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Homeoffice done right …

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by c-w, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Just a quick note …

    when I announced doing homeoffice today, Mylady took action just before leaving for the day. Since she suspected me not only working when sitting before the internet without peer control first my dick went into steel and then my ankle got cuffed to the desk chair - “so you get shit done.”


    When asking what to do in case of pee pressure the answer was just a silent nod towards my – still filled – glass of water. Could have guessed that. And off she went. Oh my, I might be quite prolific today.

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  2. @c-w@c-w Your Lady seems to have you working truly 'by the balls' :)
    Looks to me this is her home office perk for you (as it seems to be the same chair!).
    Notice where Obi-Wan Kenobi is looking? Get back to work, mate! <grin>

    home office perk.jpg
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  3. You might have spotted that those were standard footcuffs so any handcuff key could have set me free – however, there was none within reach. (Maybe deposit one for future use, but better not get caught with that …)

    Anyway. Being forced to use the glass showed an unexpected experience. Usually when caged, one has to pee seated only. In this case it was more reasonable to stand because the glass could be hold under the ensemble more easily than while sitting. Kleenex for the last drops were available so that worked out fine.

    Almost needless to say that after her return the nearly full glass wasn't to be emptied into the toilet right away, but – “Of course this is going through you once more. Down it in one!” – made an extra lap. Room tempered piss – brrr. But I got it down and was unchained from the chair. My little fellow is still behind bars but I hope for an unlock today.

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  4. Concluding addendum …

    Took until the end of the evening. I got my hands cuffed on my back and a tongue job to do. Which turned out successful and my dick was unlocked to receive a handjob which turned into ruined (as in stopping stimulation just before the twitching and jerking) and unloaded onto her boots. Licking those clean of course and then bedtime.

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  5. Deep down inside you have to admit. You enjoy and want this. To have a women take control of you can be an incredible experience their are a lot of men out their that would do anything to have a women control them like ours do. So enjoy your Cocktail and be thankful that you have such a fantastic women to control you.
  6. Since this is increasing the control, discipline, command and obedience part in our play beyond levels we played this before, I'm more of curious where it might lead. Although until now all of this this is undoubtely very interesting, hot and arousing, I can't predict how much of it will be a permanent part of our future play relationship. I can imagine it and until now, it's great. I'll stay curious and from time to time I'll take some notes in what has become my “journey” thread.