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What would you do if I handed over keys to you

  1. Have mercy me and let me out once a week

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  2. Say thanks for the keys and then flush them down the toilet.

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    Hey everyone. Here I am 2 months locked up. It started November 15 2017.
    Back story is that I bought a device and locked it on myself and gave my wife the keys. I Then confessed to the fact that I am addicted to masturbation and I didn't know how to stop other than keeping it locked up and giving that control to my wife. She was hurt and felt inadequate, I quickly corrected her and told her it was never her fault, that it was totally mine. I told her that I loved her very much and this was the reason for the cage and giving her the control.
    Now this is a person who hadn't really known what chastity was till a week before I received the cage in the mail. I had to watch a video just to make sure it was on correctly. So I went from masturbating 5 to 6 times a week, to not being able to do it even if I wanted to, and believe me I wanted to. Going from being free to being locked up 24/7. I definitely didn't think about how long term to permanent really meant. I'm getting use to it but I have had a few days that I just want it off permanently. That's were giving the keys to my beautiful wife was the smart thing to do. She absolutely refuses to unlock me. She did let me out for 3 days to heal but since then it hasn't come off.
    The good out of this is that I have renewed my relationship with my wife. I have been very attentive to her needs and giving her the best organisms she has had in a long time, without using my penis. She told me that I haven't earned trust let alone an orgasm for me. I get it, I will earn her trust back, even if she never unlocks me again. I love her too much to mess it up again.
    This past 2 months seems like 2 years. I hope it gets easier. Don't get me wrong most of this time being locked up has been really good but I still have a few days that like the old days when I was free.
    My wife has informed me that I had better get use to her cage because it's not going to be unlocked for any reason.
    It's a real pain in the butt to clean with Q-tips. I think that statement my wife made about it never coming off again was due to when she asked me if she took it off for a day or so would I behave myself. Of course I answered her honestly and said probably not. BIG MISTAKE but at least I didn't lie to her, so maybe she will take that into consideration.
    Dose it get better over time being locked, or will I still have the stronger desire to be free. I'm hoping it gets easier.
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