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The First Time

Discussion in 'Member Fiction' started by scottishsubby, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. "Just relax" She whispered into my ear as She slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Her hands felt like burning embers of fire as they slipped inside the fabric and began exploring the naked flesh beneath. Her flesh. I shivered slightly as Her fingers brushed ever so lightly over my hard nipples before easing the shirt slowly down my arms and onto the floor. Nails raked down my back, drawing a gasp from my lips and a chuckle from Hers. "Shhhh... I haven't even started on you yet"

    The heavy leather collar She had fastened around my neck felt alien, odd yet strangely arousing. Her tongue darted quickly into my mouth, forcing itself deep inside before I had a chance to resist. I began to kiss back, only for Her to break the kiss off and slap me hard across the face. "You will NEVER try to take charge with Me. Not at all and don't you ever forget it" She snapped. Seconds later I was thrust over the end of Her dining table. A very solid oak table it was too, easily able to take my weight and more besides and it was instantly clear She knew exactly what She was doing.

    Deftly She fastened a rope from the collar to the far side of the table, forcing me down still further. From out of nowhere She produced four leather cuffs and proceeded to buckle them tightly round my wrists and upper arms. Surprised by Her speed I could only watch as my wrists were tied to the far end of the table and my upper arms secured to it's sides, completely immobilizing my upper body.

    I opened my mouth to ask Her what She was going to do, only to find it suddenly full of foul-tasting rubber. The gag-strap was pulled tight round my head and to my surprise the gag began to expand, filling my mouth and completely silencing me. I was truly helpless for the first time ever...

    I felt Her hands working my belt, easing it off and sliding my trousers down, leaving me completely naked. What I can only assume were more cuffs were buckled round my ankles and thighs then my legs were forced wide apart. I could feel Her fingers as She worked, tying my ankles tight to the legs of the table then forcing my thighs as far apart as they could go before tying those too. I couldn't move at all, I was completely naked, helpless and gagged - totally at the mercy of the Lady.

    "Now, you have a choice. You were coming on to me pretty hard in the bar. I bet you thought I was just another blonde with legs for you to play with and throw away in the morning. Well, you got that wrong. You see, I have been watching you for weeks. I know what you need even better than you do, the question is, do you have the courage to accept it. I am going to get ready. When I return, you will be given the opportunity to speak. You may ask to be released, in which case I will untie you and let you go on your way - however, you will never, ever see me again. Or, you may ask me to continue and submit yourself to what you know you really want - the control of a powerful Woman. The choice is yours."

    With that, She fastened a blindfold over my eyes and I heard Her leaving the room. I had no idea how long She kept me waiting, my mind was racing. Yes, I had had submissive fantasies for years, how the hell did She know? Not even my best friend knew about those. I was 30, single and to be honest, a bit jaded. I had always wondered what it would be like to be totally under the power of a truly Dominant woman...

    I felt the gag being removed, breaking my train of thought. I hadn't heard Her come back in so She had taken me completely by surprise. I was nowhere near ready, yet here She was, asking...

    "Well, what will it be? You have 10 seconds then I will choose for you."

    I gulped, stuttered and stammered then finally heard myself utter the words that were to change my life. "Please, make me Yours Miss". No sooner had the words left my mouth than the gag was back in and fully inflated, silencing me again. I felt the ice cold dribble of lube on my ass seconds later and tried vainly to resist. I couldn't. Her finger was inside me seconds later, touching places I had no idea even existed seconds before. I could do nothing, She had total and complete control. I could feel Her finger moving, gently probing, feeling for something.. then suddenly She pressed down gently and my world exploded. Sensations I can't describe washed over me as She began to slowly, gently massage what I now know is my prostate. Expertly She worked me, building the need and desire then letting me back down, each wave taking me closer and closer to the edge. All the while She was whispering, telling me not to worry, to relax and it was working... I felt myself actually begin to relax and enjoy the feelings. She must have noticed because one finger soon became two, then three and I began to strain at the restraints, trying to force them deeper inside.

    The all too soon they were gone. I tried to turn, to wriggle, but it was no use, the restraints were solid. So solid that there was nothing I could do to escape when I felt Her hands on my hips. Somewhere in my mind I knew what was coming but tried to ignore it, to push it away... until I felt the slow, relentless pressure. I was dripping with lube and already well opened so there was almost no resistance as She slid the strap-on deep inside me. "Good... now... just go with it. Don't try to fight it, you can't and you'll only make it hurt if you do"

    Expertly She began to thrust, each stroke pressing the dildo hard against my already aroused prostate. I was lost in sensation, mind spinning as She slowly, expertly and deeply fucked my ass. I didn't even feel the cum begin to run from me... it wasn't an orgasm, more a slow dribble pumped out with each thrust. All the pleasure was from my ass.. not my penis as She emptied me as never before, pegging me till not a drop of cum remained. And thanks to the blindfold I knew nothing about it!

    It was then She pulled out... leaving me spent and horny as hell. "I'm going to untie you. You will not remove the blindfold. You have 120 seconds from the moment your hands are free to make yourself cum... if you don't, you will spend the next week in chastity and I will have the only key."

    I felt the restraints loosening and then Her voice... "Stand and begin". I stood up and grabbed my cock, frantically trying to provoke an erection. It wasn't hard, I was so horny I got hard in seconds... but that was as far as it went. Try as I might I just could not cum. It was impossible. Nothing I could do would trigger that elusive orgasm... "Time's up".

    My hands were quickly pulled behind my back and locked together as She laughed... "You had no chance. Now, a week to recover I think". I felt the cold steel of the waistband closing round my hips then shock as She applied ice to my still-hard cock. Within seconds I was limp and second later tightly locked into the metal chastity tube. At last She removed the restraints, gag and blindfold... allowing me to see the puddle of cum for the very first time.

    "That was you. You were dripping and leaking cum all the time I was pegging you... I do so love prostate massage... makes you men so helpless. Now, clean up that mess and get dressed. I'll see you for dinner next weekend... and don't forget... I have the only key......"
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  2. Truth be told, I would bet that many, if not most, of the male members of CM have had thoughts of something similar happening to them! Very well written!
  3. Lovely story about his first, but I suspect not his last, milking. There is nothing like the surrender of the alpha male mentality and the acceptance of the submissive feminine mentality. When his cage is ready to burst with pent-up desire, he will learn to ask for relief from his FLR mistress in the same or similar process of prostrate milking. While he drip drip drips an unsatisfied release, no orgasm no alpha male behavior only female mentality submission. :) :) :) Beautiful!
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  4. I've got to get my wife to do this fantasy to me ASAP! :p:):D
  5. I Just love your writing and poems scottishsubby! Just a thought I read somewhere that keeping your man in a suspended horny state that only cums from anal penetration at HER control, will make your man more obedient, compliant, better lover, better house boy for doing chores, and much, much more. This experiment will open both of your eyes to a world of extreme production of the male, and blissfulness for the woman.
    A few links to ponder and a change of roles perhaps?


    The fall of the penis and the rise of the clitoris is completely in line with the decline of men and the rise of women in so many areas today. Instead of a man’s heavy body on top of a woman thrusting into her as hard as he can, now more and more it is a man on his knees with his tongue on her clitoris concentrating on her pleasure, while his penis hangs uselessly totally unwanted and unneeded. How the mighty have fallen!
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  6. I'm not sure I'm ready for everything you just posted but if that's what Mistress wants than I guess I'm ready. I just don't think my Mistress wants our relationship to be like that.
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