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Face sitting puts me in a different mindset

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Jul 9, 2017.


Kh's do you prefer riding his face or traditional oral

  1. Face sitting

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  2. Other oral positions

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  1. As I am calming down from a morning of her oral and her orgasm, I am reflecting on how much face sitting turns me to an eager subbie.

    Laying there hitting the snooze, I was contemplating on whether or not I had time for her daily oral attention. Been a few days because her monthly visitor had just left. Before I could make up my mind, she climbed on top of my face. Instantly all hesitation on time disappeared. I was in the moment and lost to it.

    I was in to it, and so was she, moving herself so my tongue was right where it was suppose to be. Sometimes I couldn't breathe, and I fought through the urge not to remove her. Staying where I was for her pleasure.

    The alarm went off again, and as she leaned toward the clock to shut it off she left my mouth, and I couldn't bear it. My mouth followed her and I became ravenous for her and couldn't seem to part from her. I don't know if she knows or realizes how much this turns me on. How I go from not sure if I have time to service her, to full on forgetting everything else and needing her.

    Maybe this whole position is so dominant that it forces one to be submissive just by doing it. It also explains why I've never been comfortable being on top. Mostly women being on top during sex was a practical application. Being on the short end, I would tend to slip out of other positions, or not be able to feel me. Plus it was always beneficial for them to be in control of the pace. Being the bottom on oral seems even more an act of losing control.

    Anyway, just thinking of how happy we both are, and how I doubt she would have ever guessed that she would be able to just roll over, use someone's face for their satisfaction without reciprocation.

    Having a hard time thinking of anything but her right now.
  2. Lovely post. Providing pleasure orally was always my favorite even back in my "macho" days. Whether spontaneous, as above, or on demand, it allows us to worship Her in the most intimate way for the simple reason that she exists. "On demand" is a big turn on for me as it clearly defines the pecking order of the relationship.
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  3. I effing LOVE it. It takes a continuous output of effort on my part (and even more on hers) for me to be submissive. This position is one of the few things that bring us both lots of pleasure AND puts me into a much more subby mood instantly.

    Most of what gets me feeling subby involves a mix things that I do not like too much but that nonetheless turn me on (cum eating if I want to get off between releases, anal stuff, embarrassment stuff) OR, things i just plain don't like (spanking / pain / "chores"). I've come to realize those things are necessary and even though I don't always like all aspects of them, I nonetheless miss them when she forgets or chooses not to engage in them. I've given up trying to armchair psycholgize why I would be bummed to miss out on that which I don't much like - it just is it is. It's what I feel.

    But queening is a win-win-win. She gets off, I get turned on and enjoy the process, AND it gets me feeling subby. Things that do all that are few and far between.

    Long-live Queening!!
  4. I love it when my wife KH ties me to bed, then squats down and rides my face. For me when she face sits, it truly feels like she is in control, my mistress to serve. It's like she is at that time using me for her pleasure only, my fav is when she is done and has wonderful orgasm, just walks away. Leaving me hanging and frustrated locked up. :).
  5. I agree with the comments here about loving the face sitting unfortunately my Mistress doesn't seem to care for it. She prefers to be on her back in a more traditional position. Still I'm very grateful for that level of access as our first 10 years together she wouldn't let me go down on her ever. She said it made her feel gross. Some guys would think "Score, all about me". Not me, I've always loved performing oral sex and knowing the pleasure you are providing. So I'd love some more face sitting, but I'm happy to get what I'm getting.
  6. I lived with a girlfriend for a year who would sit on my face until she came, even after having sex with other guys. It was always a turn on. It is not only easier on the neck but also submissive and it lets her juices flow into my mouth. Unfortunately, physical problems prevents my wife from doing that comfortably anymore. We tried it just two weeks ago but after two minutes she was in pain so we switched to tradition oral, which for us is her laying down at the edge of my bed with her legs hanging over my shoulders. She likes to pull my hair so she can grind into my mouth. That is pretty good too. When we use to have intercourse I always liked the Cowgirl, woman on top position. That also made me feel submissive since the woman was the one controlling it and could pinch my nipples, choke me or slap my face. Ah, the good old days when we were both young. :)
  7. Her on the edge of the bed laying down is another great one @Vinny@Vinny, and as far as being on top, she is on top 98% of the time. The only position that I don't skip out and she can grind on it to get clitoral stimulation.
  8. Wait until she has a full on squirty female ejaculation whilst face sitting and you are locked. I always think that is incredible.