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Wife discovered orgasm denial

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Shepherdsflock, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. November 1 was our 9th anniversary. Saturday evening we had a date night together. During our time out together, the topic of sex came up. Long story short, my wife said she had mixed feelings about permanent chastity and doesn’t think castration is a realistic thing. Both make great fantasies for her, but she doesn’t think they are good ideas long term.

    Her uncertainty regarding permanent chastity stem from her observations that I just haven’t been getting as excited during sex lately and she thinks I need to be unlocked periodically so I don’t get bored.

    So, last night we agreed to have me unlocked during sex so I could have an erection. Things were going great, and just as she was on the verge of orgasm she surprised me by asking if I wanted to be inside of her. At this point I simply couldn’t resist. I hadn’t been in her in months and I was rock hard and aching.

    So, once I was in her and slowly thrusting, she said she is ovulating and she didn’t want me to ejaculate because she doesn’t want to get pregnant. I kept it slow so I wouldn’t get to the point of no return and we had about 20 minutes of nice slow intercourse. I was getting a leg cramp so I asked if we could trade positions. We swapped so I was laying down and she was on top. We went slowly for another 20 minutes or so until I was on the edge of orgasm and couldn’t take any more before I would ejaculate.

    I told her I was very close and she dismounted me. She got really aroused after dismounting me and had me continue to finger her clitoris. She told me later that making me stop right before I got to orgasm was very erotic and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. She also said she got more aroused every time she would reach down and feel my still hard cock knowing I was done getting anything but I was still pleasing her.

    So, my wife has apparently discovered orgasm denial and really enjoyed it. She has never been that aroused and wet. She was so wet that she said intercourse didn’t hurt at all and actually felt kind of good. That has never happened before. I’m hoping that we do this more often, because it was a really good experience for both of us.
  2. I'm glad to hear things are moving in a good direction for you, it sounded as though things have been a bit tougher lately for you. I nearly choked when I read you were considering chemical castration. I certainly Homs this keeps up!
  3. Woot!
  4. congratulations!
  5. Glad to read that you are moving away from castration, very hard to stick it back on once you cut it off.
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  6. It was a good thing she came to this realization. I was actually scheduled to visit an endocrinologist on Wednesday to discuss chemical castration. After Monday night’s experience I decided to cancel that appointment.

    I am glad that my wife took notice of my waning enthusiasm in the bedroom. I fell asleep during sex the week before and that is what triggered the whole thing. If she wants me to be enthusiastic during sex, castration would not have helped. While she might enjoy her fantasies of me being castrated, I don’t think she would have found the reality as exciting.

    I will say I am thankful for my cage. Since I got to get hard and penetrate her, I’ve been super horny.
  7. Although my kh doesn't have any issues with my erections or issues with sex like your wife, she shocked herself by how much she enjoyed seeing me still aroused and frustrated and wanting her. She even once said she cums harder knowing that i wont.

    She had the same realization about spanking. She tried it on me, and once she did, she said she had never been more turned on and empowered. She got a rush of power.

    Some things you just need to experience to understand, enjoy, or even believe that it is something that you will do either. Once she experienced denial without guilt, and administrating punishment for control, she was hooked on the power of both, and she had not even considered either before we met. So ya never know.
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  8. You hit the nail on the head. It was like the first time she had sex with me locked up. She had never experienced it before, and apparently she found out she really liked it. She even came really close to orgasm while I was in her, which has never happened. Usually she hates it when I’m in her. The psychological part of knowing she was denying me an orgasm must have made all the difference because the physical part of it is normally repulsive to her.
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  9. I agree, my KH finds it very arousing knowing that she will get off and I won't. She loves how hard I get when I am pleasing her and loves teasing and edging me while caged while I go down on her and use her Hitachi. She gets extremely turned on spanking me or breaking out the TENS machine and the hot wax. Her ultimate turn on is when she is pegging me.
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  10. It's good to hear that things are going better.
    We often forget that sex is more in our mind than between our legs. How we think and respond to different situations has a lot to do with our enjoyment of different situations. By changing our mind set by something as serious as castaration we would be changing who we are. You would have been a different person in a lot of ways

    I believe it's better to work out our issues in our relationship and find our own secret to a successful relationship than to make drastic changes that can't be reversed. In a few years maybe chastity will be non exciting and we'll move on to something different to fulfill our intimate needs with our spouses.

    The bond between a couple that truly love each other is something that can never be broken. It's by far the most important element in a relationship.
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  11. The power of an FLR relationship. Enjoyable for both of you.
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  12. I'm surprised that she seems to have a sex drive at all, but (I hate to say I told you so) she has always seemed, from what you wrote earlier, to really love denying you. In any case it's great for you and your closeness, and certainly preferable to castration, chemical or otherwise.