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New Feature New CM policy on Album and Pics

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Administrator, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Since taking over Chastity Mansion It has become apparent that the album and picture upload facility has been getting used by a few members as a picture sharing websites. This is not a new thing and has steadily developed over a few years.

    In addition, many of the photos or captioned images uploaded are better suited elsewhere than on CM and have little or no relationship to the site. As some people observe, they are just porn.

    The Board at CM wants the site to retain its’ reputation as a safe and pleasant place to be. We discourage scammers and anyone chasing our members to go to other pay sites. There are plenty other sites on the net that you can go to if you want to do that. Just not here. And in that way we don’t want the albums filled with porn that is upsetting and discouraging to some of our lady members and of no interest to many others.

    So, with this in mind, notice is being given that many albums and pictures will be removed at the end of March.

    If you have a lot of albums or photos and are using the site as storage system for your photo files, please make sure you download them and store them elsewhere before the 1st of April.

    As I said, there are plenty sites to store or show your photos and you can always put a link to that in your profile. There is also an excellent thread started 18 months ago that people can use to share locations of either their own snaps or those they just like. Have a look here http://www.chastitymansion.com/foru...otocaption-blogs-tumblr-blogspot-et-al.13529/

    Moving forward

    So what images are acceptable and what is not?

    Yes, this is a kink site and an adult site – but it is certainly not a porn site, or a place for guys to get their rocks off (it is a site about denial, after all). Chastity Mansion was set up as a discussion site for you to share and learn about Male Chastity, ideally in a relationship situation where predominately it is the female partner holding the keys and control, and with that goes respect for all the Ladies on this site and in life in general. The kink does drift into other forms of kink and we are quite happy with that – whatever floats your boat, within some boundaries obviously.

    We are very happy that you share an insight into your life of chastity as an image can show so much more than words can, but we don’t want images that are demeaning, disrespectful or objectifying females. They are not for here and will be removed.

    Some of you will have photos of devices you have seen on the net and want to share them – that is fine, if you acknowledge the source or even better get permission to share.

    There has been an explosion of captioned images in albums as well, and that is not welcome. Please think about an account on an adult pics website and share the link to that album.

    Most albums are not a problem as they hold a relatively small number of images so we would ask you to restrict your image count to 25 (– longer term members can also have an extra 10 for each year of membership).


    Don’t forget, this site is absolutely free to everyone and free of intrusive adverts. We have just moved servers to accommodate all the new members joining us and we don’t want a repeat of the recent problems of too many people trying to access the system at the same time. Paying for a server to take more and more photos is just not an option.

    Running the site does cost money and some make donations. If you are enjoying this site and find yourself in a coffee shop or having a drink somewhere – think about buying the CM one as well.

    Enjoy your coffee – open up the PayPal app on your phone as you savour the aroma and send the price of a coffee (and cake too maybe ;) ) to the CM account paypal@ident.nu

    ( The donation button will be reinstalled momentarily but paypal@ident.nu works fine right now if You simply can't wait:) )

    Thank you
    Administrator & Board
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    Still very much an important notice so I'm giving this a bump to keep it in view.
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