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Chastity devices

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Princess_alyssa192, Mar 31, 2017.

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  2. I
    This is the one we got. Like it so far!!
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  3. Have you any issues with the locking mechanism? Seems a bit stiff getting it in and out.
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  4. Ah well, this is no good.

    A tiny spring fell out of my trouser leg.

    When She Wears Socks tried to use the key it just kept coming out rather than latching on to the lock when pulled.

    Managed to remove the lock using some expending pliers so it's not stuck thankfully.

    Shame about the lock, anyone know where I can get an alternative?
  5. Couldn't edit, just arranged a return.
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  8. The only vendor I know that carries this item in North America sells it as a replacement lock for the Holy Trainer v2 (the Swiss manufacturer thereof calls the Burg Wachter Me/2 their "Magic Lock"). See https://keptforher.com/product/holy-trainer-magic-lock/
    Strangely, the picture on that site does not look much like the actual "Magic Lock", but I'd ordered one a year ago and it was exactly like the original...
    One caveat: the keys come stamped with "HOLY TRAINER".
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  9. The locking device part, the part that is removed with the key, is universal on all the locks I have purchased.

    I think it would be easier to find a device or ring with that type of lock and just swap locks. I ordered a piercing ring that locked with the same lock and it was 20bucks.
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  10. The design may be universal, but quality of manufacture isn't
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  11. Lock arrived and was a match for the old one, you can see the difference in quality.

    Still a hassle getting it in, think I'll need to take a drill to the hole in the middle (the one that is part of the cage) at some point.

    No use worrying about that right now, can't see me being unlocked for a few days.
  12. Just got my new Steelworxx Steelheart 2 and i am completly encased. I have no access to my clit whatsoever.

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  13. I have at least 8 cages with the same locking design. They all have a brass insert that the key goes in. They are all the same size, and open and close very easily with the key no matter which cage I use it in. They are pretty simple locks made out of a heavy duty material.

    The only problem I had with any of them is the one that was literally a lock for my piercing. When peeing it would obviously get urine on it when it ran down the ring and over the lock part. This caused the brass to tarnish slightly, and corrode. I do t wear that ring anymore(still keep it in case I need to uncage but want to stay locked) because of it
  14. Sent my cage back to Steelworxx and had Dietmar add a half ring for the pet tag my wife had made for me.

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