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FLR / sissy couple from Cologne, Germany

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Sissy Lucy Cologne, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    we are a couple (f38/m41) from Cologne, Germany, that discovered chastity and FLR about a year ago. Approx. the same time I told my girlfriend about my passion for crossdressing. To make a long story short: it is our goal that I will become the chastified sissy of my girlfriend...

    But as you might know from yourself, it is not that easy to make that happen, between work, family, friends etc. That's why we are currently not where we would like to be. :(

    It would be great to get in touch with other people or even couples that have the same interests and are struggling with the same problems. Maybe we could support each other with information, ideas or motivation. It doesn't matter, if you are experienced and already "there" or just at the beginning as we are.

    FYI: currently it will only be me (m) who is writing here. My gf might be joining later.

    Best regards,

    Sissy Lucy

    PS: I would like to get connected with nice people with completely different interests, too. Only to make that clear. :)
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  2. We to are just starting out. I can relate to having the time to really make it what you want it to be. I'm currently locked myself and find I want her attention all the time. Something that obviously can't happen but we are making it work.
  3. "Wanting her attention all the time" is really a thing... I always crave for her attention. Sometimes to a point where I wonder if I am overdoing it. What I want to say is: where does the attention seeking becomes a sort of topping from the bottom? Do I need to accept if I do nnot get the attention I feel is needed?
  4. being caged does not make you a sissy--makes you a caged crossdresser
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  5. Yes the Köln people :)
  6. True... but in combination with our wish for a FLR and me being an submissive person I would refer to myself as a sissy.
    At least this is how I would name it / myself. If you still think "sissy" is not the right term, let's discuss. I'm here to learn. :)
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