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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Me too
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  2. I prepared for Terries's massage as I normally would. I was waiting at the head of the table wearing a pink lace thong, I also decided to wear the blindfold even though I had already seen her beautiful body naked I wanted her to decide.

    She arrived at 7:30, Mistress wasn't due home till 8:30 so I had an hour to massage her tight body. When she entered the room she stopped for a few seconds before getting on the table and instead came and stood infront of me and removed the blindfold. "Thanks but not necessary anymore" she said.

    I took a god look at her as she positioned her self on the table the only covering she had was her blond hair. No tattoos, no scares, no imperfections. I oiled my hands and started to massage her back. My cage grew tight as I say the cheeks of her ass move as my hands moved over them, to see and touch caused me to get even more excited but I had to maintain my composure and professionalism. I massaged her to the best of my ability working my way down her legs to her feet. I than paused and asked "Would you like me to massage your front Miss"

    She paused only slightly than turned over with a smile on her face " Yes I want you to massage my front " she responded as she spread her legs slightly. Part of me wanted to spread her legs farther and bury my face in her sweet pussy. But I chose to show some respect for her and started massaging her feet and legs only lightly brushing over her wetness. I glanced at the clock on the wall, 8:15, I moved up to her apps and chest. As I caressed her breasts her nipples became erect between my fingers. I could feel my own moisture starting to make my panties wet. I moved to the head of the table and rubbed her shoulders running my hands down her body to the smoothness between her legs. Gently touching her

    8:35 I heard Mistress enter into the house and a few minutes later she lightly knocked and than entered the room." Just in time" she said as she ran her hand up Terries's leg and rubbed her fingers between her legs. " A nice wet pussy just the way I wanted it" I lust stood with my hands behind my back as Mistress removed her fingers and placed them on Terries lips. She moved her face close to Terries's and said " To control your sub you need to use there wants and desires to control them into doing what ever you want them to do" she than inserted her fingers into Terries wetness and asked her. " Do you want to experience something that will shock you" she continued working her fingers deep inside her wet pussy. I was almost ready to explode, I couldn't believe what I was watching.

    Terrie softy moaned "Yes ma'am "
    What do you want Mistress asked
    Terrie Responded "I want to experience something that will shock me. Please"
    Good Mistress responded and removed her fingers. "Now turn over and lay on your front" Terrie turned over and I could see her wetness as she did. Misstress than moved down her legs and placed her hands behind her knees and looked at me and said " Spank Her"
    What!!! Terrie protested
    Mistress responded " did you think I was going to lick you or something, you said you wanted something that would shock you" Mistress than looked at me sternly and said "Spank Her or I'll go get the strap and Strap you both"
    Terrie let out a whimper as my hand contacted her Ass, again and again I spanked her as Mistress had moved away from the table. Her bum started to redden from the continued spanking and she had started to cry. I looked at Mistress for a sign that I should stop. She gave no Sign. I continued to spank her, my hand was starting to get sore but not as sore as her bum must have been. Her tears were flowing freely and than I heard the word "STOP" I stopped and stepped away feeling Terries pain.

    Mistress went and lifted Terries face and sturnly said to her " Rememmber everything I've said to you. And Rememmber who's in Control" she than walked out of the room leaving us both in shock over what had just happened
  3. Hey @Mash2214@Mash2214 Sounds like another exciting time, complete with a training lesson. Who'd of thought. Don't think things aren't about to end just yet.:p
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  4. Yes it was a training session but not for me. I'm very impressed and shocked with my Mistress. She has Taken Control of more than just me.
    Don't know what Terrie is going to do now
  5. lol .... bet she is gonna do whatever your wife tells her to do. Sounds like she really wants to learn whatever it is that she thinks your wife is gonna teach her. Perhaps how to be a sub or perhaps how to be a better Domme by understanding what it is like to be a good sub? I dunno .... whatever it is .... sure is hot as hell to keep reading your updates!! Thanks!
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  6. Well, a good way to be a good dom, is to be a good sub first.
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  7. Yes, the vibe I am getting is that Terrie is really in training to be a dom ultimately. And of course, she is learning through being treated as a sub, and by learning what the expectation for a sub is. I could be wrong though, and she is truly being trained to be @Mash2214@Mash2214 Mistresses sub. If I were @Mash2214@Mash2214, I would find it tempting if not down right difficult not to ask Miss what the real situation is here, although I'm guessing he feels it may not be his place to ask. Don't want to screw up a really fun and good thing, right ?? Guess only time will tell all, if we're lucky.
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  8. I like your insight @JiL@JiL Mistress is training Terrie to become a better Dom that I do know for sure. The idea that she's also training her to be our sub sounds exciting but isn't what I believe is My Mistresses plan. " Sorry " Mistress did tell me that she was upset when Terrie strapped me on the deck because she was doing it out of anger and wasn't showing the control that a Dom should. I think that's one of the reasons she had me spank her, for loosing control. Things have changed since Mistress made Terrie and I have sex, Mistress has become even stronger on what she has me do. I've been busy working. " I'm only semi retired " so I haven't had the time to update what has happened. Maybe tonight or for sure tomorrow it all depends on what Her plan is for tonight. Thanks for your comments I appreciate them
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  9. Mash I have been thinking about this and I think it is a territorial thing , your mistress is not only trying to show Terrie how to be dominant but also showing her that you belong to you mistress and under her control and her control alone and not there for Terrie to just use as she sees fit unless given permission to do so by your mistress . also I think your mistress is showing you something along the same lines , that's to say if your mistress wants you to play with Terrie she will tell you otherwise you look but don't touch . ultimately your mistress is showing you both she has control and lines are not to be crossed without her say so
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  10. Thank you for your concern. I've just tucked Mistress into bed so I have time to explaine what has happened. Thursday night after giving my Mistress one of her weekly massages,yes I do massage her about thre times a week. The reason I don't post about them is they are just massages nothing exciting.

    @sissybitch@sissybitch you are correct when you say my Mistress is teaching Terrie how to better control someone. And she is using me as a teaching tool for that purpose. This may be hard to believe but my Mistress is still at sometimes reluctant to do things to me because in her words "I don't want to Hurt You " even after I've said to her many times that I love her more and more as she takes more control over me. She's using Terrie to stimulate me in ways that she's not as comfortable to do. Regards to who has control, Mistress is in Control of not just me but also Terrie in some ways.

    After Mistresses massage we talked about Terrie and how long they've know each other. They've been extensively talking ,texting ,FaceTime etc since November but just met for the first time in April at Carl's house.

    I thanked Mistress for allowing me to experience everything I have with Terrie and Carla, and her response also shocked me ( she been doing that a lot lately ) What she said to me was " You should be Thank Ful that's three things you can cross off your Bucket List" A bucket list is things you want to do in your life yet. We made lists just before our 25th anniversary 7 years ago about the same time I introduced chastity into our relationship. My list involved some very sexual and kinky things like. 1. Having another woman spank me, 2. Making love to a younger beautiful woman, 3.receiving a blowjob from another woman. And some other things like being forced to give a blowjob, being disciplined in public, to name a couple others. That's how incredible a person my Mistress is she found away to make some of my dreams into realities. She also told me that I will never be unlocked alone with Terrie, Ever!!

    On my Mistresses bucket list were things like 1. To be treated like royalty, 2. To have multiple Orgasms, 3. To be swept off my feet and taken to an exotic place. 4. To drive through the mountains in a convertable 5. To have a maid do all the house work.etc Her list that was made in fun was kind of my foundation to serving her and giving her everything she wanted. She is returning the favour for all the things I have done and continue to do for her. That's why I love her so much.

    I've also said this many times before " Do things to and for your Mistress to make her feel like the Queen she is unconditionally and maybe she'll do some of the things you want "

    I hope that helps to explain why my life is the way it is. Thank You to everyone for your comments
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  11. Friday night it was 8:55 and Mistress told me to co e to the livingroom Now. She was standing beside the Loveseat pointing to a towel on the floor "Kneel " she said " spread your legs and don't say anything or make a sound". I knelt as instructed to do.

    She then dropped a pile of cloths pins in front of me and said. " At 9:00 a movie I want to watch is co I got on and I do t want to be disturbed. So your going to clip one clothespin on my property for each commercial untill all the cloths pins are on your testicals and public area. Than on the next commercial break you will take them off one for each commercial until they are all off. You will do this in Silence, Do you understand? "

    Yes Mistress I said as her movie started. I looked down at the cloth pins and tried to count them. 20 ,25 30 or more. The movie started it was one of those old love stories nothing that I would want to watch. Commercial break. Mistress looked at me as I applied the cloth pins to my testicals, 10 commercials, as I watched the movie the pins hurt this wasn't going to be pleasurable. Commercial break 9 more pins. They were spread like a fan around my cage bit ting into me. Still more pins on the floor. Another break 10 more I almost couldn't find a place to clip the last ones. I looked at the floor and three pins remained, i wanted to remove them All but still had 3 more to add. I put the last 3 on at 9:52. Now I had to wait till the next commercial break to remove them. My testicals and genital area was numb but I knew this wouldn't last. I've had cloths pins on before and they hurt when you put them on but they hurt a lot more when you take them off and the blood flows back to that area.

    A commercial break. I removed ten Pins and the tears were wetting my cheeks. Mistress just looked at me and smiled. Another break. 10 more pins I removed each one hurt more than the previous one. 13 more to go. Such a Subtle and devious punishment she was inflicting upon me and was acctually doing nothing. 9 more pins are removed only 4 more to go, I was done tears were running down my cheeks squeezed my lips together and bit my tongue so I wouldn't say anything or cry out. My Last Commercial Break. The clock showed 10:55 The cloth pins were in a pile infront of me, I was final free from them such a small simple thing that can cause so much pain and discomfort.

    Mistress's movie had ended and she got up and went to bed. She never touched me or said a word to me, she just walked right past me I was literally Just On Display for her amusement
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  12. I think is too early to say that: Your wife has shown great ability to astonish you and us
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  13. I spent most of the weekend cleaning the house, Mistress was home she was doing laundry,( the one chore she doesn't trust me with I think she likes how her cloths look). I do all the folding and putting away. I had just hand washed my panties and was laying them on the bed in the spare room when she came up behind me and caressed my naked bum and looked over my shoulder.

    You have quite a collection their already. She said. As I had layed eleven pair of lace panties on a towel to dry.
    Yes Ma'am I replied
    You need to make more room in your drawer so why don't you go and get all those ugly boy underwear you have. You can keep the Thongs,G strings and Jock straps .she said as she patted my bum. I went and put all my boy underwear into the clothes hamper and brought them to Mistress. She than bent me over the bed removed her own panties and put them in my mouth. Her panties were moistened by her sweet juices

    For every pair of boy underwear you will receive 5 swats of the strap, she said as she rubbed my Bum. 27 pairs of underwear were tossed away and 135 swats of the strap were applied to my Bum. She than removed the panties from my mouth and said " Put these on ( white lace panties that were still damp) and come stand on the deck while I enjoy the view with my coffee"
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  14. That poor ass of yours .. can you even sit down without cringing in some sort of pain nowadays? ;)o_O:eek:
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  15. Thanks for your concern about my Ass. You may have missed when I posted that my Wife has been spanking me for over 25 years. It's one of those strange things I enjoy,after the first ten or so your bum goes a little numb. When she spanks me it makes me feel like she cares about me. I Never said I was Normal. I also wouldn't want to be Normal
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  16. Typical morning when I can be at home ( about 50% of the time )

    In summer I wash Misstress car in the nude while she has her morning coffee and watches. I make her breakfast and lunch for the day. I stand beside her chair as a good sub as she eats her breakfast. What ever she wants to happen than happens.

    This morning she came to the table with the key to my cage, a short rubber strap/Paddle ( I dislike this one ) and the long but plug with a suction cup on the end of it. She stuck the plug to the coffee table. Than sat down to eat.

    She ate for a while than said. " unlock you and suck on my property, Spank your little ass, or have you put on a show for me. What should I do ? " I stood in silence. About 5 minutes I waited, her caged property was starting to drip. Than she reached over and unlocked my cage and removed it leaving the ring ring still on. I was excited she was going to Suck on Me. Till I heard her say

    Plant your self on the dildo with your hands behind your head and don't you Dare Touch my Property or have an Orgasm. She Ordered. I did as ordered slowly sliding the dildo all the way in till my bum contacted the table , I was thankful that she had lubed it up. "Now fuck yourself very slowly " I slid up and down the dildo almost removing it from my bum than sliding slowly down till my bum contacted the table. Her property was dripping io to the floor as Mistress sat there with a smile on her face watching me sliding up and down. Pleasuring myself untill I heard the words "Stop and go stand in the corner"

    20 minutes in the corner till She locked up her property kissed me on the cheek. Walked out the door and Drove away with the top down in her clean car.

    I like Mornings
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  17. I was home this evening when Mistress came home from work. After supper we were relaxing on the couch where I was rubbing her feet when we started to talk. She said she was going to bed soon because she had a busy day tomorrow. It was 8:25. We talked openly about How our life has changed since she allowed Terrie and Carla into it. She brought up how she didn't like that I wasn't wearing a wedding ring anymore, it got lost a couple years ago. I told her that I always wear my wedding ring it's just not on my finger. She Smiled and got up and went to bed.

    A few minutes later she called me. She wasn't in bed she was in the massage room. When I got to the room she told me to get on the table. "Pardon Me" I said for me to get on the table and receive a massage was almost unheard of. I asked her if she was sure and she said " Get your ass on the table now before I change my mind."

    I was on the table in record time laying on my front. She ran her hands over my bum and said " Unless you want a spanking Turn Over " I turned over. My cage was getting tight as my Excitment was impossible to hide. She than surprised me buy unlocking her property and removing the cage. I rose to full attention instantly. Mistress ran her nails over my swollen member down to the ring around the base and said. " Your wedding ring, guess we can't take that off" She than proceeded to give me a full body massage all the time avoiding any contact with my erection standing at full attention. It felt fantastic as she moved her hands over every inch of me. Almost every inch. Than she finished and stood beside the table and said. "My property looks so nice maybe I should Suck on it "

    I almost exploded at the thought of her giving me a Blowjob. I was waiting, waiting untill I heard her softly say " Or maybe I won't" she then set my cage on my chest and said. " Just think you can tell your friends that the last person to give you a Blowjob was a 25 year old Blond, now lock up my property "

    As a layed there waiting for my Excitment to subside her words kept running through my head. Was I never going to experience oral sex again, or was this just another way that she was teasing me. That Sly Little Fox.

    I had relaxed enough that my cage fit again and I went and handed Mistress the key as she was just getting into bed. It was 11:44. So much for going to bed early.
    Maybe Tomorrow
  18. Mistress has just driven away, off to work. A morning that started like any other except as I stood beside her as she ate her breakfast nothing was said and she instructed me to do nothing. I just stood beside my Mistress as a good sub.

    I couldn't help but think of her words last night. " the last person to give you a Blowjob was a 25 year old Blond " the last person. I sure hoped she was just teasing me and wasn't going to never allow me something I enjoy so much.

    As I stood in the window and watched her drive away with only my cage to cover me a small drop of moisture started to drip from the end.
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  19. Sounds like there could be a price to pay for not wearing that wedding ring. Not sure just what it is yet, but it sounds like not wearing it is on her mind to some extent. Perhaps she is just looking for some symbolic reinforcement on your part after experiencing some of the freedoms and pleasures she has allowed you. I would put it back on just to see what her response, if any, might be. Hope you continue to have a great week. :D
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  20. Thanks for your comment @JiL@JiL but I can't put my wedding ring back on because I've lost it somewhere. I tried to tell her that my chastity ring which almost never gets removed , the cage does but not the ring, is my wedding ring now. As far as there being a price to pay, I don't think she needs a reason anymore LOL
  21. Simply things. As I'm cleaning the yard and house I received a simple text from my Mistress " You will shave me tonight and lick my wet dripping pussy... " my simple response was "Yes Mistress"
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  22. Before Mistress got home she sent another text. " insert your but plug were going to have some fun tonight.

    When Mistress arrived home she immediately went to the bed room and came out with a short leash that she attached to my cage. She kept me on a short leash till we went to the bed room to shave her. She released the leash so I could get everything ready while she layed back on the bed and relaxed. I got a bowl of hot water some face and everything else I needs and opened her legs and applied the shaving cream. My cage was already starting to tighten. As I picked up the razor she gave the leash a short tug and said " be careful or you will regret it ". I shaved her clean like a pro, no nicks. I than moved up to give her the oral orgasm she requested. As she reader her orgasm she kept jerking on the leash causing some discomfort and me to get very wet. As she Orgasmed she just pulled on the leash pulling my swollen manhood towards her until she reched her peek and released the leash.

    She than layed back and said she was going to sleep but not before she said to me. " Take the short rubber strap and spank yourself 22 times and repeat it every 22 minutes untill you come to bed. Than you may remove the but plug. Begin" the clock showed 9:17

    I turned my back to her and applied the 22 strokes to my backside. And then went to do the dishes and some over business that has to get done tonight. I also took the time to post this message 10:23 is coming fast so good night.
  23. Last night Mistress got up at 10:30. I think she heard the 10:23 spanking. I was just brushing my teeth getting ready for bed. She asked to see my bum and asked if it was tender. She than said " good I'll have to do this more often so you come to bed earlier" she told me to wait till 10:45 so she could watch me apply the last 22 strokes, her property was dripping on the floor as I applied the strokes. We than went to bed and I couldn't get close enough to her as me cuddled.

    This morning during her breakfast she removed the cage,not my new wedding ring, and stimulated me to the point that I almost had an Orgasm. Than she stopped sat me down in a chair and put a very cold cloth over her property and told me I had 5 minutes to get my cage back on. I made it in time as she walked out the door. This Fantastic women has been getting more and more comfortable with controlling,teasing and dening me. I love her so much.

    P.S. She did say that Carla will be home Friday night from visiting with her family and she is planning a surprise for her.
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  24. What an amazing journey you are on!
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  25. Thank you for your response. Yes my life has been very exciting since Newyears. All my dedication to serving my Mistress and pampering her has started to make my cage get tighter and my panties wetter. I've been Blessed to have such a fantastic person as my wife. Thank You for taking time to read about my crazy life.