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Trans-women in chastity (not sisssys)

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Jessica Alexander, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. It is difficult to understand that wearing a chastity device gives a "feeling of well being" unless you experience it. Having your SO or wife know and participate makes everything so much nicer. In a way it is like being caressed all the time. Whereas as a male I default to seeking a place to stick my member into, with a device on I am sticking it into something all the time. Thinking about it can cause erection albeit stilted. Knowing it is there and the feeling of being contained without dwelling on it requires a special mindset and this mindset bestows a calm onto the mind. Having the keyholder interact, even by a soft whisper in a crowded room, "Poor baby!" Brings the embraced or hugged feeling back to the forefront of the mind, causing a slight swelling and then the internal command to get hold of yourself. The wearer must then mentally conquer stimulating thoughts while simultaneously being hugged tighter and sharing discreet thoughts with the keeper.
    This entire scenario can be played out loudly or hyper discretely. Being discreet can be compared to tasting a glass wo water with just a tiny bit of sugar in it. Qualitatively the water is sweet, but quantitavily,just a little sweet and if you want to taste it you must perk up your taste buds.
    Yes, chastity is a mind trip and can be intoxicating when shared with someone you love or perhaps alone.
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  2. Oh, hello there! I'm the site's token trans girl(Well I like to assume I am)! I've been playing with chastity for awhile now, and if you have any questions at all about how anything works feel free to message me. I'm pretty friendly and if you're just looking for other girls like us, it's realllllllly rare.

    A lot of people assume I'm into chastity because I'm Trans, and I've explained numerous times that I was into wayyyy before I decided that I wanted to do this. It's pretty simple, we just like it :D.

    Also, thanks for referring me peoples. I've been way to inactive these last few months.
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  3. Hello there! I just recently joined up here at CM! I am definitely a submissive and not a sissy. I'm a transsexual and very active in the BDSM scene in SF. Recent negotiations have resulted in the wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy more frequent chastity. The hope is to normalize this situation ideally so that I can be in complete control by both my girlfriend and my boyfriend. The later, of whom, I have recently negotiated a more formalized D/s relationship. I'm so excited that my entire training regimen will include prolonged chastity! Yay!

    I look forward to meeting more like-minded individuals here. Not just those that are in situations similar, but those that are here because of their mutual love of chastity. I'm also very interested in learning more about long-term wear and the pros and cons of permanent chastity. We can dream can't we?
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  4. I'm also new here and to chastity as well, I am also trans and my reason for getting into chastity is to train my she-cock "Keiko" to not get hard for no reason because yoga and stretching shouldn't be the reason for it getting hard (then again, it should never get hard but I swear it has a mind of it's own). I don't own a cage yet, but come payday I will be putting an order in.
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  5. Good for you, my dear!
  6. heloo to all of you . Hopes you like it on here. :)
  7. Too bad that a chastity device makes more of a bulge in you panties. I know a chastity belt could solve that but I'm not even remotely interested in doing that.
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  8. well when you go out to somewhere nice and you wearing a pretty dress or something else then you can ask if you can tuck.
  9. Hi Jessica.

    Not even remotely interested in a chastity belt? As there are a few options available for pre-op transwomen, this is one of the options that my Keyholder and I are discussing for my future. Would you care to elaborate for my edification?
  10. I can't imagine having a cable or strap that is basically strapped into my ass crack. Maybe a ringless cage using a piercing would be better then just tuck it back. Would be nice to have a silicone shield on top of the cage that was molded to look like a mons so that it looked like a mons when tucked back.
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  11. WoW his remark has left me speechless! Maybe he should be required by law to wear cage so he can not reproduce.
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  12. [QUOTE="Jessica Alexander, post: 152077, member: 41292" the longer it goes the more comfortable it feels[/QUOTE]

    This is especially true if the KH plays an active role, there is a warm feeling of belonging for me at least
  13. I'm a Submissive Trans also. Herbal supplements, diet, Femme attire as told. I've never cheated or been abusive but I do feel much more complete.
    I always felt as if only my desires were important and a sense of guilt. My Domme Wife has always planned this and we started with chastity, control, Femme clothes to learn, piercings. As we grew closer I felt more comfortable being less male and had the desire for a permanent change. Which my Domme had planned and it all fell into place. I maybe willing but I don't decide how, when or what.
    It is comforting knowing I'm more complete to her without the male bravado.
  14. oy? kinks is different? no? yes?
  15. Don't get me wrong it is sexually exciting as well. We are both sexually experienced and open. However not having the pressure of being so masculine and becoming honest with myself and being supported without having to be masculine enhances the sexual aspect.
    I/we prefer the closeness, physical, emotional and intellectual that transitioning brings.
    To summarize the sexual excitement came from transition decision.
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