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Just saying hello

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Miss anne, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. First time posting here at the mansion just having a look round and found some very interesting threads and hope to meet some interesting people! Looking forward to my time here
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  2. welcome @Miss anne@Miss anne, hope you find what your looking for here. Any questions just ask. :)
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  3. There are a lot of interesting threads here, and interesting people. There are many different perspectives. There are those who can speak from experience, and are willing to share those experiences to help others who are not as experienced. It's a great place to learn about aspects of chastity about which I had not known. Yes, enjoy! I certainly am enjoying!
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  4. Welcome. Always nice to see a new face. There are many keyholders that really know their stuff, and some just starting. Plus a deluge of caged guys that have been doing this for a long time.

    Good luck in your adventures
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  5. Welcome to CM!
  6. Welcome, @Miss anne@Miss anne ! Please read lots of posts and post often to let us know what goes on in the mind of a KH.
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  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome it seems a wonderful corner of the internet you all have here . Ive already been chatting to a few people ive been having a very good conversation with @First time couple@First time couple miss s seems to be taking the first steps on her wonderful journey of chastity and its been wonderful chatting to her i wondered if theres any chat groups or conversations for keyholders only where tips and tricks can be shared x
  8. i would ask a moderator
  9. Welcome,
    You will find so many different views and people all in one place.
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  10. Hi and welcome! You'll find a lot of great people and insight. Best if luck on your journey!
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