The Sisterhood

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    The moon is slowly rising over the trees surrounding the clearing. Silvery light bathes the grass outside the tents while silence settles across the forest. There's not another person for miles, nothing but nature surrounds us. In the middle of the clearing a warm fire burns, chasing away the chill of the gathering night and lighting the shadows with a flickering orange glow.

    Set a little back from the fire stands the Alter. Made of sturdy oak, it's surface worn smooth by decades of use it stands ready for it's next occupant, silent testimony to the power of the Sisterhood. Seated around the fire the six full Sisters wait, each dressed in Her ceremonial corset dress, the black and red leather molded lovingly to each Lady by Her chattel. A seventh dress hangs, unworn, behind the Alter, beside it the shining steel of the chattel's pledge.

    As one, the Sisters rise from their seats and move to the white tent. I watch silently from from the door of the black tent at the far side of the clearing, the shackle tight around my ankle ensuring I stay where I'm supposed to be. The strict gag filling my mouth frustrates any attempt to speak. I see the Sisters enter the tent, then emerge in two lines with my partner between them.

    Dressed in an incredibly sheer silk robe of the purest white She's covered from neck to ankle yet totally exposed. I can see every curve of Her body, including the Lock of the Sisters fixed firmly between Her legs. I knew it was there of course but in the five years we'd been dating She had never allowed me to see it. The steel of the bars clearly visible now as She walks proudly between the Sisters towards the Alter. Karen told me once of the day She was accepted as a probationary Sister, of the humiliation as She was examined to prove Her purity and the pain She endured as her labia were pierced for the Lock. The probationary period for the Sisterhood was ten years. Ten years of absolute, total and complete chastity enforced by the unyielding steel bars of the Lock. Ingeniously simple, each bar passed between the labia, the outer ends flattened to prevent it pulling through. The bars were in two parts, one hollow and one solid. The solid bar had a very slight lip which, once inserted into the hollow side engaged with a catch locking both parts together in such as way as they could not be separated without destroying them. Seven rods in total were fitted, each Sister making Her own piercing and fitting Her rod while Karen lay helplessly strapped to the alter in this very clearing. The seventh was the most painful of all, pierced through the clitoral hood, holding it tightly closed.

    The Sisterhood is the ultimate power in our society. Always seven Sisters, each of which has a single chattel who is theirs for life. The requirements for entering the Sisterhood are strict, only virgins are permitted to become probationers and during their probationary period they are denied any and all sexual fulfillment. Any man caught attempting to pleasure a probationer risks the harshest of punishments - public castration while the probationer Herself has the Lock torn from Her body, forever marking Her as the lowest of women, a slut. Many probationers fail, petitioning the Sisterhood for release from their obligations but for those who succeed the reward is great. Sisters serve for 20 years, governing our society. They want for nothing, their chattel always on hand to attend to their every wish. Unlike a woman, a man chosen to serve as a chattel has no choice, he must serve or submit to immediate castration. Men rarely choose the life of a chattel for it is a difficult and often frustrating one yet in our heavily promiscuous society some do long for the monogamous life and the simplicity it brings. Such men seek out probationers, as I did, and hope that they will be chosen when the time comes.

    I watch as Karen's robe is removed by the Sisters, gazing on Her naked body for the first time. I find myself growing aroused as I watch Her slowly settle onto the Alter, Her legs being slowly lifted by two Sisters and gently placed into the leather slings designed to hold them up and wide apart. The Senior Sister slowly approaches Karen and begins the process. One by one strong leather straps are secured around Her limbs and torso, completely immobilizing Her. I can imagine Her, ten years ago, in the same position as She underwent Her initiation. Now, the sacrifice is being rewarded. The Senior kneels between Karen's legs on a purple leather covered cushion and uses a pair of silver shears to cut the first bar, freeing Karen's clit for the first time in ten years. The Senior's lips close over Her clit and within minutes Karen is straining at the straps. A cry erupts from Her lips as her first ever orgasm is torn from Her helpless body.

    The Senior is replaced by each of the Sisters in order of their seniority. Each cuts their rod before turning their attention to Karen's clit. Orgasm after orgasm is ripped from Her until by the sixth She is incoherent. It's at this point I'm approached by two of the Sister's chattels who unlock the chain and remove my gag before marching me across the clearing to the Alter. My hands are pulled behind my back and cuffed by one of the chattels while the Senior sister supervises. The Senior Sister speaks for the first time in a clear, commanding voice.

    "You have been chosen as Sister Karen's chattel. You understand this is a lifelong commitment, you will belong to Her and no other until death separates you. You will obey Her unquestioningly, always. You will know no life but service to Her, no pleasure other than Her pleasure. You must prove your worth before you make the pledge, the final decision will be Sister Karen's - please Her well or suffer the consequences."

    I looked at Karen, strapped tightly to the Alter, pussy dripping with juices and nipples swollen with desire. Her eyes said it all, She wanted me. I slowly stepped to the Alter, surprised to find the height perfect as I moved between Her open legs. She Smiled as I looked down into Her eyes and slowly thrust deeply into Her, opening Her womanhood for the first time and drawing a cry of anguished pleasure from Her lips. Slowly, gently I began to fuck Her, my hips pressing me balls deep against her pussy with every thrust. Soon I felt myself losing control and thrusting harder, faster, deeper as instinct took over. Conscious thought left me as desire overwhelmed all reason and I exploded deep inside Her with a final powerful thrust.

    No sooner had I finished than I was seized by the two chattels and dragged back from the Alter. I was held there while the Sisters unstrapped Karen and helped Her to Her feet. I could do nothing but watch as Karen turned to the table at the side of the alter where both the Pledge and the punishment lay. The punishment, a tiny elastic band, would be slipped over my balls if I was rejected, castrating me forever. My eyes never left the table as Karen slowly reached out and to my relief lifted the Pledge. She walked over to me, Pledge in hand and said the words I'd waited 5 years to hear.

    "You are mine and mine alone. You will know no other woman. You will obey me, honor me and worship me until death parts us."

    With that, She slipped the Pledge belt around my waist and fastened the crotch band tightly, sealing off all access to my cock and balls. I looked at Her, at the key hanging between Her shapely breasts and knew I'd made the right choice.
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