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Wearing a cup

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dkid13, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Hey everybody

    I'm new here and also new to chastity (or at least forced chastity). My current situation is that my wife and I both like the idea of her controlling my orgasms but I do not have a device yet so we go by the honour system.

    The reason I don't have a device yet is that I am a very active guy. I'm a personal trainer (I don't think the device will disrupt this though) and I'm also playing rugby and involved in learning/training in Mma e.g. Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay Thai. This is the part I'm concerned about. I'm a semi professional rugby player which my wife and I have agreed I would be able to take the device off for trainings and games as my performance could affect my income.

    So the actual question is, does anyone have any experience in wearing a protective cup over their device and still participate/compete in their sport? I plan on still training with Mma, where wearing a cup is considered normal anyway. The o my question is whether or not I will have to take the device off (which my wife and I do not want me to be doing). Any feedback is welcome :)
  2. why not modify your cup to become a chastity device ? just to prevent your access for orgasms ;)
  3. There is no reason to remain locked up during sports. I am not. There are no prizes for the guy who wears his device the longest. We have had long term success with chastity because we are practical about when I wear my device. I am not going to risk injury or be uncomfortable in outdoor activities just for a sex game. Do you think you are going to masturbate while engaging in your physical activities? If not, no sense wearing it because chastity is not about being locked up. It is about your wife controlling your orgasms at its core. Not wearing your device when not practical does not violate the meaning or spirit of chastity. You are in chastity now and adding a device does not change that. You can easily masturbate in a device in one of several ways so a cage does not prevent masturbation at all. You need to want to have your orgasms denied for it to work in the long run. My cage is there to give me pause before I do something stupid and ruin the months of orgasm denial I have endured. I gave my word to my wife and having an orgasm without her OK is going back on my word which I am not comfortable with.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

    I'm not sure about altering the cup, because then I would need to be wearing it all day.

    Also, in response to Vinny, if I train at night then my wife can take the the device off which is fine. If I train during the day however, she will not be around so I would need the key to unlock myself. So first choice would be for me to just wear a cup over it. But I do agree with what you're saying. I like your perspective and will definitely keep that in mind when discussing with my wife about how we go about it all.
  5. I've done all of my activities in my cage, running, biking, and swimming. I kept having problems with mountain biking though. Due to how much you need to move around on the bike I kept having problems with the front of the seat catching my ring and pulling it right off my balls. This is painful (feels like it's ripping your balls off), awkward because you end up having a loose cage floating around in your shorts, and just plain inconvenient.

    So, now I unlock for mountain biking. After a couple of years of nearly constant chastity, taking it off for an hour or two to mountain bike isn't some big temptation. I just get my ride in and it goes back on. No big deal.
  6. Yea if possible I'd like to do my activities locked. And if not done whilst I am locked, I would prefer not to have access to the key to do unlock for the activities myself. But it's not a perfect world I guess haha

    Back to the original question, does anyone have any experience in wearing a device underneath a protective cup? In any sport/activity...