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Manscaping how far are you requested to go

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by lockedUp24byKH, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. I know from experience that going smooth downstairs and having a cage on can be a itchy afair for a short time.
    But when asked I do go smooth.

    How far are you requested to go.

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  2. I get my back and shoulders waxed. It's not a requirement per se but my wife likes it much better when I have it done, I've been doing it long enough now that she'd be disappointed if I stopped. I could definitely not go smooth, I have way to much body hair and I'd turn into a giant ingrown :)
  3. I have gone completely bare but I get razor burns and ingrown hairs. Plus it does itch as you said. Now I just use a beard trimmer and keep it very short so no hairs get caught in my cage. I will often shave all but my balls with a regular razor since I have been doing it so long that it hardly grows back anymore. My wife is the same. Been shaving for decades and not much grows back. Our girlfriend is lucky she is a natural blonde and has very fine wispy hair on her vagina and does not have to shave. The hair is also straight so you really do not see it until you get real close and basically do not feel it or pay attention to tit.
  4. My wife likes me bare. I use an epilator from bellybutton to ass.
  5. She prefers shaved bare, if she notices any stubble she will ask about it.

    As the rest of my body, I keep it shaved. I used to let my leg hair grow out during the summer but she had noticed that hair from shin down doesn’t grow and said I should just shave the rest. I was worried what people might think, but she was like “you look silly if you don’t, there’s a line where your socks were”. And there was, I never really noticed it before. And looking at it, it did look silly, so now I shave everywhere.
  6. I shave every where except fore arms my wife loves it and expects it I wanted to grow my leg hair back for summer but got a firm no and funny no one takes any notice
    It work both ways as I don' really like body hair and have been smooth around my pubic area for 20 odd years
    Happy husband
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  7. I've been man-scaping for over 30 years (before the term even existed) ... I shave from waist line down to the crease where leg meets torso in front including balls and then my ass crack ... I leave a "landing strip" from belly button to waist line. Been doing long before I ever knew anything about chastity. Stated doing it because there is no better feeling than nails teasing stroking on bare skin, and the ass crack was included for hygiene (was very hairy and keeping clean after using the restroom took a lot of wiping)
  8. Except for my forearm hair, i'm smooth from the eyes down. Wife insists i stay smooth, and i love it.
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  9. only shave body when supposed to be girly... otherwise Mistress likes hair. Could and would have done it regularly if wanted and allowed to spend the extra time on it. Visually not much is seen as i'm a blonde...
  10. I shave everywhere at least once every couple of days, doesn't take long when you're used to it. I was initially very self conscious about my forearms and hands but no-one has ever commented so what the heck. I remember when I was a teenager a waiter at the hotel I worked at shaved everywhere and just told everyone "swimming", yeah right!
  11. Just shaved my ass. Big mistake - now unbearably itchy! Never had any issues shaving balls though.
  12. My wife doesn't like hair, on either of us, so I shave. I don't shave bare due to ingrown hairs and such, I just use a beard trimmer and trim really close.
  13. I buzz almost all of my chest hair in the summer but leave my "pecs" untouched in the winter. I always shave my balls and keep my ass relatively hair free. Likewise, I keep my pubic hair finely trimmed and generally try to keep any hair on my extremities or in my armpits under control. It's all part of my normal grooming routine and only takes a few minutes with the body groom per day (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LPT25MA/ref=twister_B06XMYBL9Q?_encoding=UTF8&th=1). Although my wife really appreciates, it's something I do for myself.

    I 've tried waxing and have gone completely bare before, but it was way too itchy and I got a ton of (very unsexy) in-grown hairs.
  14. I usually use a hair trimmer, but for some reason this time I ended up with a really bad rash from scratchy trimmed hair. Not sure why I had an issue this time, and not previous times. Any tips for trimming?
  15. My Mistress has never requested that I shave anywhere. Not even my face. I'm not overly hairy. I started shaving my pubic area about 5 years ago. My Mistress was actually against it then now she likes it. I now use hair removal cream and shave everything that's under my panties. My Mistress loves it when I'm smooth.

    She still wants me to look like every other man. When the pants are down now that's a different story.