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Frustrated with devices, would anything work?

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Mr. C., Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody,
    as I'm new here, I hope I'm placing this in the appropriate section.

    I recently purchased three devices (one after the other) because I wanted to experiment with chastity. However, none of these have worked out for me yet, so now I'm wondering if there are any that would work for my particular case.

    I have a blood penis, which could get very small when flaccid. My scrotum, on the other hand, can be stretched considerably.

    I started with the BON4M Small, which I couldn't fill out entirely (at all times). Daytime wear wasn't an issue. But I could get myself off with the bigger rings; My erection would pull the device away from me and wasn't really restricted by it. Stimulation through the holes was easy. The smaller rings hurt a bit when trying to get erect, so I wasn't actually thinking about trying to get off. However, it became unbearably painful after a few nights. The device's weight and the erections would make the ring cut into myself too much at night. I never tried to escape but I now think it would probably be possible as well.

    I then tried a HolyTrainer 2 Small. Partially (without balls) escaping it was just way too easy. Otherwise, it was pretty comfortable, although—in my opinion—not as hygienic as the BON4M. Also, my penis couldn't nearly fill it out when flaccid.

    Finally, I ordered the Birdlocked Mini (40mm diameter) because it is even a bit smaller. I thought the wider “ring” could make it more difficult to pull out. Unfortunately, I could escape it entirely.

    That's when I started to read some more about all the variants. What I gathered is that there are three options making it more difficult to impossible to escape: a belt, a urethral plug, or a piercing. None of which I really like.
    The background is that there is currently no mistress that could supervise me frequently enough, e. g. device changes for daytime/nighttime etc.

    So, is that it for me at this point? Am I missing something? What are your experiences and advices?
    Thank you for any thoughts about it!
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    Currently, In your mistressless state you are over thinking everything, and having many thoughts, and making many decisions for yourself.

    If you had a mistress it would be her making decisions about what you wore and when you wore it.

    So relax. Worry not. Free your mind of these self ordinating thoughts. Prepare yourself to relinquish the control you are busying yourself with.

    That is my advice to you.
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  3. Have you considered a custom built device made specificly for you own personal measurements. They are expensive but if done right probably the only one you will ever need.

    The full belts might also be a good option for you.

    The only ball trap device i have ever found to be inescapable is my p.a. device from steelworxxs.
  4. Hey there!

    You have hit the nail on the head.... Security in a trapped ball device is pretty much nonexistent.... Just lay back, push down on your pubic area and our flexible todgers will wriggle out of pretty much anything....!

    If you don't want a full belt, urethral tube or a piercing, then your security options are very, very limited.....

    @Giles_English@Giles_English has an anti pullout based on pubic hair! Very simple and effective!

    @thegreenrabbit@thegreenrabbit has made an anti pullout device based on polymorph.

    However, perhaps you need to consider what your security priorities are....

    If you want to have NO escape (except perhaps using power tools!!) Then you will have to reconsider your position on piercings, belts and tubes. Hate to say so, but total trapped ball device security (without power tools!!!) is only really possible with these options.

    If you don't want this level of security, then you will have to lower your expectations...

    Anti pullouts 'can' prevent pullout... But mainly make it quite difficult to get back IN once you DO pull out...

    So it boils down to YOUR expectations I think.... IF you want to make it virtually impossible to physically pull out of a device, a piercing, tube or full belt are your only realistic options....

    A PA is a VERY simple piercing... Quick, relatively painless after the initial prick and fast to heal...

    If you still dont want to entertain these options, you're pretty much going to have to lower your expectations I'm afraid...

    I'll say these are all my opinions only and do not necessarily constitute every possible viewpoint...

    Hope this helps...

    With the absolute kindest regards.

  5. Thank you for your replies! And sorry for the delay. I’m just very busy until the end of the month and either haven’t set up the notifications or didn’t get any regardless.
    I have considered a custom device. But so far, I’m thinking the improvement wouldn’t be as much as I would like it to be.
    A PA piercing—or a mistress with closer control—would be the next step. Though, I would feel too awkward in the locker room right now.

  6. How well would a PA work for someone whose penis size varies greatly. I go from 6-7" down to almost nothing. Would that put too much strain on the piercing? Obviously it would never be full size in a device.
  7. My device is measured to fit me in a flacid (small) state. With it being fitted in that way it stops it helps to prevent the P.A. rings from pulling as i shrink and helps me to avoid getting sore. The device also stops me from becoming fully arroused so at night it actually helps prevent painful night time erections.

    P.A. devices are great for security but may not be the best idea comfort wise if you are uncut (still have your forekin) as there can be alot of painful pinching where the ring goes through the device.

  8. I kind of figured that. I guess my reason is that when I shrink, it also goes into the foreskin, so unless I want to urinate like some sort of omnidirectional lawn sprinkler when caged, I have to do a lot of acrobatic maneuvering to get the little buggar out of hiding and lined up with the end slot. I'm fairly big on hygiene. Soooo... I was considering getting circumsized AND a P.A. But that won't cure the extreme shrinkage/growth issue. I guess while caged it could be fine (?)... but I may not be able to get an erection afterwards without extreme pain. In which case I might WANT to stay locked up forever. Not sure what to do.

    I should probably not behijacking this thread... sorry Mr. C...