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Soon to be MRS. Thatguyontheinternet!

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Thatgirl, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Congratulations! Let's hope Thatguyontheinternet gets a full orgasm on wedding night!
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  2. The Wedding Night should be The Ultimate Denial Night!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. "Congratulations! Let's hope Thatguyontheinternet gets a full orgasm on wedding night!"

    Or may it be his last and he never have one again.
    Personally, I'd love to find a woman who gives me ones last traditional orgasm, then any relief that I get is via prostrate milking.
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  6. Congrats! Nice rings!!
  7. That's a Very exciting idea
  8. Congratulations! Hope you has a happy, healthy and prosperous life together
  9. Thanks. I mention it as I was working towards that with my ex. I think it's what I desire with my next relationship. So thought I'd share it. The thought of a "reverse virginity" is what I seek and the more I think about it the more I want it. In other words, knowing it's the last time you'd have penis in vagina sex. So might as well promote the idea!
  10. Thank you for the congrats and suggestions everyone. Sorry, we haven't been on that much lately...since the engagement, we are slowly getting back into the swing of things, lol! Damn mushiness! Another reason is that the site is almost unusable....I don't want to sit there and wait 10 minutes for one post to load, although today it seems okay!
  11. congrats..... sort of thought he would have announce he was becoming mr. thatgirl .......
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    Site IS sometimes slow just now. Intermittent. Possibly due to bots bombardment. Not sure, but Jens looks to be checking this out.
  13. Agreed super slow to load.
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Congrats. Now the big question is he going to be locked for the wedding
  16. Of course he’s gonna be locked for the wedding! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now...him lasting on our wedding night, that’s probably going to be a different story. When we first started having sex, he could last forever...now, not so much! Maybe a cum a day via caged pegging the week of our wedding might be in order, that way he will be able to last on our wedding night;-)
  17. I don't think there's much of a question there. While we're still finding our sea legs in terms of how She can comfortably exercise her current level of dominance while keeping me engaged and interested enough that the cage doesn't drive me insane, the one thing that seems to be settled as the she wants it on. Period.

    And don't blame her. Since the engagement she's felt pretty "mushy". I've cum a lot, and she only just now is beginning to get back to where she was before. Which is fine. But one thing that was reinforced after she left me out of the cage overnight is that doing so is just not conducive to the lifestyle for us. I am too stubborn and revert too quickly to my old ways.

    She recently locked the keys In the kitchen safe for the full 10 days, with a promise that the batteries will come out for 3-4 days at the end. This the result of me flat out saying "we both know you can't keep me locked for more than a week or so. So we'll see what happens. I know she's working back up to the level of control she was taking when I popped the question. Attempting to guarantee my longest lock up yet will go along way in that regard. But I'm still fairly confident that I'll be out of it before 14 days. And that I'll cum several times in between anyway. But nonetheless, the gesture shows she's serisous about having me in it if nothing else. Frequent short releases for PIV may be beyond her to resist, but the cage is always back on. And so I would be shocked if our wedding day was any different.
  18. Of course you’ll cum love, just not the way you want to as a man. No, I have gotten quite successful in getting you off via pegging, so we both know that during these 14 days
  19. Yes. I suppose the method of cumming is worth mentioning :(
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  20. Love that part ;)
  21. Nice
    to hear happy news, best to you both!
  22. Congratulations!
  23. congratulations! isn't it great to have the most common sex stuff out of the way? Most here have either had to break it to their spouses and hope for the best or not tell them at all and only self lock and have only half the fun. Wish you both the best!