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Happy Day

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by PouchPantyLover, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. We had a major break through today. My wife has never embraced tease and denial. She is wonderful with all the other things she does, but this is one thing that has been lacking. I was unlocked for shaving today and I point blank asked her if we could try T&D with me coaching her through it. I know topping from on bottom, yada, yada. She agreed. She was a little awkward at first, but with my coaxing she kept going. Pretty soon I wasn't coaxing, she was running with it and enjoying it. The basic game had me pin my hands under me as I laid on the bed and could not lift them. She crawled all over me, rubbed up against me in many different ways, took me into her mouth and teased me with both her breasts and her pussy just out of reach of my mouth. It was exquisite and I could see her pleasure from my denial. I may have created a monster, but as of now I'm thrilled with my happy day.
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  2. That's great man...congratulations...write it down and enjoy a week of reminiscing!