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Been a while

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by thekeyholderwife, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. It has been very busy for me as of late. I have been working a major case that has me busy working almost 60 hours a week. Many of you have asked for an update, so here goes. Hubby is going to stay locked for the rest of the year for going behind my back. He tried to get an extra key from Ms. Lori. I got a lovely email from her telling me about it with what he wrote copied on the email. I was not happy about this. I was going to unlock him on our anniversary coming up, but instead he will have to think about what he has done over the next five or so months. It is really sad because he has been locked now since February and I was looking forward to giving him an amazing treat for our anniversary. About a week ago he looked a bit desperate which doesn't happen to often since he is used to being locked all the time. He told me he tries to remember what it is like to have an erect penis and to visualize what it is like to receive pleasure through his penis. Something in me just tingled when he told me this. Like a smile all over my body. He has been so good with the exception of his little mess up with Ms. Lori. He should be talking to me and telling me how much he wants to be out not her. She agrees. So let this be a little lesson for you boys who wear her devices and have a wife that purchased the thing. It will not go unpunished.

    As unpopular as it is with some women and men here, our relationship is a special one. He is submissive and I am not, except with Jen and her boyfriend. Lately, on Saturday nights they come over for dinner and we have a good time together. Tonight was like many after dinner when Jen told me that her boyfriend may want a little relieve. So I slid down under the table and took care of him. While it was happening She told my husband to do the same. He began to go toward her but she pushed his head back. She said "help your wife out". My heart sank. I can't believe she said that. I didn't know what to expect. I know he has been conditioned well to take orders from her but I could never have imagined this really happening. My husband looked at me with those beautiful wondering eyes. "You heard her, help me out" is all I could manage. He moved next to me and I guided him. The look in his eyes when he took the tip of his penis into his mouth, I almost came right there from the excitement I felt, but I also felt bad. But he was doing it and wasn't really protesting. I guess this happens when you are really horny, inhibitions are lost. It seamed like we were there for nearly thirty minutes. Then I heard Jen tell her boyfriend that she needed some attention. He moved over to her and took her on our table. I was so jealous and wanted to touch myself but I have been denied that pleasure for a long while now. After he came all over her precious spot she told me to come over and give her another orgasm. She also told my husband to join me. This was the first time he has ever tasted another mans orgasm. I have made him taste his twice but this just blew my mind. My husband and I serving two dominant, beautiful people. We must have been right where they wanted us. We continued to have a few drinks and Jen's boyfriend was ready for round two and my husband was needing a release. So as has been the case now for well quite a long while now, I don't get to have sex unless I am bound, which I love. Feeling helpless makes me feel free sometimes from all the stress. I was dripping insanely as they both worked to put my leather strait jacket on me. This one binds my arms across my chest. Next was the gag, which I am not a big fan of. I think this is why they use it. I was brought into our bedroom laid down in such a delicate manor. Linked from the collar to the head board and my legs stretched out and secured. Then I felt a cool gel covering the insides of my thighs and then a finger in my ass. I got disappointed. I thought that this was the night that I would feel something inside my pussy. But he had other plans. He is fairly mechanical with the way he has been taking me. I felt him hover over me and then I felt him pushing in. Slow was the name of his game tonight which got me feeling a weird kind of submissive bitchiness. I can't cum unless it is fast when it comes to anal sex.

    Meanwhile hubby was busy taking Jen's strap. She has become quite skilled in milking him with it and I love his moans. Just wished I was doing it because I can get some good stimulation in the act. In about thirty minutes they were both done with us. My ass was covered in another mans cum and hubby got round two. Afterwards, Jen told my husband to help give me some help coming out of bondage. She wants him to be the one to rescue me from it. A way of providing aftercare for both of us. We hugged and kissed and I felt so good.

    They just left about an our ago and I am aching, husband is aching. Hoping that Jen fulfills her promise to give me a good, real orgasm and take me out of this no orgasm restriction.

    I have now been fucked more by another man than I have been from my husband. A few waves of guilt and a ton of pleasure. I am happy that my husband is supportive and submissive. Wow!

    Other than tonight, I spend many mornings kneeling in front of Jen's boy, sucking him before work. If only my co-workers had a clue that my mouth was full of cum just thirty minutes before our morning meetings! I love the secret.

    Life still remains otherwise normal for us. He still looks like the Man when we are out and guys I presume think of how luck he is to be with me, to be able to have me in bed. I know they think about it given the way they look at me. If only they knew!

    Love you guys!
  2. Another wonderful update. It is a shame you don't post more but what you do post is incredible.
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  3. What a "fantastic" story.
  4. Nice story! You have such a wonderful dynamic between you both (or should I say between all four ;))!
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  5. So nice to read your update and how things have progressed with Jen, your Hubby and her boyfriend. Good to hear from you. Keep them coming when time allows.
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  6. Good to have you back, friend! Your stories about your relationship never cease to captivate and fascinate. <3
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  7. What an Amazing Update!
    For Clarifications sake "round 2 for hubby" was him being instructed to lick the boyfriends cum off of your ass?
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  8. It would be interesting to see what he wrote to Ms Lori to get a key and her response. Ms Lori posted a few of those attempts on her website which was very entertaining to read.
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  9. I second that! I would love to read Ms. Loris response letter.
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  10. Haha, that's so awesome! I would have loved to seen your husband's reaction when you confronted him about her email. That's so hot! Your whole situation makes me so incredibly jealous >.<
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  11. Amazing story. Your life is very interesting, and your husbands too, but not as fun as yours.
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  12. Curious is you could share how your hubby's thoughts at being "forced" to service the other man. Had you talked about this possibility before? I am not certain I could actually follow through this this demand.
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    Such an incredible story. :)
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  14. Always enjoy your updates!

    I can related to the sheer rush of feelings from being so backed up and needing to cum that leads to emailing Ms Lori desperate for release. Of course that's the wrong thing to do and I can only imagine his face when you showed him her email! I think I may speak for all on here when I say it would be great to see her response. You did the right thing with the end of year extension and I am sure he will find the extra time as enjoyable as it is deliciously frustrating. I bet his cock strained against his cage when you told him his sentence! Of course if he has been locked since Feb and has been extended to the end of 2016 its only a few more weeks till he makes one year locked for you.

    You are also so right about how being denied causes inhibitions to be lost. I find sucking another mans cock feels so wrong yet so exciting especially as my keyhole loves to watch me take a full load while my own penis remains denied.

    Also love the dynamics of your relationships and hope they do eventually give you the orgasm and climax you deserve! The fact they put you in bondage first is so hot. Letting your husband be the one to rescue you is also a nice touch.

    Finally love the fact you are sucking Jens boyfriend as your husband enjoys his extended lockup! I bet so many thoughts are rushing through is head! When my wife is taking her Bulls cock I always feel so excited, turned on and immensely frustrated at the sheer audacity of her sucking another mans cock as I endure a nice long lock up!

    Best wishes to you all and will look forward to your next update!
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  15. Your story has my locked-up cock straining and twitching right now.That was so hot, thanks for sharing.
  16. Jen most certainly has a pronounced Domme streak and a penchant for humilition.

    it seemed like you two were :down there for 30 minutes" because she was hoping her boyfriend could pop in chaste hubbys mouth. He could not so she moved on to her plan B. Quite devious!
  17. It was an very amazing update! Keep going :)
  18. God that is a hot update. Why on earth would your husband try to sneak a key? You are the ultimate goddess. He is a lucky man to be able to service you and all your needs. I think you should weld his cage shut since he does not understand his proper place and will try to sneak a release as long as that remains a possibility. I wish I could have such a relationship.
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