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Birthday present

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by markp, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. The longest I've been locked for up until now is 2 weeks. A jokey conversation a few days ago brought up the suggestion that I wait until my birthday to be unlocked, which is the last week in November. Having been locked for a week already, that would make a total lock up of two and a half months. A bit of a jump from 2 weeks, but my cage is comfortable 24/7, so it's a mental challenge more than a physical one.

    So this morning after a long chat we agreed; November it is. It's a scary prospect, but one that excites me at the same time. The sex after 2 weeks denial is amazing. After 2 and a half months I'm hoping that it's even better.

    Any advice from the long term lockees for coping over the next couple of months?
  2. No porn?
    All kidding aside, in my case, a C/D friend of mine who is also a long term chastity locked gurl told me to take it one day at a time. I took her advice and managed to be locked and denied for a year. The first couple weeks are the worst. It gets somewhat easier at least for me as time goes by. My last orgasm, ruined, was August 11th. I've been locked pretty much since and don't know for sure when I'll be released. Ms K/H just smiles.
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  3. You will be fine. Trust me on that.
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  4. I like the not knowing. 2 months for sure would drive me nuts and I'm pretty sure my attitude would get worse knowing for sure I wont be unlocked. On the other spectrum I can do for however long she wishes but the hope or possibility of release needs to be present.

    For me I think she would need to put it as a minimum and she may release me if she feels I've earned it. Keeps behavior and attitude in check.

    As far as coping with long term, my only suggestion is hoping she is willing to put up with and participate in your neediness. I am constantly thinking of it, sending her pics and memes, and I spend time at the mansion. It helps when she replies back to your texts and comments. Her being involved can mean the difference between a very intense experience and feeling ignored.

    Good luck
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  5. I find longer term chastity doesn't change the intensity of my orgasm. To be clear for me longer term this far means between 1 and 2 months. I do find that the longer term chastity makes me more submissive and that helps with our FLR dynamic. When we were doing releases in the 1 - 2 week range it was much more of a sexual dynamic and less of a FLR impact. It still was a FLR in that I submitted to her demands and instructions, but it was purely to get that orgasm. Now when I get into the 3 plus week range I feel much more submissive. There are still bumps in the road, but I know I'm a different person and my wife has confirmed this. I'm in this mode now and I actually fear my next real orgasm to some degree. I want to avoid the let down and alpha feelings that come with it.

    I think it's cool that you and your SO have decided to set this goal, but I would second Nic's comment with a slight twist. Your orgasm is your KH's decision. Whenever that maybe. To quote Pirates of the Caribbean your release date is more like guidelines :D
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  6. 5 weeks in now - 24/7 lock up apart from weekly cleaning. Have had a couple of days when I thought I couldn't do it, but battled through! My Wife seems to have grown in to the role of orgasam denier very easily (and a little too well at times) with a bit of a mean streak when required.

    Almost half way there - how hard can 6 more weeks be..?
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  7. One week to go. Gagging for it is an understatement! We've booked a suite in a posh country house hotel for the weekend - 4 poster bed, huge wet room bathroom etc... It's going to be fun!
  8. We made an agreement that we would never set dates. Without a set date I don't think of how long it has been.One day at a time has always been

    the best for us. I love the time that we spend together at all times and am always there to please Her. She is quite the tease, but I love Her for that.

    I hope your weekend is great. But just a thought, what if it doesn't go the way you planned and you don't get what you want? What if she gets you all

    heated up and then says not now? Remember what you asked for. Have a great weekend and look how far you have come.
  9. Just to update, it was a birthday to remember! After being denied and locked for over 2 months, it was 2 days of acting like a honeymoon couple - only leaving the room for food.

    My Wife said that she couldn't go that long again - she likes the real thing too much. That said, I'm back in 24/7 lock up (the new solid ring device has been comfortable and issue free from the off) but release isn't scheduled; it's completely down to Her.

    We did go to bed two nights ago with the promise that I'd be let out, but She just squeezed my balls and said "Not tonight - go to sleep." :)
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