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Mar 16, 2016 at 10:13 AM
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Hi honey, I'm home! Jul 15, 2017

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Sep 9, 2020
    1. Danwild69
      I would certainly like a copy so that maybe my wife will learn how to enjoy my being in chastity for her
    2. conor
      Hoping for a return of locktober, this time on your bdsmlr, this year!
      1. keephimcaged
        Hi Conor, at the moment I've just posted them to our Tumblr but I will copy them to BDSMLR I think
        Oct 1, 2019
    3. KatlynAshe
      I totally agree your tumbler blog is quite lovely <3
    4. ColoBilly
      I just love your tumblr blog. Keep up the good work and have fun!
      KatlynAshe likes this.
    5. ChasteCharlie
      My wife and I want to thank you for your insight to Locktober and your blog on tumblr. Being new to chastity my wife an I went for a partial full lockdown and managed 21 of the 31 days and whilst we enjoy the tease and denial elements we thought we needed to understand how we can enjoy this addition to our love life before exploring some of the other parts of your blogged suggestions. Thanks again
      keephimcaged likes this.
    6. keephimcaged
      Hi honey, I'm home!
      iome343 likes this.
    7. Mash2214
      I've ready your Loctober. It's very exciting
    8. Nito
      thank you for your blog, and for sharing your experience with us all!
    9. Wannastaylocked
      Thanks for starting the Locktober blog. It's great!! I just have to get my wife to read it.
    10. keephimcaged
      Gosh, now I'm 'A well known member' - next step, 'Infamous'?
      1. yanmaslanka
        isn't that a lovely synonym for a word 'keyholder'? :)
        Jun 17, 2016
    11. keephimcaged
      Lots of love to all the mods xxx
      Mistress Jules likes this.
      1. CagedAnimal2
        you're awesome, love the new avi ;)
        Apr 17, 2016
    12. Mistress Lynnie
      Mistress Lynnie
      Just looking at your blog...... Very interesting....
      iholdthekeyuk likes this.
    13. tdk34
      hello and hope you have chat and fun here.
    14. Colleen1986
      Welcome to CM. I hope you and your hubby find the site as enjoyable and as informative as I have. Hugs.
    15. Junebug15
      Hello and welcome. Interesting name.
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    A CB-6000s and a couple of metal ones
    Hi everyone. My name's Jane (on here anyway...) and I am happily married to my wonderful husband, who I happen to enjoy locking up in a cock cage sometimes and love to tease and deny.
    I keep a somewhat popular blog about our experiences on Tumblr at so please do have a look if you're interested.
    We've only been doing it for about a year and keep it pretty simple and just focus on having fun with it and enjoying the greater intimacy it brings. However we're very kinky in general so relaxed about this kind of thing.
    I'm mostly actually submissive to my husband but the caging is doing fun things with that dynamic that we're both enjoying.
    I'm very happy to chat to other women about the benefits of chastity play with their partners. I'm really not very interested in chatting with guys here though I'm afraid, although I'll answer questions if you have something specifc


    You can read my caging and denial blog here:
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