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Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by n2toys, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. I'm the key holder of CZSteve but most importantly his wife, lover, and best friend. I look forward to learning more about my responsibilities of key holder and putting my knowledge to use.
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  2. hello Mistress, curtsy and You very welcome to come here and say thingys.
  3. Welcome, we all look forward to hearing all about you two and your developments.

    There are very experienced kh's here as well as some just starting out.

    Hope you both get as much info and friendship as I have found.

    Good luck
  4. Thank You @n2toys@n2toys and so happy I met you 20 years ago at the airport and flight.
    This new dynamic has me feeling like I did when we first met and started dating... :)
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  5. Welcome n2toys,
    I truly hope you enjoy your caged toy and learn a lot of interesting things here :)
  6. Hello and welcome :)
  7. Welcome !! It's always nice to have more imput from the key holder side. Any and all ideas from the superior sex are always appreciated.
  8. Welcome Mistress. I hope you gain all the knowledge you seek. As for CZSteve, I hope he is ready, as knowledge can be a dangerous thing. ;)
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  9. What marvelous fun for you both... I hope you have a great time and welcome to the mansion!
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