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I'm new

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Chastitybf88, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Hi! I'm very new to being in a chastity belt, and I don't like it at all, but this one isnt my choice. Gf has made the decision for me, I have no say. Been in for 2 weeks now, I expect to be locked for the rest of my life. No joke. Any1 have any advice for me??
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  2. Not sure how belts compare to cages, so my advice might not help. Find a moisturizer or lubricant that keeps you comfortable. The rest of your life is a long time. Figure out best way to pee and keep clean.
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  3. Sorry, it is a cage, I just refer to it as a belt. Thank you though. How do you pee?
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  4. Your 18 and going to be locked for the rest of your life. And your girl friend made the choice. Give it some time and the cage will come off once in a while and you might even get a different girl friend. You have a lot to learn about Chastity before your locked for life.
  5. Yep what mash said. And I might add" It's a long road that ain't got a turn in it."
  6. Like a girl my friend, like a girl
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  7. By the way, looks like she's already got you on lockdown and here I was feeling bad for encouraging her. You're bad <g> .....…. well there's always the closet thing (just kidding)
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  8. Everyone has to learn mash you and I did, sometimes the hard way LOL
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  9. nobody has sayed welcome to you so i will. Welcome to here. and having a cage on you is a bit hard at first but after a bit you gets use to it. ooh and your girlfriend is prob just saying that you has to be locked for ever and ever just to tease you. Ladys does that sometimes.
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  10. You always have a choice in real life. Only in our fantasies do we not have a choice. Call the police and they will free you and arrest your girlfriend. You can also file a civil suit and make some money from that. Unless she is physically stronger than you and even then, it would be very difficult to force you into wearing whatever it is that you are wearing.

    I have been a sub for 47 years and know one thing, that I am not forced into anything. I submit, am not dominated. I allow, am not forced. In fantasy land I am forced into all sorts of things, but in real life I know the difference between my fantasies and real life. Welcome and enjoy the journey no matter what form it takes.
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  11. Why did she do that?
  13. I'm learning more about my new life and it isn't all that bad. She recently made the decision to seal my cage and I'm able to accept my new role. Lol I really do pee like a girl now! Unbelievable how much my life is going to change. :)
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  14. You have no idea yet how your life will change. Enjoy the journey it'll be a long one. Keep us updated on how it's going.
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  15. Oh I will. My princess asked me to wear panties, just like you.
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  16. Good for you, you're starting a journey that has much to offer you, I sincerely hope you both find what you seek. Good luck to you both.
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  17. Hi welcome to the mansion, what can I say chastity and panties in such a short space of time, I am sure she has other plans for you as well you are off to a great start keep going and enjoy you will soon realise the rewards are worth it good luck
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