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Trans-women in chastity (not sisssys)

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Jessica Alexander, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Are there any other transgender women here in chastity?
  2. Can i ask you a question that may sound disrespectful but im really not trying to be...

    Do you agree that a non sissy tran with thier penis should have to wear chastity wether they want to or not? It could just be my own twisted mind, but i feel that chastity should be a part of the procedure and legally required.
  3. ????????

    Legally required?

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  4. Haha told you i have a twisted mind, i just love the idea of forcing orgasm denial and someone who was supposed to be born female should be denied orgasm imo....prostate would be the only allowable release
  5. Am i really reading this correctly or have I missed something ? o_O
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  6. Yeah, but the idea it could ever be a legal requirement isn't twisted, it's just nuts.
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  7. If you hadn't noticed sexual politics and law has been moving towards more freedom in sexuality, not restraint. Our own kink of restraint is just that, a self choice.
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  8. Its actually not nuts *badum tsss*
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  9. Ok, I walked into that one!
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    Ok @Skullgrin@Skullgrin @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 @TitaniumChastiTi@TitaniumChastiTi - A serious question was asked by a new member here and seems to me that it's not only been hijacked but been trampled all over.

    Lets get back the the original question please
    - and if you don't know the answer, just move right along in the time honoured way of Chastity Mansion. Thank you.

    I happen to have one answer for @Jessica Alexander@Jessica Alexander - http://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?members/rachel-cash.35323/ A great member here for 18 months :)
  11. No. I think they should only do it if they want to.
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  12. It gets hard/impossible to get an orgasm from prostate massage after you have been on hormones for a few years. The prostate shrinks quite a bit.
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  13. Thats good to know...ive heard thats its not all that easy getting erect either
  14. please @Jessica Alexander@Jessica Alexander i think that man is a very silly man and just cos that you wanting to be a girl don't mean you has to has a cage if you don't want one. but if you do then its ok.
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  15. The good thing about it though is that I rarely get an erection unless I want one so I don't really have to worry about waking up in pain with my stuff trying to get hard in the cage.
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  16. Yes indeed, as Carrie says. @Rachel Cash@Rachel Cash is a member here. Hopefully she'll say hello at some point. ;)
  17. I'm also a trans person mtf, so far no hormones (yet) and very happy to see other trans people on here.
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  18. My slavegirl is trans and we discussed the idea but in the end decide it was kind of pointless since she doesn't ever feel aroused in that way, if she were to wear a device it would just remind her she had a tiny little thing between her legs that is not much longer for this world since surgery is happening this year.
  19. I am trans as well.
  20. Hi

    What I think some of you don't understand with us pre op trans women is that the ant-androgen drugs we are on to suppress our testosterone is it kills off the sex drive . Also almost 99% the ability to get an erection which we don't want anyways.

    Thus you seem to think we have a choice. No we don't , that decision making process dies when we decided to go down the path of living as the woman we were ment to be .

    Once it is established that changing our testosterone for oestrogen is what we want then by default erections are no longer required!
    Once you are on the implants typical testosterone is 1.5 or less as mine is down from 27 nmol /l average adult male.

    The mix up is that TS women are full time never want to go back and most often full surgery is the final goal.
    CD/TV girls pick and chose girl or boy as they prefer .

    So it's a big difference also I agree about the prostate , it shrinks as this is what ant-androgen drugs are designed to do to stop testosterone driven boy cancers amongst other things .

    Hopefully that clarifies things a bit.

    Xx Wendy
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  21. Very Intetesting
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  22. I can still get an erection if I "want to". Estrogen fuels my sex drive now and sometimes that drive is pretty high. I cum very little now so my GF/KH likes me to save it ALL for her. This is the longest in my life since puberty began, that I haven't had an orgasm. Strangely though, the longer it goes the more comfortable it feels and I don't look forward to taking it off. It feels safe and secure and in control. It's hard to explain but I'm sure many of you understand.
  23. I'm sure we do, and thanks for the input. I'm reminded constantly (in all walks of life) that an individuals responses and reactions to a given situation, physical, emotional, chemical, what-have-you, will so often be specific to that individual.
    There's generalisations one can make, but never rules.

    I'm not trans, ( or even Gender Disphoria in Denial ;) ) but it's clear to me that the use of a chastity device sits well with anyone wanting to subjugate their penis.
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  24. Our circumstances are different but the one constent is chastity. Myself, as soon as I get my new Jail Bird, I want to be locked full time with no erections (as best as I can) and I don't want to ejacuate. Wearing a Holy Trainer now but it has to be removed at least once per week for cleaning and that defeats the purpose I would think. Good luck and stay strong.

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