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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Thanks for your response but I would rather have her spank me than to sit like that and write lines. Being alone and still being punished in a way like that was not at all enjoyable
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  2. Mash, you have got to write a novel. These experiences are incredible. I envy you.
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  3. Do you know what she used? Icy hot? Deep heat? (They all seem to have different names in different countries).
    My wife used deep heat on my balls for many years with no problems, and then I got a bad skin reaction ending up with chemical burns. Had on and off peeling skin my balls for months. :mad: So we won't be going back to that then!
  4. Sorry but I have no idea. My Wife is into herbs, oils and natural remedies so it could be almost anything. And no I'm not asking her. After the burning went away it was cooling and soothing and made my bum and anus feel a lot better.
  5. Thanks but I think it would be a short story. Things have become kind of crazy in my life lately and I'm not complaining. The situation with Terrie and Carla could end at any time. How long do these ladies want to tease and play with a man that 20-25 years older than them? But I do Love my Mistresses new found strength and power. Thanks for your lovely comments
  6. A Saturday at home in the summer usuall means a lot of work. If anyone owns a yard or an acerage you know what I mean. Yesterday was a work day.

    I was doing some maintenance work around the firepit and patio area while Mistress was cutting the grass ( we have about 3 acres to cut ). When she came around to where I was it was a lovely site. She had removed her shirt and pants and was only wearing a red thong and lace bra. My Mistress is a major women what society would call a plus size. When I say her on the mower she looked like a PlayBoy centrefold, just Hot. She stopped close to me and said. " your a litte over dressed". I removed my shirt. She shook her head. I removed my pants. She shook her head. I removed my panties, she smiled and said " much better". Her property had caused my cage to get tight as she drove away.

    I spent the rest of the day working in the yard with only wearing my shoes and cage. After we enjoyed a nice supper cooked over an open fire ( I wore an apron) we enjoyed a shower togetherand after the shower she asked me if I could shave her. I removed her pubic hair was treated to the pleasure of licking her to not one but two glorious orgasms. She than ran her fingers through my hair and said " tomorrow I'm going to shave and suck on you"

    When you have a fantastic Wife/Mistress even work days are good days
  7. you had a nice saturday :)
  8. Morning things to do. I have more to do before my Mistress leaves for the office besides making her breakfast now that it's summer I need to clean her car, in the nude by her request, and yesterday since it was so nice we spent most of the day touring around with the top down ,her car our skin shows it today.

    Mistress told me last night that Terrie is coming over to night because. " They have to Talk". As I'm sitting here while Mistress is having a shower I keep thinking that she had said a week ago she was going to milk me and she hasn't. She also said she was going to shave and suck on me yesterday and she didn't. This is not like her when she says she's going to do something she does it. I'm concerned what is bothering her. If it's me she would have dealt with it. I'm sure it has something to do with Terrie that's why they need to talk.
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  9. Mysteries of my Mistress

    i prepared her breakfast ,a ham cheese omelette, and went to tell her it was ready than I assumed my normall position standing beside her chair. She came to the kitchen caring a dildo and stuck it to the fridge and said " Come and suck on this while I have my breakfast "

    I was shocked this was something totally new. I knelt as commanded to do and started sucking on the cock like dildo. I was doing my best to make my Mistress happy even though this seemed so strange. I was taking it about half way into my mouth when I heard her say " Deep Throat It you little slut". I closed my eyes and tried to take it all the way in. I gagged, I tried again I gagged again. I removed my mouth so only the head was in my mouth and thought I have to do this to please my Mistress even though I was questioning Why. I relaxed and started going deeper trying to get past my gag reflex untill it slide down my throat and my nose touched the fridge. My eyes were watering I couldn't breath. I withdrew my mouth and again took this cock down my throat. Mistress cheered " yes that's the way you good little Slut"

    I was having mixed emotions. Why was she making me do this? But I was pleased that I could take it as she wanted me to. I continued to take it deep into my throat as my eyes were watering and the siliva was dripping on the floor. I had pleased my Mistress. I continued to deeply suck o this fake cock until she was finished eating and told me to stop and go stand in the corner. I did as I was told and stood there happy in a strange sort of way.

    I stayed in the corner till Mistress was ready to leave when she came to me and said " I'm going to give your bum a little paddling because I Love you so much and you are such a good servant to me." The paddle brought tears to my eyes but not because pain but because of her love for me and that I had pleased her.

    I stayed in the corner for a few minutes after she left. My eyes were wet and her property was dripping, I took the drips on my fingers and put them in my mouth as I thought I should. God I Love That Woman
  10. Terrie went home a little while ago and I just tucked Mistress into after one of the most interesting and exciting evenings in my like. I don't think I'll ever for get what happened.

    After Terrie arrived I served her and Mistress a glass of wine Terrie was sitting on the Loveseat and Mistress in her favourite chair facing her, Mistress wasted no time getting the conversation started. ( I'll try to quote her as close as I can remember ) Terrie I invited you here tonight because we need to clarify some problems with our arrangement. When you contacted me in early November you asked me to help teach you how to take control of your partner and become a strong dominate women.Is that right?

    Terrie responded Yes Ma'am

    Mistress continued " I also agreed to allow you to use my husband or servant to sharpen your skills as long as you followed my directions. Is that right?

    Terrie again responded Yes Ma'am. I just stood there in shock not believing what I was hearing. I thought they first met in April., boy was I wrong.

    Mistress continued, Have you followed my directions?

    Terrie sat their in silence for a few seconds then softly said. " No Ma'am

    Damn right you haven't, Mistress said in a more raised voice. You have been behaving more like a teenager in heat than a dominant women and you have also mistreated my servant. Terrie started to say something, but Mistress just raised her hand to silence her. I just looked at the two of them not knowing what to think.

    Mistress moved forward in her chair looking straight at Terrie and said " if you train your sub properly you don't have to tease,trick or even ask them to do any thing, you just tell them. If you want your pussy licked just say "Lick Me". Mistress glanced up at me and I dropped to my knees and went under her dress to lick her as I should. She continued " when you spank your sub you are In Control, you don't let your emotions or your lust control you. If you loose control you can seriously hurt him. He trusts you, and you have to protect him. Also you need to know your subs limits and understand what he is going through. Do you agree with me?

    Terrie answered very quickly " yes Ma'am

    Mistress than told me to stop licking her and stand up and remove my panties and put my hands behind my head.

    Mistress also stood up and said to Terrie. " Than little girl you have a decision to make. 1. We can continue with our agreement, but you will agree to follow my instructions to the letter. Or 2. You walk out the door and the arrangement is over. If you choose to end this tonight I Will Strap Your Bare Ass, before you leave for abusing my sub. So you need to decide.

    My juices were starting to flow as I was unable to hold my Excitment. The worse thing that could happen is I'd see her get a strapping. It took forever for her to answer

    Terrie answered " I choose to continue with our agreement and I Will follow your instructions to the Letter
  11. Mistress looked at Terrie and asked " are you 100% sure?
    Terrie responded "yes Ma'am
    "You will follow all of my instructions to the letter"
    " Yes Ma'am " Terrie responded
    Mistress sat down and twirled her wine in her glass, starring at Terrie, than she looked at me , than back at Terrie and gave the order " remove your cloths " I looked at my Mistress and couldn't believe what I had just heard she was going to have Terrie strip right I front of me. My cage had gotten extra tight as I look over at Terrie. They both just stared at each other untill Terrie started unbuttoning her blouse, it fell to the floor. She unclasped her red lace bra and let it fall to the floor without while continuing her stare. She has lovely breasts,

    Finally Terrie stopped staring and looked at the floor than she looked at me and our eyes met. As we looked into each other's eyes her pants and panties hit the floor. I kept looking at her eyes but ever part of me wanted to look down at her naked body standing infront of me, the body she said I would never see naked.

    Mistress broke the silence by telling me to stand infront of her and caress her breasts. I did as I was told, she than told me to pinch her nipples until I see the pain in her eyes. Terries eyes showed signs of fear as I started to pinch her nipples, my wetness was starting to drip from my very tight cage " Harder" Mistress said. I pinched harder, I could see pain in Terris eyes.

    Mistress got up from the chair and slapped my ass hard with her hand " Harder " she said again. I pinched even harder as a painful sound escaped Terries lips. Mistress than smiled and went into the bedroom. I relaxed the pressure on her nipples but still held them tight, they felt so good between my fingers

    When Mistress returned she told me to remove my hands and than did something that totally shocked me. She unlocked me and told me lay Terrie on the couch and fuck her. I turned to Her and said "Pardon Me, you want us to" she cut me off before I could finish and said " Both of you have been acting like a couple of horny teenagers so get on the couch and get at it or I'll go and get the strap" I looked back at Terrie, she paused for a second that layed on the couch

    I took my first look at her smooth wet pussy as I slid into her. She was very wet and I slid into her with the greater of easy even though she was very tight. After only a few minutes I was ready to explode so I withdrew my cock from her warmth. "Keep going" mistress ordered " You have my permission to cum inside her " I looked up at my Mistress than down into Terries eyes. Eyes that wanted me inside her. I slid back inside her and rammed my cock all the way pumping into her untill I exploded deep inside her hot ,wet, tight heaven. She smiled up at me as I got off her she was happy but wanted more, more that I could not give her.

    Mistress told me to "Clean Her" I knelt on the floor and stared at Terries wetness and placed my mouth on it and licked and sucked her cleaning her and arousing her. I continued cleaning and arousing her, not knowing when I'd be told to stop, Terrie put her hands on my head and arched her back as her Orgasm overtook her. I cleaned her for a few minutes more till I was told to stop. Terrie was Happy,I was Happy. Mistress was not smiling when she told me to stand and Terrie to get on her knees and suck on her property. I was soft as Terrie took me deep into her mouth. She sucked me, kissed me,teased me, stroked me to coax my erection back to life. Finally I felt my self start to rise, I rose to all my glory, Terrie looked up at me and smiled than lowered her head and took me deep. She took me deep into her throat, this was a first for me, over and over again she took me deep untill I released into her again in a loud moan, almost falling back onto the Loveseat

    Stand up Terrie. Mistress said " now both of you listen and listen good, I hope you enjoyed your selfs because this will Never Happen Again. She than handed Terrie my cage and told her to Lock up her Property"

    Terrie handed Mistress the key and Mistress gently stroked her breasts and said " On Wednesday when you finish your massage you'll experience something else" she than gave her a little kiss and said Good Night
  12. I understand why you said it is a night that you will never forget. From Terrie saying to you that you would never see her naked to actually have PIV sex and allowed to cum, then cleaning her to orgasm. Then to have Terrie suck you off! Omg! I too would embed that evening in my memory banks forever, especially after your Mistress says "never again"
    May I ask how long it had been since your last release? Also, when was the last time your were allowed PIV sex to completion?
    Thank you for sharing your evening with us. I know your evening certainly made my cage much tighter. lol :p
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  13. I am speechless..absolutely incredible. great to know ya'll are having so much fun
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  14. As I'm sitting here on the Loveseat having a morning coffee. I still can't believe what happened last night. A pink thong that's not mine and is to small for my Mistress is laying on the floor. I can't get the vision of her naked body out of my mind, it was an encredible evening

    My last release was just after Easter when Mistress let me cum in her mouth and said I wouldn't be having an Orgasm for three months, I guess she changed her mind.
    I had to rely think when was the last time I had PIV to completion. It's been a long time. I think it was the first week in November so that's 7 months ago.
    My cage is loose this morning. Ha
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  15. Mash I am now totally lost for words, except to say you are on a fantastic and very exciting journey at the moment , which you surely must find mind blowing and I wish you the best of luck and just cannot wait to hear wear it takes you next
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  16. Thank You @sissybitch@sissybitch I really appreciate your support. It has been a wild and exciting journey. I can't help but think that last night was the Top of the journey and it's all down hill now. The Mystery women is revealed , I've seen her naked, I've been inside of her. And Mistress was firm about This will never happen again. I can't think of anything that could possibly happen to top last night. Maybe that's a good thing I wouldn't want to die of a heart attack. I do have my little trophie (Her thong ) to always remind me. Thank You again for your support.
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  17. As I have been following your adventure for some time now, all I can say is wow.....I think there are a number of us here who will only dream of such a submissive but loving adventure. Lucky does not begin to describe what I hear you are experiencing.
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  18. I would not be surprised to see it get even more wild for you. Seems your wife is having too much fun to just stop pushing your buttons which is also pushing her buttons that get you to push her buttons even more ..... Lucky guy ... Lucky Wife!! Happy Wife Happy Life!! :)
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  19. Thank You @JiL@JiL for your sopprt. I few years ago I couldn't even dream my life would take this direction and be this exciting. The change started almost 3 years ago when I totally submitted to my wife ,No Matter What. In my Opinion that's the key "No Matter What". It wasn't all a bed of roses I went for over four months when she didn't even so much as touch me. I stayed committed to her. Now she has started to enjoy my submission. I really think the reason she's making my life so exciting now is her way of saying Thank You. I'm very Lucky to have found the Love of my life. It has taken a lot of time and patience to get to wear we are today.

    Sorry, did you want the short response. Yup I'm Lucky Thanks
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  20. You are so right Happy Wife Happy Life, I should get that tattooed on my Ass
    Just kidding.
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  21. I hope that Terrie was using a contraceptive (unless you've had the snip)!
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  22. Very Good I've been sniped for over 20 years. Just shooting Blanks
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  23. i don't has to be snipped.
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  24. Me too.
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  25. Me too