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Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by n2toys, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. I'm the key holder of CZSteve but most importantly his wife, lover, and best friend. I look forward to learning more about my responsibilities of key holder and putting my knowledge to use.
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  2. hello Mistress, curtsy and You very welcome to come here and say thingys.
  3. Welcome, we all look forward to hearing all about you two and your developments.

    There are very experienced kh's here as well as some just starting out.

    Hope you both get as much info and friendship as I have found.

    Good luck
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  4. Thank You @n2toys@n2toys and so happy I met you 20 years ago at the airport and flight.
    This new dynamic has me feeling like I did when we first met and started dating... :)
  5. Welcome n2toys,
    I truly hope you enjoy your caged toy and learn a lot of interesting things here :)
  6. Hello and welcome :)
  7. Welcome !! It's always nice to have more imput from the key holder side. Any and all ideas from the superior sex are always appreciated.
  8. Welcome Mistress. I hope you gain all the knowledge you seek. As for CZSteve, I hope he is ready, as knowledge can be a dangerous thing. ;)
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  9. What marvelous fun for you both... I hope you have a great time and welcome to the mansion!
  10. Last night I received my first spanking from my new mistress and it was also my first spanking in chastity. I was put into a steel chastity cage the second day of my submission. I wear a diaper and plastic panties to bed and of course, the cock cage. My mistress told me that when she thinks I am ready I will be able to wear panties during the day but not yet. The night before last mistress told me that I should expect a spanking the next day. "You've been very obedient but spanking is an essential part of your training so you need to discover what it is like and how you are to prepare for a spanking. " The next day I waited in anticipation and nervousness. Finally in the afternoon she said "I see you have been dry all day. Very good. Your step sister will be over in a few minutes to watch your spanking. When she arrives you are to come to the parlor, remove your pants, plastic panties and diaper. This time I will spank you over my knee. I will use a leather belt which is hanging in my closet. When I tell you to prepare you will get me the belt and then remove your clothing. I want you to count each stroke. Do you understand?" I assured her I did. About a half hour later my step sister arrived. She asked Gina, my mistress, how I had been doing especially with the cock cage. Then Gina said, "well, shall we get to it. I have explained to Robbie how he is to prepare for his whipping." Then she called me. I went into her room and opened the closet door. I took the belt that was hanging there but noticed she had several other items obviously for spanking.
    I went to the parlor and handed her the belt. "Well, what do you have to say." "I believe I need to be spanked. Please help my training by spanking me."
    I took off my jeans and unsnapped the plastic panties. I then took off the diaper. Gina then said "get over my knee now." I did as I was told but still was in the cock cage. She spread her legs a bit to accommodate my caged cock. As usually she was wearing a short skirt and nylons. "Are you ready." "Yes mistress."
    She then took the doubled up belt and laid the first stroke on me. It make a loud crack and stung. "One." She then proceeded to give me twelve more and I counted out after each one.
    I had been spanked many times by my step mother and my aunt and a couple times by my older sister. When I got to be 13 or 14 I started to get a very hard erection before each spanking and something I stayed hard. This time I felt my cock getting very hard and straining against the metal cage. After the sixth stroke Gina asked me "are you getting hard?" "Yes." "Am I being too gentle with the belt?" "Yes ma'am. Please don't be so gentle." Then the rest of the strokes came. They stung but my cock stayed hard.
    When it was finished I was ordered to thank her for the spanking. I wanted desperately to masturbate and asked if I could be let out of the cage. "Not yet but as a reward for your obedience I will let you out later but both your step sister and I will watch. Is that understood. "Yes ma'am.
    "The next spanking will be with a switch and the one after that with a strap. I want you to experience what it feels like to be whipped with each one."
    That night she put me into a fresh diaper and also had a new pair of pink pull-on plastic panties for me.
    I am getting used to the cock cage with a diaper but I can't wait to be allowed to wear panties with it. I have a feeling it will be very exciting.
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  11. I was spanked last night and it was my first spanking while wearing a cock cage. My mistress told me to remove my diaper and plastic panties and then get over her knee. She used a leather belt. I had to ask to be spanked and then count each stroke. As soon as I got over her knee my cock started getting very hard and stayed hard throughout the spanking. I had been spanked before many times by my step mother, my aunt and my oldest sister. As soon as I was a teen I started getting very hard erections as soon as I was told I would be spanked and I stayed hard. After I always had to masturbate even though the spanking stung. This time when she was done I was told to get up. and thank her. She saw that my cock was straining against the cage. "Since you have been so obedient I will take the cage off later and allow you to cum but your step sister and I will watch. Understood." I told her I understood. I have been wearing a diaper and plastic panties every night and every day since I was put in chastity a week ago. My mistress told me that soon I will be allowed to wear panties during the day. I can't wait.
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  12. A very warm welcome ,
    Looking forward to following both pof your journeys on here .
    Hope you both have a very long and happy journey in this new lifestyle
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