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Chastity devices

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Princess_alyssa192, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Which ones are the favorites? We are looking into a new device. Currently has the cb6000s. The ring size that worked broke and I think it's too long. Causes discomfort and redness (like...bad) he has had to be out for a few days

    Is the holy trainer a step up or about the same??

    Thanks for advice everyone!
  2. cant say about holy trainer not used it but in my experience steel always is better than plastic I too was in cb6000 and found it very uncomfortable I tried several steel cages and without going custom find this to be the best for me Tight-Squeeze-III-3-750x750.jpg
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  3. Where can we find something like this? With the CB the ring size 2nd largest worked best I think 1 5/8" does it have this size?? Or very close?
  4. I don't know his size but this device comes in two base ring choices in size. Length is fairly standard cage length but he might be huge, so don't know how practical it is. I have one like this and it fit better than my custom jailbird.
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  5. looking at your profile I see your in Canada , I am from uk so may be different for you but I think you should find it on ebay or DHgate as to ring size it can be got with 40 45 and 50 mm rings I was using second largest ring in cb set and use 45mm ring on this. I am not sure but I thought second largest ring in cb set was 1 7/8 I could be wrong so this makes it close to 45mm if it is 1 5/8 then its nearer to 40mm I will try to find name or uk supplier they ma ship to you if I can help further please message me any time hop this helps
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  6. That one looks pretty decent too if he wants one more enclosed
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  7. go to ebay uk type in 201738340211 and you shoud see it they will ship world wide
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  8. I started out with the CB6000 and quickly discovered that it is really just a toy. I have been locked in a steelworxx Looker 2 with intergrated lock for over a year. My wife noticed that i can snake my fingers through the openings in the cage and get some pleasure from that. She just ordered a Steelworxx Steelheart 2 that is a solid tube so i will no longer be able to fondle it. She has given me a release date of March,1st, 2018 for my next orgasm, as long as I behave until then.
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  9. I have been wearing my Jailbird by Mature Metal for almost 4 years now. It is very comfortable and wear it about 95% of the time. It has become a part of me and is no more noticeable than my wedding band. If I do not think about it, I do not feel it.
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  10. I've gone through the CB6K, the HTV2 and now a MM Jailbird.

    I can honestly say that the jailbird is the most comfortable to wear. The HTV2 was as well... but it's not built for long term wear. And, It's also limiting in some activities. If this is something that'll last a good long while. Get a metal one. If your still not sure, get a HTv2. It's still a great device.
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  11. I ordered that one you guys suggested. or one very similar on amazon. Hopefully It works! I think eventually we will get a custom jailbird but not in the cards yet money wise
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  12. I own an extra, never used cage of each that @Nicoftime@Nicoftime posted. If you're interested. Save you the wait in shipping likely.

    Either way - he's right - go Chinese steel. Best value out there. If you stick with it long term, or get pierced, then go custom AFTER you've learned what works best on the cheaper ones.

    Frankly if I were to have another custom steel device made I would ask that they use the thinner stock that you see in these Chinese devices. There's simply no reason for such thick metal like MM uses. Just adds unneeded weight and cost
  13. Custom Mature Metal Jailbird here also. Prior to that was their Pet Trap.
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  14. We tried Holy Trainer v2 for an extended period after our CB-6000s split and can't say we're all that happy. Had to try three (expensive) rings before we found one that fit, and still had chafing at point where tube joins base ring. So we're going with Mature Metal customized steel device, which costs, but we're hoping will eliminate chafing. Consumer service is first rate, and they do adjustments at minimal cost. There are several models of varying degrees of concealment of shaft. We're getting Jail Bird, which is the most open because Miss likes to see things, but your tastes may vary :). In retrospect, should have done this a long time ago.
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  15. Attached Files:

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  16. Holy Trainer works well for us, but has to be removed frequently for cleaning. I am considering an Evotion Wearables device for that reason, plus I travel a lot and having the option to go completely plastic means not having to unlock for TSA.
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  18. As with lots of other ones they do not ship to the UK .
    It looks great though
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  19. So my 2 cents is... I have a Chines cage style which fits perfectly (search a275 $18.99). It's super comfortable. I'm sure you made a great choice. There is on ly one issue... I'm bigger than 3 inches when flaccid so there is still a lot of skin exposure which equals a lot of stimulation. I just ordered a steel Holy Trainer clone which is much more enclosed and will hopefully reduce the stimulation. Just keep this in mind when ordering. It's cheap to get non custom devices to try them all out before you spend a lot on a custom job that offers stimulation that you may not want.

    Just saying.
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  20. For anyone in the UK I can recommend Toys For Naughty Boys. I have bought from them a couple of times now and the service is very good.
    I have no doubt they are the Chinese manufactured ones that you can get from DHGate but I always prefer to deal with a UK supplier just in case.
    I needed to exchange an item and they did that extremely quickly and with no fuss.
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  21. Just to let you know Mistress there is a Canadian mail order that does have cages and other toys just have to keep an eye on it as they do sell out and keep changing
    but worth a try . pink cherry .com
  22. Scott we know about pink cherry it's where I got my cb6000 that's now busted but thank you
  23. Second that have used them several times service and quality have been very good
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