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Preop transwoman seeking discreet cage for first time in chastity

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by subnatalie, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. I'm almost certain that this has been addressed, but as I search through the various posts I've noticed others saying they found something, but I couldn't determine what was recommended to work. So here goes. I am a preop transwoman who lives full time in a professional office environment. I am often wearing pencil skirts and sheath dresses as well as the occasional tailored trousers or even women's jeans which tend to hug that area quite tightly. I am wondering if there is anything someone has had success with that will still allow urination functionality, but no erection and no ability to notise it being worn. I should also note that this will be my first time in chasity for anything that wasn't playing around behind closed doors where a bulge was less of an issue.
  2. If you get a piercing, you can use a ring-less cage that you can tuck. I hate the ball trap cages because the create more of a bulge "down there" where you don't want one.
  3. That's definitely a possibility for long term, but for my first time really going into chastity for real I'm not sure I want to commit with a piercing.
  4. Hi Natalie,

    I appreciate your need to conceal in a professional environment. I went through the same. In order to adhere to my commitment to my chastity arrangement with my Keyholder, it was decided that I needed to put my penchant for mini-skirts aside. As most of my wardrobe is comprised of separates, it was just a matter of augmenting one piece at a time to build my work wardrobe back up. I've had tremendous success over the past few ten weeks with a CB-6000S and a Mister B harness (which I acquired through Black Rabbit Leather). The harness keeps the chastity close to the body and the 6000S has a low silhouette. Alas, probably not low enough for a pencil skirt. This could function as an interim solution until a piercing commitment is met. Again: same.

    I hope that this has been helpful.


  5. 20171006_110558_resized_2.jpg
    Thank you so much, I will definitely look into that option. Being a software engineer I definitely won't be going away from pencil skirts anytime soon. Plus I love pencil skirts and always have. Jeans I think are especially difficult as most of mine are skinny jeans or at least as snug as skinny jeans in that area.

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  6. Are you circumcised? We tried the CB6000/3000 and Holy Trainer. I wasn't at first. The 3000 caused massive edemas and the 6000 was a bad fit. CBs kept slipping of despite the many configuration options. The HT v2 was a great fit and especially the integrated lock makes it hard to spot. Plastic cages really start to smell after some days. Some people are able to clean without removal, we weren't. Custom metal cage options are expensive but can be tailored to your needs.
  7. I am circumcised and quite small when flaccid. I can't imagine more than 1.5-2" as I'm only about 4-4.5" when fully erect. That probably will make a difference as well. I can say when it's cold out I basically disappear down there. I will look into the HTv2 to see the possibilities.
  8. That's the hard part: we all tend to advise from our own perspective. The HT and CB6 allowed me to pee standing upright. Due to the large opening in the CB3 and my current metal cage you have hardly any control as the stream always hits some part and is deflected or you're just spraying everywhere.
  9. I definitely understand that as it's really the only way to advise someone. For instance, for me the whole standing to pee is a non issue as I haven't stood to pee in about 2 years when I came out at work.
  10. I wear a HTv2 and cross dress, it is a device that splits the community due to its need for regular removal and ease of escape. It works perfectly for me though. It is very comfortable and is usually not visible. It isn't brilliant with tight jeans though and I do have a dress I cannot wear it with and have to tuck instead.

    So, if you aren't the sort who will be constantly trying to pull out for a bit of a play and removal for hygiene isn't an issue it is worth a look at.

    If budget isn't an issue then a full belt could possibly be an answer. Neosteel make a feminization belt that I have looked at but it isn't cheap. There are other sissy cages available but I have no experience with them.
  11. heloo and welcome to here. i am lucky cos my Mistress lets me out of my cage if we going somewhere nice and then i'm allow to tuck cos if you has a cage on theres a lump that shows.
  12. Thank you all so much for your inputs. I will look into some of these options, but I think long term some type of belt seems like the best way forward at this point or possibly the piercing option. With being full time and working in a professional atmosphere a bulge is pretty much the last thing I want, especially when dealing with our customers. One of the main issues is that my key holder will not be local and that makes it more difficult to take it off when going into public without him here and again the bulge can and likely will be an issue. Again, thank you all so much for your help with this question!
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