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    1. jemima
      thankoo for like my piccys
    2. caged certo
      caged certo
      Hi sadiedog,
      Love your profile and photos, how long does it take till you are completely bound ?
      You are a Lucky sub.
      1. sadiedog01
        Thank you! If I had to guess no more than 30 - 40 minutes on average. Although it depends on what I'm told to wear. For example, if I'm told to wear a butt plug then there will be some additional prep time for a cleansing enema.
        Apr 27, 2020
        caged certo likes this.
    3. KatlynAshe
      The belt I have is indeed a hip belt. Overall I like the belt, but my penis tube doesn't fit me well. My penis is a bit too wide so the tube acts like a tight band causing swelling. For adjusting I can't recommend much since I could never get the belt to work safely with me. But everyone's bodyshape is different!
    4. Mojoman
      I was very interested to read about how you used to switch and how your time on top reduced and your wife took control. I had a very similar experience with my wife. Would love to chat to you about it sometime?
    5. Mash2214
      May I be the first in complementing you on your Pictures. They made my cage tighten. Thanks
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    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    • Slave
    • Maid
    Chastity devices:
    CB-2000, CB3000, Lori #18, Evotion wearables with PA and frenum piercing
    Chastity resume:
    FLR. My Wife/mistress holds the key
    My wife and I used to "switch". As time has gone by she has gradually become more and more dominant to the point that now she only prefers being the top. The Evotion wearables device is on 24/7 and rarely comes off so I am horny most of the time. When I attempt to seduce my Wife/Mistress she usually puts me in some kind of in-escapable bondage. I comply with her wishes in hopes of some kind of 'release'. Due to this situation I find myself in some kind of bondage at least once a week. The bondage usually includes a butt plug or other prostate stimulation. This is my only 'release' most of the time. It is very rare that I am allowed to really orgasm.
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