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Searching in Texas

Discussion in 'Seeking or soliciting?' started by MattL, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Hello all. I haven't had the pleasure of being locked in chastity for a couple years. I miss it. I crave it. I desire it. I need it. So, I'm looking for a Mistress in Texas to keep my in chastity while I serve and worship her
  2. What part of Texas?
  3. I'm in the Midland/Odessa area
  4. I gotcha, im in the same area myself.
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  5. I used to live in Houston and I had the most sex there in one year than I ever had in any of the other cities I lived in. Lots of good looking women there in the early 70's. I never considered chastity until I was 61. Prior to that I wanted as many orgasms as I could get. Now it is different. Welcome and hope you find what you like. As I used to say when I moved to Texas from New York City, hope to see youse all soon.
  6. "I'm not from Texas but I got here as fast as I could" :)
  7. How long have you been in the area?
  8. Dallas Texas here. You would have pretty good luck here I think. Been to a few munches with my wife/keyholder and there are always females coming up with the "wish I could be a keyholder" to my wife.
  9. Hello I am in Lubbock area. Am no longer doing chastity since castrated.
  10. Are congratulations or commiserations in order?

    Were you castrated voluntary or was there a medical reason?

    Either way I truly envy you!
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  11. did it hurt please.
  12. used to live there, DON'T miss the grit in my teeth from the dust storms!!!!
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  13. It is horrible
  14. Nearly my whole life, I left for a while and have just recently moved back. I myself have had difficulty finding a key holder in the area. Message me and maybe we could do some kind of key holder exchange thing?
  15. In Texas also..
  16. @Zoepee@Zoepee Where abouts? I see you're quite new here. Hit me up with a private conversation and let's see whatsup.... oops & ouch - pun not intended.
  17. Texas born and raised.central Texas at the moment..
    @zoepee,where in Texas?
  18. Texas is a very very big place. Its lots bigger than UK.
  19. Yes ma'am it is. Love the short skirts. Wind here would make you regret that skirt!
  20. Dallas here. Returning to the lifestyle after a long absence & needing local keyholder.