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Happy New Year

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by thekeyholderwife, Jan 9, 2017.


When should I release my husband from chastity?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2017.
  1. Wait until Valintines Day (the 1 year mark)

    32 vote(s)
  2. Before Valintines Day

    4 vote(s)
  3. February 2018

    9 vote(s)
  4. Never

    7 vote(s)
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  2. Where the hell did that tirade from whatsisface come from?
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  3. Wait...I'm not whatshisface am I?
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  4. No! That David 2k person. That was such an aggressive first post. I have read (and written) angry posts, but that was so sudden and unexpected. It would appear they haven't read much of the stuff posted on the Mansion.
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  5. well it kinda crack me up at that "If he cums we all perish",not sure if hes serious or just trolling though.
  6. I didn't see an update. Did you ever let him out? He is a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife who wants to keep him in chastity and regularly fuck him with a strapon. If I were him, I would not worry about trying to get unlocked and focus my energy by burying my head between your legs. Only by focusing on your pleasure will he truly earn the reward of getting let out of chastity - particularly if in includes any type of penetrative sex. Maybe you should keep him locked for another year until he learns better.
  7. I'm also curious what transpired after Valentine's Day. You've got quite the soap opera happening with this thread and now there's a bunch of us people with boring sex lives wanting to know how the story ends.
  8. He got lucky!
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  9. Oh he had a hell of a night.
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  10. Everyone wants to know what happened. Sorry for being absent but my life outside of this forum takes precedence to borrow a legal term. I let him out of the cage. All of you already know that I never leave him unsecured while unlocked so he was on the bed tied at all four corners. I was very excited because up to that point I have not had anything inside of my vagina in a long time. Thanks to Jen and her man. I gave him a show! Long dance, stripping for him and finally showed him the key. With that I began to take his cage off. He was nearly in tears with happiness. He asked if I was seriously going to unlock him. I haven't seen him like this...ever. Usually he just resigns to the fact that he isn't allowed out of the cage when we make love. He let out the biggest sigh when the tube portion came off. When I saw him grow, I smiled and said that I forgot that he was so big. Gently I took a was cloth to clean him up a bit (he takes very good care of it by himself). Then I drew him into my mouth. His whole body squirmed at the pleasure. I quickly pulled my mouth away and told him that he isn't going to cum. Instead he is giving me my Valentines gift. My husband. I sucked him until he couldn't take it any more. He had to stop me several times. Then after letting him calm down while I sat on his face for a little pleasure of my own, I turned around and lowered myself onto him. I was also overwhelmed because I have been denied anything inside my vagina for as long as I can remember. It was a nice change from being taken in the ass. I too almost forgot what it felt like. There was just one rule we both had to follow. No fucking. Just slow love making and no cumming. I had to stop many times for him and many times for me but damn he felt so good. I spent a great deal of time just sitting on him and kissing him passionately. After I pushed myself down on him hard one last time savoring the moment and climbed off of him still wanting but also satisfied. Using the washcloth again, I cleaned him up and started the long process of locking him up. He asked me when he would get out again to which I replied, I don't know. It is the truth. I love him locked. I placed the key in the lockbox and spun the code (only Jen knows the code) and put it back into our safe. I haven't seen his keys since that day. I do plan on letting him out this year to cum. He is such a good man and giving of my desires. I can't wait to hear him scream in extract when he does!
  11. I have to admit that I am jealous of your husband. I am jealous because you know what you want and are able to communicate it and follow through with it.

    My wife doesn't really want anything except to be left alone sexually. She never expresses any desire for anything sexual except for my chastity. She grew up being taught that sex was carnal and dirty, and even after almost 9 years of marriage she still has very negative feelings toward sex.

    I really wish she could learn to have fun with our sexual relationship like you and your husband do.
  12. I understand what you are saying but her sexuality may be just you being chaste for her and not being bothered with sex. Try to love her through that. It is hard I know but if she really wants you chaste and nothing more than you are serving her. I am sure she loves you deeply.
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  13. She does love me deeply, and I her.

    I am actually thankful for your posts, because you seem to have some things in common with my wife and since she will never open up about her sexual feelings or desires, I have found some of your posts helpful to understand her perspective.

    The one that probably gives me the most insight into my wife's world is the thread you had about a "reset" for your husband when you wouldn't let him do anything sexual with you.

    My wife, while submissive outwardly, craves control. She has admitted many times that she is a control freak. Your "reset" thread helped me to understand a little better where my wife is emotionally sometimes. Having a busy life with kids and the demands of my career to deal with, she gets tired and wants me to not bother her.

    But she can get into lovemaking if she wants to even when she's tired. There are periods of time when life is very hard but she still wants to make love. But now I think I understand why she blocks me out sometimes. She's trying to assert control over me and my sexuality. It's a control thing. It's not that she is simply too exhausted to do anything, it's that she feels a need to put me in my place so to speak. She even does the same thing you did with your husband, where she won't even let me see or feel her naked body.

    It also sheds some light on why my extremely vanilla wife loves having me locked up. She must derive some kind of sexual and emotional excitement from controlling me that way. I always thought it was mainly because I was being so selfless and putting her needs first. But I think now that I can see that she really just loves the feeling of being in control.

    I'll have to use this knowledge to see if I can make things more fun for her.
  14. An absolutely fantastic update and well worth waiting for! What a treat for your lucky man! Loved how you kissed and sucked his cock before being allowed to enter you. It must have felt so good after a whole year locked up! I also loved how you didn't let him cum and he has no idea when his orgasm will be which must be so deliciously frustrating for him!

    For all he knows "this year" could be Christmas?

    Hope Jen and her man are giving you both lots of nice teasing!