Wicked Mylady turns out even more wicked

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    We have a little play every now and then, usually when I have a day home office work and she's away for part of the day (see Homeoffice done right … and Another day in homeoffice)

    Today brought up a new dimension in MyLady's wickedness.

    She was heading for some shopping this morning and started with something we have regularly to prevent me from being a dirty boy during absence: Locking me up - I guess you all know that or similar too well, not without turning me on with some dirty talk. "Well then I'll leave for some hours, but you little horny cockwanker will be exactly NOT this: a little horny cockwanker" I was commanded into attention position with hands behind neck and quick my little friend went into jail:

    And so to say, right afterwards I did too because my feet were cuffed to my office chair so my dick wasn't the only one locked up here:

    Also had that before. But now the "enhancements" came into action.

    First I was ordered to clear up, sort, catalogue, rename and categorize a rather messy download folder on our media computer containing a large number (around 200) PORN CLIPS AND MOVIES covering femdom, leather, bootworship, spitting, watersports and chastity. Yes, you get it right. Watch and manage a big bunch of my favourite porn genres WHILE LOCKED UP. Oh, evil Mylady!

    Not enough about that. After given these instructions she served two espresso and a large glass of water. And another one. And a third one. Then the empty glass was left to me for already too well known reasons … And then, after a sardonic fondling of my locked dick and a series of encouraging faceslaps, she left for the day.

    Not much after beginning the tasks, the liquids demanded their release and having done this previously, I knew what to do. I used the glass for dumping my piss. Luckily it was a large glass so I could do that turn and continue tidying up the porn.

    And then the wickedness of Mylady turned full face to me. Of course not much later I had another nature's call, but the glass had not much space left so I filled it to the rim, but couldn't completely relieve myself. And then in remembering all the coffee and water that went in at the beginning I realized that whenever my piss pressure would get to high too stand, I would have to free glass space and drink my piss in order to be able to pee. First I thought, thanks to the big amount of water the piss was not too concentrated, but after it going in again and again of course the intensity increased with every round …

    The perfect recycling loop. Oh my evil Mylady! Biggest compliments and appreciation for such a perfidious plan that gradually turns out even more evil in the course of time. After all I had to drink the refilled glass four times before she returned from her shopping trip.

    But luckily enough, I was able to do the porn task to her very contentment and I earned some appreciating words for recognizing and executing the intended piss cycle. She demanded a tongue job and after satisfying her I got unlocked and permission to wank, cum and lick it up.:+1:
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