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The importance of ritual.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by PrincessK, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Yesterday morning was hectic, and I forgot my keys. I was such a mess all day! Thankfully I was able to instruct my slavegirl to lock them in a box with one of the numbered plastic contingency locks, which helped. I won't be making that mistake again.

    Today we got back on track with our ritual of release for hygiene, re-locking, and my morning service.

    It just strikes me to realize how significant these little rituals have become in the last two months. I love how satisfying it is for the last lock to click in place.
  2. It is tempting for the slave girl to use the keys and open the chastity belt. Especially if she has been repressed and frustrated for many days.
  3. Rituals are everything to me! Ours begins each morning when I step from the shower, put on the cage and line up the lock holes. She inserts the lock and when She makes that lock go "CLICK" a new feeling comes over both of us. For me: a reminder of my submissiveness and femininity and for her: a feeling of control and power. I am locked during the day when She is at work (to prevent wanking) and am unlocked when She gets home, if I have completed my chore list. Her control never stops; just the caging. Rituals develop slowly over time and become critical to the success of our FLR.
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  4. Actually, I delight in service to her! I wouldn't fream of compromising our arrangement. Her pleasure overrides any frustration that I might experince. As for repression, I consider my being in chastity akin to freedom. ;)
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  5. I know that CLICK! Princess has trained me to make eye contact with her just before she secures the last lock. This simple ritual affirms her complete power over me and reminds me that I must prepare for morning service to her.
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