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Do you have to stretch your scrotum to wear comfortablely

Discussion in 'Difficulties with wearing a device?' started by Doczilla421, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Is it recommend to stretch your scrotum to wear your cage more comfortably. My scrotum is small and gets really sore after being locked up. I have tried different spacers but the one that feels the best allows my testicles to slip out. Any recommendations on what to do, or use to fix the problem.
  2. I think to some degree yes. Probably not the answer you want to hear but I think there is some "get used to it" factor involved. The longer I wore my device the more comfortable it became. It'll stretch naturally over time.

    If you were referring to actual stretching sessions or something similar, I'm unsure.
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  3. I also am having an issue while trying mine for a short period of 4 to 8 hours (sleeping overnight with it) I would get sore but no injury. I have a CB6000 this largest scrotal ring is only about 2 inches and barely fits around and makes me sore. However We decided to try it for a longer time. I went 36 hours with the device on and I then noticed bruising was starting to develop. After I took it off it turned out there was a black and blue line around the back third of my balls. Since I have already used the largest ring in the package I may need to pursue a larger one that is tough to find. Anyone out there have any suggestions or different ideas?
  4. Do not under any circumstances push the period of time you wear a device when you first start wearing it. All you will do is make things worse. Take it step by step and slowly increase the length of time you have it on. Your body has to get used to having something clamped around your genitals, especially if you have decided to start with a cb6k. Start with a few hours, rest and repeat, rest and repeat, slowly build up to a day, rest and repeat. Spend weeks doing this and you will be successful. Push it and you will spend more time healing than wearing and probably give up.

    As for your balls, they will naturally stretch over time. I have been in a Holy Trainer v2 for two years now and the change to my balls is quite incredible. When I started they were high and tight, now they are most definitely not.
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  5. Sizing a device is complicated by the fact that if you change the size of any ring, then that also changes the gap between the rings for your scrotum, (given the same spacer distance between the rings), that's because usually the top of the two rings are parallel, so the bottom of the two different sizes rings are offset from each other.

    The most important thing to get right first is the diameter of the tube. It should be a close fit, not too tight, but too loose is just as bad as then everything else will move around too much.
    The second measurement to fix is the length of the tube. This is easy, it should be shorter than you think you need, usually a centimetre shorter than your usual smallest flaccid length. The penis is compressible along it's length, you can compress it right back into your body cavity when flaccid. Having the tube as short as possible makes it much more comfortable for attempted erections. (if nice and short, after a while they just don't happen)

    Then comes the base ring. First get the diameter right, it needs to be as tight as possible without causing discomfort. A good test is to wear it all day without the cage attached. If it's comfortable then, but not when you add the cage, then it's a gap problem.

    A good choice if you have the option is to use a wide gauge base ring, a thicker ring spreads the pressure better and is much more comfortable. A thin base ring is more likely to make a depression in your skin which is a trap for dirt and sweat causing soreness or irritation.
    Use a large ring gap to start with, many devices can adjust the gap, or they can be modified to make it smaller, making it larger can sometimes be difficult.
    Once you're happy that the base ring size is as small as is comfortable, then set the gap to the smallest size that remains comfortable.
    One way to change the gap on metal devices that don't have adjustable spacers, is to bend the post slightly, that will change the angle between the rings, so making the gap narrower or wider. Easier to do with the cheap clone mild steel ones (ideal for experimenting with), a bit more difficult with the harder surgical steel.

    Another tip I can give, if you buy multiple devices, try to get ones that have compatible locking systems (ie either post and padlock, or integrated lock,...)
    there's then the chance that you might interchange components, sometimes one device has a really comfortable ring, another a really comfortable cage. This happened to me, my 'permanent' device now is made up from two different original devices, it's so comfortable I go most of the day forgetting that I have it on.

    It seems that it usually takes 3, 4 or more devices before you even start to get comfortable with what suits you, measure all of them to the millimetre, compare the differences and experiment with changing them when you can. A difference of just a millimetre or two can make all the difference, and don't believe the seller's descriptions, device sizes seem to be like clothes, they all vary a little from the specification.
    Once you hit the sweet spot... life will never be the same again.
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  6. "kept for her" sells two larger sizes individually. we measure all pucks before we start and all shrink a little. those that require the larger rings tend to end up with a 2 inch ring( 50mm). fair warning these larger rings tend to snap around the peg holes so keep a spare handy until you go to metal. plastic also tends to stick to skin more than metal and plastic burns occur where your bruising is. a & d ointment can be put between the scrotum and the plastic. it lubes, keeps fungi away and it smells like a baby. the smell helps the puck adjust more rapidly to the new circumstances so they smell more like a man.
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  7. That's really good advice, thanks for sharing
  8. when folks just start out they may want to be sure it is for them before they invest a lot of money is a custom cage. often this is a learning experience discovering what kind of cage you need or prefer. figuring out what size ring is for you may not be obvious. we use the below scale to start our pucks out with. take a string and wrap it once around your package at the base. snug but not too tight. the measure the string. then order the ring that is closest to your measurement. after 3-6 weeks you may find you need to go down a size and again in a month or two.

    package ring
    6 11/16 54
    6 7/16 52
    6 3/16 50
    5 11/32 45
    4 15/16 40
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  9. Thank you all for the advice I will have to proceed slower and use "breaking in" periods. Also I may have to invest in a larger ring or a different model.
  10. Thank you for the Information on sizing - I measured around my scrotum and It is close to 7 inches since I am high and tight in the ball sac area.
    All I know is that when I try to use the largest scrotal ring included with my CB6000 I end up bruised after about 24 to 36 hours.
  11. all hope is not lost. before i ever cage my puck he measure 9.75 inches around. the 2 inch ring could only be worn for an hour or two. the 54 ring made a big difference. still we never let them sleep in a cage, that's not a problem for us because a puck must ejaculate a minimum of 17 times a week. if he needs more we will escalate until solo masturbation is no longer wanted. all that said my puck now measures 8 1/4 when flaccid and out. the big ring is ok for 6-8 hours. you might be curious as to how i got him to shrink that much. estrogen. his testicles were 4 1/2 inches long and 4 inches around. by keeping the penis working it suffered no loss the testicles measure 2 3/'4 long by 3 1/3 around. that's where we get the shrinkage. even at that size i had a child so they work . when we stopped the estrogen for surgery they went back to the original size and cages fit no longer. a note of caution: no sex and estrogen can take up to %70 of the penis length and it never comes back. you would also risk permanent sterility. i guess it might be worth mentioning your breasts will grow, fat will show up on hips, butt and cheeks. oh... upper body muscle mass will shrink dramatically. my puck had a 58 chest to start. he now has a 50.5 chest and c-d cups depending on cycle. that means he lost 11 inches of muscle. if estrogen is not for you taking it off each night may be best. if you live with your kh she/he might want to restrain you so touch is not possible. numbing it for the night works well too.
  12. I guess I was lucky, but I didn't struggle too much with this issue. My first device was a soft silicone knock off of the CB models. I think it was a good choice for an initial device as it was flexible. It wasn't great for serious chastity as the flexibility allowed for me to get a 1/2 or 3/4 erection. Still in going through all those milestones (first night, first week) it was actually quite good. The downside is for longer wear it wasn't very clean and the soft plastic would pull on the skin causing burns and sores on the shaft of my penis. After I was sure this was something I was serious about I purchased a jailbird and love this device. There were some learning curves and I've done some re-sizing. I'm probably going to order another as my diameter is too big and they can't adjust that.

    To answer your original question I did not do any special ball stretching. The device did that for me. If this is a problem for you, you could try the soft silicone models. Like Jasmic said, take it slow and listen to your body.
  13. I found when I started that a 40mm ring was tight! However now it is a little to loose. You may find you will stretch naturally over time. For the record I just use a 38mm plastic measuring ring cable tied to my 40mm mature metal ring and a small home made plastic anti pullout tab. Fits nicely and makes pulling out extremely difficult/painful. I wear my cage for 3 or 4 months without being allowed to remove it and its very comfortable!
  14. I also have the issue of my balls being to tight to my body. It's only during the winter months when it gets to be a big issue, and it pisses me off that I have trouble from sore spots when it gets too tight. Initially, mine started out larger than it is now, and it soon was too loose. My scrotum got a lot longer and looser. It's very noticeable when you look at me during hot weather that there have been substantial changes in my scrotum, but it still needs to stretch further to allow year around wear.
  15. I stretched mine about 1 1/2 inches, years ago. Made wearing much easier for me.