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Crossdresser new to being caged - about to tell wife.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by MareeK, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm Maree from New Zealand.

    I'm a MTF crossdresser married for 25 years (I'm 47). My wife is comfortable with my dressing but enjoys being made love to by me as a male, with bisexual fantasies often forming part of our conversations when doing it. I usually dress with makeup and wig plus clothing when I'm home alone or out of town on extended business trips.

    We have a mis-matched libido - I'm usually ready for sex any time and she is responsive and ready - when we have our 'scheduled' Saturday night sessions. I'm still the initiator and often she doesn't do anything other than occasionally grab my penis while I'm attending to her. Certainly no oral or any other attention there. As a result I've found myself masturbating a fair bit, and feeling guilty for it, and have been increasingly thinking of a chastity situation. The last two weeks when making love I have introduced talk of me being restrained while she was being serviced by another man and she responded positively.

    She is overseas for three weeks and gets back next weekend. I have been enjoying 'Maree time' and took the plunge and bought a CB6000S. I wore it on and off for 3 days plus nights, testing out different ring and spacer combinations and have had it on now for my first full 24 hour period. I haven't touched myself, had an orgasm or stood up to pee for 4 days and love it. I generally tuck and / or tape when dressed to remove sexual urges from the experiences but find peeing an issue when fully tucked and taped. Apart from the obvious bulge now I have sort of dis-joined from my penis which is a great feeling.

    I'm thinking of introducing the idea to my wife when she is still overseas. She is in a location that has restricted communication to text and messenger only and think if I tell her I have bought the device, have been saving myself for when she returns and suggest that she has the key and the power to control when I take it off she may start thinking about it and look forward to it. I believe this is a better thing to do rather than trying to spring it on her when she gets back or surprise her with a plastic thing hanging from my penis.

    I'll let you know how I get on. In the meantime please feel free to comment.
  2. My Mistress would be upset if i took that kind of decision myself and also dumped the info on Her while away and focused on other things. Ladies are different, so yours could react differently. But if you'd still want to do this i'd recommend a phrase like "i know i probably should have asked you even before i went and bought it"
  3. Thanks for the advice, most appreciated.
  4. make it fun for her, introduce sites like this and https://keephimcaged.tumblr.com/ for her to read, so she can form an opinion and get ideas. sounds like if you make it about her, shell be cool with it.. but good luck and happy locking
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  5. It went well.... here is her response.

    "Morning my honey. I have no problem with the chastity device, I know you have mentioned it before! We can talk more when I am home so I can understand how it works"

    I'm so in love with this woman.
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  6. What a sweet loving response. You are very fortunate to have such a life partner.
  7. Does she know about us?... lol
  8. Update. My wife is home from overseas and we spoke about chastity and how it would work yesterday afternoon. As it happens she is having her period so agreed that I would be locked up until that finishes and she has the key on her keyring. She was very relaxed with the idea of her becoming more dominant and controlling when I can fufil my desires. Last night I treated her to a body rub front and back with massage oil and it didn't lead to sex, which was both frustrating and rewarding in many respects. She is back at work today, as am I, and wondering how long I will be locked...
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  9. take it easy, take it slow,, be erotic
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  10. yes, slow, sensual and relaxing. She slept very well last night and was very appreciative this morning. Me on the other hand woke with a ball busting erection in the night. :O
  11. Good girl... giggling
  12. @MareeK@MareeK As @jemmi@jemmi advises, go slow and make it about her. Those morning erections will diminish over time as her penis becomes more familiar with being constrained. So, be a good gurl and enjoy the closeness you two share. Keep us up-2-date and don't forget to post some pics into your profile page. Your avatar is very pretty - hope that is really you. Do we get to see the rest?
  13. This is a great post. There is nothing wrong or pervy with you and I love the way you brought the subject up. I'm equally impressed by the way your wife responded. There are many definitions of true love, but in my eyes the two of you are a perfect example of a good definition. Enjoy this path!

    For us a lot has changed since my wife became a member of the Mansion. The good part is that she learned a lot and got great advice; the bad part is that you don't have a safe place to seek advice or vent emotions anymore; the ugly part was communicating via the Mansion - I learned a lesson the hard way.
  14. Hello and thanks for your nice comments. Yes, the picture is me, it's a few years old now and I do have some newer ones that I will try and upload.
  15. Glad it is seeming to work well for both of you. Amazing look, by the way...
  16. @MareeK@MareeK Your profile picture show a lovely woman. Your wife should be very proud of you. Thanks for posting!
  17. Great suggestion!!! Tumblr is a great way to see what each other enjoy... but while each is in the right mood... seldom this is at the same time.
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  18. Hooray for you Maree! I'm a little late to the party on this thread but I suspect that a belated congratulations is forgivable. My partner and I are both hereon, though admittedly I'm more prone to yammering on threads than she is. As Pietje12 noted, if your partner is a member, you'll lose your opportunity to vent but you could easily find sympathetic ears. Personally, I like knowing that she can check up on anything that I say. It hightens the submission for me.
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