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Happy New Year

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by thekeyholderwife, Jan 9, 2017.


When should I release my husband from chastity?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2017.
  1. Wait until Valintines Day (the 1 year mark)

    32 vote(s)
  2. Before Valintines Day

    4 vote(s)
  3. February 2018

    9 vote(s)
  4. Never

    7 vote(s)
  1. My posts have been infrequent but mostly that is because I work very hard during the week and I don't feel like posting in excruciating detail that which is routine in our life. But, I do like to update you from time-to-time with the digest. First of all, an update on my husband. Back in April he was locked up for about four months and I had planned on keeping him locked until July and surprise him with full on PIV sex and orgasm. However, in July he went behind my back trying to obtain a key from Ms. Lori. When I discovered this I made a decision that he would not get out of his cage until at least the end of the year. Well, New Year's came and the ball droped. When we kissed for the first time in 2017 he looked at me with those begging eyes to in effect ask what he isn't allowed to ask. He wasted no time in letting me know that he has been counting down the days. I still havn't let him out and he seems confused. So I opened up the discussion about it and explained to him that I was still uncertain about when I will unlock him and took the opportunity to remind him that I said it would be at least until the end of the year and not an absolute.

    In fact, I am highly encouraged to wait until Valentine's Day because that will mark the full one year mark since I last inserted a key into the two security screws. The last time his penis has been erect and the last time his penis has been inside anything else.

    He has told me recently that he doesn't remember what an erection feels like. He tries to imagine having one and being able to penetrate me, but he says even this is hard to imagine. Meaning, he has completely lost the ability to even imagine what it feels like.

    I have included a poll that I want only the ladies to answer. I'd like to see what you think my hubby's fate should be.
  2. Always love reading about your adventures! Valentine's Day would be a great achievement but see you have an option of an even bigger adventure fir him locked till 2018!

    I wonder if the ladies who vote will give him a special valentines present of an extra long sentence!

    Hope you are having lots of fun!
  3. Just my own opinion Mistress but if I had made it this far I would want to make it to 1 year, that to me sounds like quite an accomplishment. To be completely chaste and locked, whew weee. Not that I personally would want to locked that long. My longest stint has been just over 4 months and that was plenty long enough. So if I was to have a vote I would say Valentines Day for a 1 year celebration. All the best to you in whatever your decision may be.
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  4. Valentine's Day is great. It marks a year, and it's romantic besides. My favorite holiday.

    ...but you gave an even meaner, further-in-the-future option. So I picked it, naturally. <3 Push his limits, babe! I've always admired your conviction as a domme, and I encourage you to make the most of it.
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  5. @thekeyholderwife@thekeyholderwife, Mrs doesn't have an account here, but i showed Her your poll, and voted Her opinion. Hope that's ok.
  6. I would wait and make the year mark. Not only is it an accomplishment, but it also reinforces who is in charge
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  7. I didn't vote since @thekeyholderwife@thekeyholderwife hasn't granted permission to do so, but I would like to say that I find the idea of a Valentines Day release very romantic.
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  8. Joroincharge

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    He can easily do another year. 2018 from me.
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  9. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!
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    By 2018 he'll probably have lost the capability anyway.....:):):):)......Feb 14th that year could be a good time to verify to make sure!
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  10. He has told me recently that he doesn't remember what an erection feels like. He tries to imagine having one and being able to penetrate me, but he says even this is hard to imagine. Meaning, he has completely lost the ability to even imagine what it feels like.

    Thekeyholderwife, I am very curious to know how that made you feel when your husbands said that to you!
    When you hear the word from his mouth does that make you happy, sad, excited.
    Was this part of the master plan, is that what you were hoping for?

    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts and reading about your life please don't stop .
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  11. My wife and her friend said that your husband really did deserve to cum on Valentine's Day and enjoy the relief of a full orgasm. She then smiled sweetly and said that on the other hand he could be unlocked and teased before getting a very special valentines present of another year of delightful denial!

    Whatever happens he is so lucky to have you as his wife and keyholder!
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  12. Such a naughty idea but I do love your style!
  13. Valentines day seems perfect to me given the anniversary it will signify x
  14. I would say he can have a Valentine's Erection but no orgasm. Not having an erection is the 1 thing I miss most when locked up longterm.
  15. A while ago you asked if it was too much to make him give up pleasure from his penis. I've thought about that. That's my kink so the idea of that kept locked excites me. I think that in reality it is a lot to give up. If M and my schedule gets busy and we don't have time for play for several days I begin to wonder just why I'm wearing the device. I never get released for fully satisfying sex. It is always some tease and denial. As long as we are doing that I'm interested. And, for one reason or another every month or two I do get a fully satisfying climax and even days out of the device. When ever our playtime falls below this, I then feel that I'm missing out on too much.

    So I'm at like 80% denial. I don't think I would really enjoy the reality of a year or longer with out release. Not even 2 weeks with out release.
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  16. I would drop hints that it would be valentine's but then at the last minute, not unlock him. Wait a few extra days until he is not expecting it, like Feb 20th.
  17. How about unlocking him when your desire to have sex with him becomes irresistible!

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  18. In reference to the above comment, do you even have any desire for PIV or are you doing it as a favor.
  19. If you enjoy the sex...Before Valetines day

    My rationale:
    If part of you didn't want it as well, the question wouldn't even exist.
    He has been a good boy, that should be rewarded...
    As long as his mood and attentiveness is positive, reward him frequently.
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  20. Chastity is your idea so I hope he's enjoying life as well. I admire him for his sacrifice to you. Most of us here it's our idea, that makes a big difference in being able to enjoy and bear it. You know what it feels like to go without. For a man it is many, many times worse.

    If he went to Ms Lori, it indicates to me he was pushed beyond his limits to do such a dumb thing. He must have been very desperate and unable to tell you so.

    I vote for Valentines day 2017.
  21. Well, assuming this isn’t a pointless fanfic by some fat neckbeard with a micropenis (which clearly is by looking at the other posts of this profile), then the answer is very simple:

    DO NOT let him out or have an orgasm EVER, as in never under any circumstances! His cum must never leave his balls. Done.

    Why? Because if by now he hasn’t dumped this insufferable hell-spawn and thrown her in the trash like used toilet paper, THEN HE CANNOT REMAIN ON HUMANITY’S GENE POOL.

    Under no circumstances. His genes must die with him.

    If he cums we all perish.
  22. Dude...
    I have no idea who this person is or if real or fake, but who cares? Let people do their thing. Didn't your mistress tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say....shut the f*** up.
  23. Sweet Jesus, and why on earth would I have a “mistress”? Don’t assume other people play this game with Ds just because your particular set of people get off from licking boot.

    And by now that this game is getting more mainstream I assure that you are the MINORITY.
    Most normal people have the self-respect to play this as equals with the partner. What kind of self-loathing cuck would want to be in a relation with someone that doesn’t see them as a peer?
    People like you are the reason this kink gets bad PR.
  24. Gonna go ahead and call bull on ya there, chief. Unless you have some data from your extensive polling of chastity device users?

    Anyways, I'm feeling that you are new to this or a complete f**king troll and don't have a clue, so I'm gonna stop talking to you now. You should probably step back and reevaluate the way you approach people around here or no one will see anything you say (ignored).
    Remember, your kink is not my kink and that's ok.

    Sorry to ruin thread folks.
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  25. @David.2k@David.2k
    Are you just an angry little boy who wants someone to allow you to experience orgasm denial? If not what is this cry for attention about?

    Most cucks are cucks because that is the life they want to lead.... otherwise they would be in relationships with them selves.
    Alot of the men on here enjoy the situation they are in, but if you took a second to read anyone's experience you would know that.

    I have been with my husband for years and I can assure you I have enough respect for him and myslef to know how we both deserve to be treated.
    But again if you took the time to get educated on anyone here you would know that.
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