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Penis shrinking, there more the better

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by smalldane, Oct 4, 2017.


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  1. Hello everyone, Ive started with using chastity from a year ago for a few at time to time.

    I read many places that you can shrink your penis by lack of usage. However, I want to make this process as fast as possible. So far Ive read that AndroEase should be a good option.

    But Im looking for as much info as I can get before Id start. Is there any other options? I don't want any way of feminization. I just want as much shrinking as possible :)
  2. Heart medication has made me permanently flaccid. Since my penis is useless it has shrunk to two inches. My wife said she won't bother caging a clit. Since I can't have intercourse my wife has the option of cuckolding me. She hasn't yet but she won't go forever without a hard fucking.
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  3. You can't shrink it. You can only compact it. If you want it small, keep it in a small device. The moment you take it out, it will start to return to its normal size.
    You cannot reduce its size any more than you can make it larger. For some reason, people recognize you can't make it bigger and that things like "penis enlargement pills" are bogus, but are taken in by the idea that you can make it smaller.
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  4. If, indeed, AndroEase works as claimed, it acts as a testosterone blocker. This would allow the natural formation of estrogen in the body to become more prominent and would in fact create feminizing changes to the body. Not as much as actually taking female hormones would, but to some extent.
  5. That is true. When I decided not to take a testosterone blocker that was the primary reason.
  6. Permanent isn’t possible, but if you remain locked, it does get smaller. Even occasionally letting it out isn’t enough for the tissue to rebound. But given time it will rebound.

    Recently I have been out of my cage a bit more than normal and notice it has rebounded to its original size. So I guess if you don’t let it out for very long ever, it will shrink...but only as permanent as your commitment to keeping it caged.
  7. Stay locked in the smallest cage that you can comfortably wear. If you never reach a full erection you'll start to think and feel that you are a lot smaller.
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  8. I love being smaller. I can fit into teeny panties now.
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  9. i aint done the poll thing cos it don't say if you has to be in your cage all the time and not cleaning or putting another cage on.
  10. I don't think they're T blockers just T reductions. So I think they will lower your T but not completely block it
  11. I’ve never understood trying to lower libido and then getting into a cage designed to harness that libido and essentially prolonging it.
  12. AndroEase worked for me. AndroEase definitely calmed me down and after a couple weeks I started a high plant estrogen diet and definitely had changes in skin, hair, nipples were crazy sensitive. Was able to focus on my Domme Wife's needs.
    I had involved shoulder surgery so had to lay off prior and until I'm out of the woods for having it repeated.
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