    Interesting developments...part of me wants @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté to read your threads, and part of me hopes she won't lol!
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    @Thatgirl@Thatgirl This is Thatguy we are still talking about ??????? :)
    Perhaps it might be best if he was released from the bedroom door whilst Irma is overhead.

    Apart from that, I do hope that all is well with both of you after the hurricane has passed.
  8. Awesome post. Hope you guys are safe!
  9. It sounds like the hurricane has brought out the best in you. Maybe it has caused all your senses to be heightened? I just hope and Pray that you both will make it through safely.
  10. hope you get you power back soon . we've talked about me receiving a shower from her , but she gets shy bladder and cant . any ideas ?
  11. Great post and since I've been getting an earful on the pee talk, glad to have you join the ranks. I've tried explaining it in the past. There is no attraction to pee. It's not like I spy an unflushed toilet and stick my head in. If I'm going to the bathroom and get some spray on my hand, I wash it with soap. I don't lick it clean. Pee is gross. The act of having your partner pee on you is an absolute act of dominance and submission because it is in fact gross. Very hot share, thank you for that. Now that the hurricane is past, hope you guys are dug out and getting back to normal. Well, somewhat normal.
  12. My wife had me lay on the shower floor and had the shy bladder. She turned on the shower and the sound got her over the edge. Drip, drip, drip
  13. My wife pees on me in the shower all the time. I recently asked her about it and she said she is marking her territory! I love the warm feeling.
  14. Being peed upon is a serious act of submission for me and dominance for Her! I wish She did it more!