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Soft Link & Lady friendly

Discussion in 'The Study' started by Metalman, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Hello Chastity Mansion ,

    There has been a lot of talk lately about being more welcoming to vanilla ladies. I couldn’t find a specific thread with suggestions so if there is one, I apologize for opening a new one.

    All this talks made me wonder… Why did I never invite my lovely wife to check this website?

    Perhaps I thought unconsciously, that it would not really be tailored to her needs.
    But I have made my mind. I will propose her to have a look!

    This said, I would like to use this opportunity to make some suggestions.

    Although I am not sure the Mansion will ever be Vanilla friendly, as Chastity in itself is quite intimidating to Muggles, it could be more “soft kink” friendly, and also more woman friendly.:)

    Issues in my opinion:

    1. Dedicated sections
    2. Controlling the language
    3. Separating kinks
    4. Improving navigation

    1.. Although many aspects of chastity are of interest for both the locked boys and the lovely Key holders, it is not always the case. Two things come to my mind:

    I think Ladies should have a dedicated space, a sort of lounge, where they can talk about their views and experiences of Key holding without being interrupted. Boys would be able to read and get informed, but not to post. I know it sounds a little crazy on a forum, but this is a chastity forum! Caged boys listening but not having the right to talk on the dedicated KH space should be logical, perhaps even sexy !! :oops:

    On the other hand, I feel there is a lot of trivial conversation about fitting devices, health or hygiene concerns and so on. The Mansion should definitely allow those questions, as we have all needed answers before, and experience users should make it their responsibility to help new comers. But there should be a clear dedicated section for these not very sexy subjects, that KH can feel free to ignore.

    2.. I find that the language used on the forums is sometimes appalling.

    Now, I understand locked boys (I am one) can often feel very horny, and that it might feel sexy to use some dirty language full of cocks, cum and so on. However, I also recognize that Key holders, and also some other chaste boys might not be horny or in the mood to have such foul language in every sentence, if not every post... I know my wife and KH would be quite turn off by it... :confused:

    I Imagine it is not an easy thing to control the language used by people on a forum. But maybe there could be dedicated “soft” language sections (penis, vagina…), and some uncensored hardcore ones (cocks, pussy, cum…)

    3.. As I said, I'm not sure 100% vanilla people will ever find Chastity to their liking. However, there is definitely a soft Chastity kink, for beginners, or simply less Kinky people, and then a harder one, with a lot of other kinks associated to it, that might intimidate or straight up scare off new people.

    Again, I think it would be nice to have a section in the forum that is only about Chastity, teasing and soft servicing; and other section about hard Chastity and associated kinks.

    4.. As a final word, I realize that apart from the language regulation, and the "Ladies & KH only" section, many of the things I talk about already exist in a way or another.

    However, I feel there are either not clear or not respected by the users. I like the ambiance titles like "Piédestal" or "Boudoir"; but maybe people get confused by it and don't really know where to post.

    Also, I think there are too many sections on the forum, which makes individual ones not frequented enough. If a specific section about this or that Kink has little activity, then users will be tempted to post in another section, to get views and responses, even if it's the wrong section for it.

    Perhaps there should be less than 10 section on the entire site.

    That's it :D

    I realize nobody asked for my opinion, so I hope it is not offending any one. It's just the honest thought of a caged boy who wouldn't mind if his KH would enjoy it here as much as he does !
  2. I agree 100% ... the site needs a re-sort / re-structure / clean-up ... the big part of it is to as you state divide "soft" from "hard" ... after that combining or leaving all the many sections is not that important, but definitely would not hurt to tidy it up.
  3. Agreed, had tough times to realize that I also could profit from CM, as kinky as it is, not very appealing to ladies that are in the beginning of learning about this lifestyle.
  4. Offended? No. But surely has been mentioned before. Some items have logistical reasons for it being the way it is.

    1. Designated sections...they have them. Although their cute names I think should clearly state the content desired. The problem is that if you hit the most recent button, you will see posts from everywhere that has been posted recently...some from a section u might find objectionable.

    A women only area has been talked about since I signed up many years ago. Without actual verification it does nothing to keep men out, which is the whole point. Plus, it also could create a pretty boring area for the boys. I don’t think I’ve heard of the suggestion you made where there is a section prohibiting men from posting...that might be something to look into. It would keep us out of the conversation without alienating the whole site.

    2. Language. Has been a sticky subject going back awhile as well. Some think we should be able to say whatever they want, some feel it should be a Victorian era vibe. My mindset is that anything that is seen publicly without clicking on it should be fairly tame. You should be able to describe a thread without being graphic. But the language and content of the thread inside should be up to the writer. Just my opinion, not real big on censorship.

    3. Sectioning hard from soft. Relativity. What is hardcore to one could be pretty vanilla to another. Again it might alienate many. What would your vanilla partner think if reading a very vanilla post from someone named cuckoldcreampieeater. (Forgive me if that’s your name, just top of my head example). If they aren’t allowed over there then a lot of members will feel vilified.

    4 navigation as I said could use some plainer language

    You aren’t alone many have ambitions of making this site easier on the eyes. In the quest I hope people don’t forget about keeping the people that are actually here...bird in hand
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  5. Whilst some of the "male locker room" posts are not to my taste I am unconvinced that a "ladies spa room" is the answer. My reasons have already been covered by other posters.

    I realise we all have different views, but as an example I have no interest in piercings. I would love to have an "ignore this thread" option I could use for that topic. I wouldn't be preventing any comments, but wouldn't have to open the thread then close it without looking at it just to get it off the unread posts list.

  6. Not to be glib, but what is male locker room talk? I have been in male locker rooms and played almost every sport and I’ve never heard any talk in there.

    Coaches would yell or game plan, maybe a close friend on the team would inquire about weekend plans...nothing else. It was always dressing undressing showering and leaving.

    The one exception...if someone didn’t follow the unwritten rules like standing in front of the mirror naked combing hair, peeing in the shower, or taking to long to shower. Then we might turn to our buddy and say what’s up with ____.

    Just wondering, it seems I missed out on some very interesting conversations that seem to happen in the other locker rooms that I wasn’t involved in.
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  7. Two things that I see being talked about a lot (not just on this thread) that to me seem easy fixes that unfortunately no one has the ability (access) to just enact.

    1. A women's only section ... very simple to do ... create the section and simply restrict the ability to post in that section to those that marked female in their profile (of course there are those that would cheat the system but it would force them to act accordingly) ... every one can still read the section, but only females can post ... this is a win win those that are male get some insight into the female and their preferred way of handling the kink, and the women are not over run with horny males

    2. The site needs a reorganization of the categories (not saying get rid of any) but adjust them so that the ones that are naturally "soft" are together and the ones that are more "hard" (pun intended) are together. Of course those like myself that are interested in all aspects will still hit the "whats new" link and see everything ... but those that are only interested in the softer side can niche themselves into those sections, every section can / is sorted by newest posts. I've belonged to huge adult forums were you have to pick an area that you are interested in and only keep up with that section, there is no way that you could hit the "whats new" link for the whole forum unless you had 8 hours a day to read and follow.
    As a side note a "nice" way to "control" language / smart asses / trolling / etc ... is to have a section that is just for those that enjoy that ... I belonged to a forum that had a section literally for that and if you enjoy that it was great to be able to be 110% obnoxious (no filter) knowing that everyone that posts there is aware that if you are offended easily or don't care for that to stay away ... and if someone posts something in the rest of the forum that is trolling behavior the post is removed and they are reminded to troll in the troll section of the forum ... it helps keep the rest of the forum more on topic
  8. According to Collins dictionary ...

    (of behaviour, esp humour) typical of that found in a male changing room; crude
  9. Huh....I must have been in the boring ones. We showered and got dressed in ours.
  10. LOL, I'm with you ... might have to go try some different locker rooms :D
  11. Perhaps a few people will feel villainized by such rules and changes. But if you think about it, they probably shouldn't.

    As they seat down in front of their computer and get ready to type a message, it's fair to assume their penis is locked up in a cage just like mine right now.

    Now what's the purpose of that?
    There are many ways to experience Chastity to various intensity, but we could all agree that at its core, Chastity is about realigning the male persona to make it more pleasant and enjoyable for the women.

    Now that's pretty much what we could do here. Getting males, me and others, to respect rules and etiquettes to make this website more pleasant to female KH, including theirs.
    That's why they are in Chastity in the first place :rolleyes:
  12. “but we could all agree that at its core, Chastity is about realigning the male persona to make it more pleasant and enjoyable for the women.”

    “to make this website more pleasant to female KH, including theirs. That’s why they are in chastity in the first place.”

    I am sorry but I disagree. For me chastity isn’t about making things pleasant and enjoyable to women...just A woman...the one I live with. As much as I like and enjoy some people here, I have zero desire to do anything but act naturally when interacting with them, mostly because they are just people. Man, woman, doesn’t matter, I treat them with the same respect. In the real world I don’t go out of my way to “make things pleasant and more enjoyable for women”, I do for my partner, but everyone else gets treated like a normal human being.

    And making this website more pleasant to female KH, including theirs...is NOT why I’m in chastity in the first place. As much as I participate here and log in pretty much every day, this website is an escape and a place to talk about an interest that I am unable to in the world. It is nice to belong, but certainly not why I am in chastity.

    I am not certain how the perception of female superiority and treating them any different than a normal person seems to pop up here. I see themes like this on tumblr about matriarchy, female supremacy, worthless males, heck even castrations etc etc.. Sorry but I don’t agree. I’m not saying women shouldn’t be treated well...they should...so should everyone.
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  13. Thanks for your answer. :D
    I think you are misinterpreting some of my words.

    I do not believe that women are intrinsically superior.
    I do not believe that male are useless creatures.
    I don't think a man in Chastity should bottom to all women.
    I agree with you on all of that.

    What I was saying is that Chastity is about controlling your own egoistic urges, particularly sexual ones, in order to be more pleasant and attentive partners. (The plural "women" was for the generalization)

    It is not a big stretch to say that what we learn in our couple, we can use here. It is not about treating women and men differently nor is it about bottoming to all women; it is about showing respect to a community.

    You seem to say that only freedom to be ourselves and act in anyways we want matters; But I don't believe that's how a community works. You seem to enjoy this place as much as I do, and our enjoyment is directly linked to the enjoyment of others.

    Chastity has a hard pornographic side, and also a heavily Kinky one well. And those should be present on this forum.
    Requesting separated sections for them (and that they are respected) while we keep a softer section in the forum for the enjoyment of everyone, is not about oppressing people; it's about respecting all members of our community, and making this website pleasant to everyone who enjoys Chastity.
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  14. Not anyway we want to act, mutual respect and decent behavior. Equals.:D

    I think we are on the same page.
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