The Elements of Male Chastity

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    The Elements of Male Chastity

    “A free cock corrupts the mind,
    a caged cock exposes the soul”

    “If you fantasize about being in Chastity, you probably should be locked up.”


    The initial discovery and interest of chastity can be quite an epiphany. It is eye opening and more than often unlocks a myriad of unrealized sexual feelings and emotions all tied to looking at that first penis locked up in a device.

    The word "addiction" is derived from a Latin term for "enslaved by" or "bound to." the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent object, idea, image, desire, etc.

    “I wish there was a more intense word other than“Chastity” to convey what I feel for it.”

    “Chastity Desire” exerts a long and extremely powerful influence on the mind and body. An eager male willingly putting on a Chastity cage produces several natural Euphoria - Inducing chemicals in the body that will cause a Psycho - Physical awareness in every one of the twelve areas of the males brain. The Chastity concept establishes that impressions from the senses, and memories of impressions, are the foundation of Chastity Desire. Once exposed to Chastity it becomes a part of small penis nature and rules over reason in determining actions. Morality is based on necessary actions, those made in reaction to a certain set of circumstances, and is therefore natural. However, morality is founded on self-interest, (interest in Chastity) which includes the pleasure found in sensing the pleasure in others, (seeing Chastity on other males). This will manifest itself in five very distinct ways:

    1. Intense craving for the object of desire.

    2. Complete loss of control over its use.

    3. Uncontrollable involvement with it despite perceived cultural norms.

    4. Recognizing the resulting sensory and mental states in reaction to physical stimuli.

    5. Total disregard of the adverse consequences of being discovered.

    Chastity is a triangle made up of three unconditional properties in equal measure:

    1. Acceptance

    2. Understanding

    3. Submission

    Remove any one of the three and the triangle falls apart.

    “I'd thought I wanted to live free of my Chastity cage, but the world outside was feeling more and more hazardous.”

    To some chastity for the first time is shocking, enlightening and to some extremely spiritual. Everything about chastity has an underlying theme of vulnerability and at every stage the male realizes it more. Authenticity is beautiful. There’s nothing stronger than vulnerability. To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. No matter how "normal" people look, living "ordinary" lives, everyone has a story to tell. And may be, just like you, everyone else is a misfit too. The willingness to finally express yourself. To be who you are truly is burden removed. The challenge accepted. One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else. Male Chastity is a multi-faceted virtue not a habit. It is respect for sexuality to such an extent that sex is reserved for only the worthy. Chastity submits to the power and beauty of sexuality and desires never to misuse it. Chastity is a sophisticated form of sexual honesty because it says “yes” to purity and the intoxicating ritual of orgasm denial. In Chastity, a male will eventually become what they think about all day.

    “Chastity is a sexual preference and when you finally discover who you are, you never second guess yourself, you will be free.”


    Like with anything that a male has a serious interest about he will research and find out as much as he can about a topic. The history, the methods and how it relates to their interest in it. This is the beginning stage of developing a Chastity Persona. Chastity is a sexuality all on its own. The sexuality of Abstinence. Abstinence means saying “no.” It is about what you cannot have or cannot do. It means avoiding certain things. Sexual abstinence encourages withholding sexual activity. The desire for Chastity Abstinence is the willingness to forgo and refrain. The male who is interested in Chastity needs to unlock the secrets and unlocking it requires understanding. Discovering Chastity is the key to discovering purpose and discipline. A male is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides. You don't want to inhabit the world under false pretenses. You have the choice to not be in Chastity ... but you can’t resist it. Once you accept your limits, you go beyond them and become true to yourself. Chastity is not going to be in your head all the time. But once you know it, Chastity will be forever in your heart. Chastity is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust. It has nothing to do with who you are as compared to everyone else. It has everything to do with who you are in companionship with your Chastity. You are attracted to the physical adornment but it also is spiritually internal and on the inside it comes when validation from the outside doesn’t matter anymore. You know you need to be in Chastity. But in order to make Chastity come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, sacrifice, and effort. The one person you'll be spending the rest of your life with is you. Do not let the regret of not trying Chastity burden you. These Chastity desires are not to be suppressed or fixed — they’re to be acknowledged. It is beautiful to express your Chastity and even more beautiful to feel it. You have everything you need for complete Chastity and total happiness right now. With chastity you must seek happiness by limiting desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them. A small penis must be content with the least, for contentment is the wealth of chastity. The act of locking your cock isn't a simple thing. You can't just go out and get it like Starbucks. It is the way you deeply see and feel about yourself. Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress. Without it there is no stability in society, and without it knowledge one cannot attain the Science of Life.

    “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s just another way of understanding it.”


    Usually ones mind starts to wander and imagination takes over to the desires and intense feelings towards experimenting with Chastity. The male masturbates to almost clinical impotence to Chastity pornography wishing it was his cock locked away. The mind can go either direction under chastity — toward sexuality or toward abstinence: on or off. Think of it as a spectrum whose extremes are unconsciousness at the abstinence end and hyperconsciousness at the sexual end. More often than not, these two perspectives can swing like a pendulum with a person. It’s ironic but it’s an exploration into trying to make sense of all these sexual feelings on the recurring idea of the thing that turns someone on the most is the same thing they need to control that arousal. Don't forget - no one else sees life the way you do, so no one else can live the reality that you have to live. A chastity device won't put out the flames of burning flesh. The male unconsciously needs guidance. The fantasy grows and becomes more elaborate as time passes. Perhaps a males imagination needs Chastity fantasies to fulfill some craving he has as a way to assuage the darkness in himself. Don't let your small penis define you. Let it alter you. If you allow it, Chastity will make you become more comfortable with yourself. Locked away You will soon understand that all of us are really devils hiding in the skins of mortals. Small penis denial is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of intoxicating singular moments. You must fully experience each and every one before you can truly appreciate Chastity. With Chastity nothing is lost . . .Everything is transformed.

    “Most truths are so naked that males feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.”


    What can best be described as “Chastity Cravings” take over. It is a compulsion to be locked and it will grow as the male becomes extremely vulnerable as he obsessively goes over all the elements. Vulnerability always comes with risks, but the rewards run deep. Male Chastity does all of this. It will bring it out of males. The way the mind will lean under chastity is strongly influenced by the person, reasons and desire for chastity. They chose to be locked in chastity because their brains are wired to completely surrender to it. Almost if they have a genetic, disposition for it. They still have a thread of free will and it is giving in to what they so badly want. There is no perfection only beautiful versions of brokenness. A male will keep seeking validation but they already know what is about to happen. They should not confuse fear with curiosity. Let it forever alter their behavior. The male is already addicted to a drug he’s never taken. It’s a unfamiliar kind of suffering that seems both mental and physical. A male in Chastity is not made like any of those he has seen. They venture to believe that they are not made like any of those who are in existence. If they are not better, at least unique and different. The punishment of every small penis is its own disorder.

    The body tells the mind what to think and when a male realizes this maturity is achieved. Submission exists when a male accepts chastity as a life full of sexual tension. Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges.

    Life is too short to be unhappy.

    In time the tension will turn into pleasure. Don't stress because you have a small penis, smile because it happened. An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior and a male in Chastity will always be figuring this out.

    “Some men are born to roam free while you are destined for the cage because the relentless search for novelty and social status locked you into an iron cage of sexuality. Affluence has itself betrayed you and deviance has given you a thing that some would call a strange punishment but for some strange reason you feel it is a sweet reward.”


    Now it is time for the male to get serious and figure out what is the best device to have. No one undertakes research in Chastity with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something they didn’t know before. Awareness without action is worthless. The internet is a prominent source for devices. This is more of a logical methodical element and it is put here after the last two emotional elements because it is definitely useful but it also an attempt to try and get a grip on these seemingly uncontrollable cravings if only briefly.

    A male should ask themselves these questions:

    Are you looking at pictures of male chastity online again?

    How many times are you going to lie to yourself about how you seem to “accidentally” stumble upon these websites?

    Do you still remember that first locked cock photo you masturbated to so long ago?

    Chastity was a forbidden fruit, a daily invitation put in front of him and he had always known that when this one temptation finally stole his willpower there'd be no turning back

    because the fear of the consequences wasn't enough to stop him... for it had,, tasted too **sweet. In the beginning it was weird how many just one image of a dick in a cage made you rock hard but now it seems so normal. A couple of jerks to smooth locked up male makes them bust a nut all over themselvesl. More often than not all of this going on with no one else knowing and the secrecy can be quite overwhelming. There are two kinds of chastity: the kind that drowns you until you’re useless, and the kind that fires your soul to purpose. With Chastity the questions are complicated but the answers are simple. In Chastity, life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Chastity is a book and there are a thousand pages you have not yet read. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. The male will slowly leave all those old inhiabitions behind because an incredible experience awaits. Everything will make sense and finally feel complete.

    “The penis, often regarded as a weapon, it is also a burden, and the male curse.”


    In the universe there are up to 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars similar to our sun with at least one planet similar to Earth and you just happened to be living on the one that locks up small cocks. A single healthy male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet.

    Although there is no credible backed sources of information on the “science” of Chastity there are many online resources and device companies that will readily share information with anyone who contacts them.

    Every penis in the womb starts as a clitoris before hormones ‘sex’ the brain of the to-be male." The penis "retains the mark of its female heritage: its dark underskin and the thin ridge or seam, known as the raphe, which runs from scrotum to anus, are remnants of the fusion of the vaginal lips. Male development requires hormones to suppress female development and further hormones to enhance male development. This makes female anatomy the platform for male development and so technically the penis is an enlarged clitoris. Of course this sounds provocative because it goes against the ‘received wisdom’ or ‘gender spin’ that gives primacy to the penis. The male genitalia has historically often been used as a primitive, superficial measure of masculinity among the strata of 'lower-educated' males of many societies. As such, a smaller or less 'masculine-looking' penis can sometimes be labelled "feminine" in appearance (i.e., femininity being considered the default weaker / lesser gender). In this sense, the description can be both an insult (e.g., for a "straight" and / or insecure male) and compliment (e.g., for a MTF transsexual girl). One must realize It doesn’t mater if the male is gay, straight, or bisexual. Chastity does not know what sexuality is nor does it care. Chastity is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the choice of routine, the exquisite care of execution.

    “You’re not gay; you’re not bisexual; you’re not straight. You are just curious.”

    “Chastity is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”


    This brewing emotional pot now causes a a definite change in sexual identity and also on how he views his penis. The connection between "manhood" and the penis is unbreakable. Size isn't solely about physically being small. Size is also about mentally feeling small. He is in an intense process of redefinition of what it actually is in relationship with his manhood and personality. A sexual self realization takes place with very new drastic perceptions of ones self. Bravado, submissiveness and male roles all swirl around with this new idea of chastity. Masculine identity is intertwined with the penis. Masculinity represents drive, direction, force, especially penetrative force. We always need to know who's got the biggest dick in the boardroom. It's why every battle for superiority is called a "dick measuring contest." If you violate laws of God, you're a sinner.

    If you violate laws of men, you're a criminal. If you violate your own laws, you're pathetic. Think about what phallic-shaped objects like obelisks, rockets and skyscrapers represent: masculine energy. They thrust up into the air, essentially penetrating the sky in defiance of gravity. Building those structures is an expression of masculine energy. NASA does not build rockets shaped like vaginas. There is no amount of wealth, status, education or fame that will change the size of a males small penis. The male will ask internal questions like “is there something wrong with me be cause I want this?” What are other small penis males really thinking, feeling, experiencing, when they finally lock themselves up, slip away from the gaze and culture of real masculinity? Chastity is the art of uniting pleasure with the naked truth. This balance is a much higher reflection of intelligent life. The alpha and omega are drawn to each other. In man-chastity device symbiosis, it is man who must adjust: The device can't.

    “If you look at sculptures from hundreds of years ago, everyone’s naked. Everyone has a small penis. It’s not a bad thing.”


    In order to find validation males will seek the like minded online. Love is our true destiny. Males do not find the meaning of Chastity alone - they find it with one another. Locked cock worship is a real thing. Just count how many chastity blogs there are on web. It’s not going away. The rise in popularity of Chastity has a direct correlation to more exposure on the web. Even if it is done anonymously one will want to know they are definitely not alone in this new erotic world they’ve found. A male needs justification for his desires. A male realizes all bad behavior is really a request for Chastity, attention, or validation. Some will communicate with others to find specific answers and sense of belonging, others will view anonymously, all seeking the element of understanding. A male is thankful, for the validation of feelings, and letting them know they are not alone. Chastity is not rational. Chastity is culture, habit, craving and identity. Men in Chastity leave traces of themselves where they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile. The natural state of chastity is unselfishness. When you lock your small penis, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You submit that position to your cage. Chastity is what gives males a sense of fulfillment and self-reliance. If you can share your story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.

    “Sometimes the gap between what you are and what you want to be is a six ounce piece of stainless steel called a Chastity cage. ”


    Finally the pot boils over. Anyway you look at it, it’s an intense experience for the male. Some may feel they are losing control. Submission is everything that refers to the delight of the senses and that’s what Chastity does, it stimulates the body in every possible way. The intensity to bring this about varies from individual to individual. Succumbing to Chastity, in an erotic sense, is not giving away a part of yourself, but seeking something new, something other, within yourself. Vulnerability always comes with risks, but its rewards run deep. Male Chastity does all of this. It will bring it out of you. If a male thinks he can stand to find out who they are and what they’re made of, they need to put on a Chastity device. Chastity is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Chastity is meant to teach us true spiritual human sexual character. It is meant for self-transformation. It is meant to transform anxiety into peace, arrogance into humility, envy into compassion, to awaken the pure soul in males and their love for the Source, which is the cage. Whether pleasure or pain; every situation in your chastity serves a purpose. It is up to you to recognize what that purpose could be. To feel aroused is to feel alive. A tight fitting cage on a small cock is like taking in huge lungfuls of fresh air, essential to the body, essential for health, and essential to life. Nothing makes a male feel more naked than when Chastity identifies a desire he never knew he possessed. He lives for permanent Chastity. His penis is locked in a sensual prison with guilt admitted and the sentence accepted. He is glorifying it, worshiping it and relishing the energy, with every fibre of his being. It is no better reason for being, naked, exposed, and alive. Chastity is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say NO to ones self. A locked male is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

    His chastity makes sense of his past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Chastity is where You put your chaos to rest and awaken inner peace. In simplicity there is truth. Strive for refrain and believe in small penis chastity. There’s no better time for a cage than now.

    “They can remember the frustration of not being locked in a cage. They knew what they’d wanted to say, but could not get the words out, so they would just scream.”


    Everything finally comes together and the only option will be to obtain a chastity device by any means possible. A goal without a plan is just a wish. The internet again has a part in the accessibility and large variety of Chastity devices. Looking at styles and brands trying to find the perfect one. They may even purchase more than one and so begins the device collection addiction. A device is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. A device is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the sexual male condition. This is becoming a serious reality and it is under way. The device that is chosen expresses values that reflect the males small penis perception, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. A Chastity cage is not made of metal or plastic , but a tender balance of expectation and longing. A males Chastity is the root of small penis discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say “NO” to oneself. Once a device is in the males possession something amazing takes place.

    “Being interested in Chastity isn’t a strange thing, it means that you are brave enough to find yourself”


    Execution is on! Whatever regiment the male has created it will be individual to the chastity taste of the person. It’s about male discipline. It’s about following instructions. It’s about the execution of the plan. That’s what Chastity is. Something happens to the male when they remember around the time they became teenagers and thought about concepts of manhood and behaving masculine. They find out that not every penis is equal and there is a measurement across all males that is considered normal or average. After all the elements that have pleasured and tortured the males reach its apex, the first locking of the device on a penis can be one of the most erotic experiences they have ever experienced.

    “They laugh at us because we are different. We laugh at them because they are all the same.”


    All around us there are people who live their entire lives without exploring that one thing that would complete them, satisfy that craving that would make them whole. One must refuse to be that person. There is nothing more soul-satisfying than the first look of a succulent nude male wearing a secure tight fitting Chastity device. So sweet and delicious is the feeling, when a male is put in Chastity, that the pleasure it brings excels all delight, so the knot of Chastity, however tight it seemed before, is tied tighter still. There will be times in life when things simply have to be replaced because they are tired, broken, worn out, harmful, outdated, or irrelevant. Taking an inventory of the things that no longer serve the best and highest good and replace them with things which do. Chastity is the true key to success. Small penis males often lose their way at times. They embrace and overindulge from the fruits of success. Chastity halts this arrogance and self-gratifying trap. Humble males share the credit and wealth, remaining focused and hungry to continue the journey of permanent chastity. All those old inhibitions are left behind because an incredible Chastity experience awaits. If you're comfortable in your nudity, why the hell do you need clothes? Once we are aware that our chastity makes us objects of desire, we truly become naked. Chastity makes us want to know what passion is. We want to feel something strongly. Chastity does that for us. The hurricane derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person locked away. The only way you can reach your full potential is if you open up and allow your self to be exposed to how you really feel. Remember that things are not always as they appear to be… Chastity creates possibilities and opportunities. Set out to discover the why of it, and to transform the pleasure into knowledge. Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of fulfillment in life.

    “The world says to males at a very early age they can become anything they want to be and another one has chosen to be locked permanently in Chastity”


    Males are more revealing and exposed now that they have a chastity cage on. When they are just naked they were hiding. Now they are naked in chastity honestly exposing their true self. No lying anymore. This is who they are and what they want to be. It is an important lesson. Their happiness doesn’t need to be like others and that’s fine. They’re happy in their own way. There is something primal happening to them. It is instinctually beautiful. A graceful balance. This is exotic poetry physically played out stirring up powerful emotions. There is some kind of a sweet innocence in Male Chastity - in not having to be just happy or just sad- in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time. If you want to cultivate chastity, do it without any reservation, till it is firmly established. Until it is so confirmed, until it becomes a part of your character, let there be no exception, no relaxation of effort. The complexity is intense and compulsions for these cravings seem to never stop. The cage has touched the soul long before they knew what Chastity actually felt like on their body. It is an abstract and organic thread weaving through them.

    “No Free Cocks Ever.
    Stay Limp, Stay Locked.
    Stay Soft, Stay Smooth.”


    Everything makes sense and finally feels complete. These uncontrollable emotions that exist in this new world where expectations are not set by those unrealistic traditional stereotypes that hold people all back, but by true intoxicating sexual cravings that drive real human passions. Insecure habits and mundane routines are noticeably identifiable and corrected since the introduction of Chastity. Chastity reveals. It doesn’t conceal. A cage reveals your cravings, your passion, your deepest most secret desires. It is a cleansing of body and soul. Males will never follow their own inner voice until they clear up the doubts in their minds and bound skin invites awareness. Nothing will change in ones life if they don't do something different from what they have been doing. This is something that has been a long time coming but it has to be said. Lock up that small worthless penis. No longer lying about the intense desire for Chastity. Surrender to the pleasure of denial. They never were a man. Real men have virile potent cocks and males interested in Chastity definitely do not have that. They have a tiny nub of flesh and nerves placed between their legs as a reminder of the ineffectual impotence. They at the least have the confidence to purchase a cage to put on their baby dick. They have to know that this is extremely embarrassing for them and there is no reason for this to continue. The only shred of dignity that they could possibly have exists in the locking of a cage on their so called penis. A free cock and caged dicklet express values that reflect the mutual respect, including orderliness, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. Perhaps there could be no freedom on this planet without an equal weight of control to balance it out on some unknown scale. There really is no such thing as chastity balance even though there is a quest for it. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life. Let go and move forward because acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that Chastity is the only way through it. This is a unique erotic fetish that turns them on so much and they can actually practice every day.

    “…Do you ever know a moment is important as it’s happening, or is it only when you look back that you can see your life has changed?”


    Choosing to lock oneself in Chastity uncovers who you subconsciously are or desperately want to be. You have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for things beyond this mundane life. Something happens to males when they're locked. You become strangely free, uncivilized. You may do anything devilish. You like the ethos of Chastity and the idea of joining an ritual in which, at the very least, everyone who signs up believes in something. You will treat a Chastity cage with the reverence it deserves. Next time, you will stop and appreciate it and you'll marvel at the miracle of a cock clad in stainless steel. Beautiful and diabolical, Chastity makes you impatient indeed to claim it. The cage reveals the person that has been hidden inside you. Chastity is both a symbol of what a you see and what you do not see in yourself. Look at your past and find, woven like the hidden symbols on a treasure map, the path that will point to your final destination.

    Chastity when in practice is not a fantasy anymore, it is a defining reality. It is as if the cock cage is a mirror reflecting your soul.

    “When a submissive penis is locked, the male is at last finally living up to expectations”

    About Me

    When I first discovered contemporary male Chastity my intense feelings of inadequacy were put in perspective. For the first time in my adult life everything made sense. I prefer a world with many kinks and sexual identities. It stimulates my commitment to Chastity to keep growing day by day. The concepts of my manhood, bravado and masculinity now have been completely erased from my mind. Chastity had brought me to my knees and made me acknowledge my own nothingness, and out of that knowledge I had been reborn. They say, you become what you think about all day long. Chastity is my obsession, joy, and torment. The outside world holds no interest for me without chastity. I don't possess these thoughts I have --- they possess me. I don't possess these feelings I have --- They curse me. I wanted to be good but I wasn't sure if I was prepared.

    I always had it in me to lock my pathetic penis, but I forgot that it required me to do the opposite of what I was doing at that moment.

    Chastity made me ready.

    Somewhere between love and hate lies confusion, chastity is discovered in misunderstanding and desperate hope. I was no longer the center of my life and therefore I could see my Chastity in everything. A clear path to total submission was shown to me and it brought me peace. Passion drives me, and I let chastity hold the reins. If I have any faith or spirituality it is the belief of sin because I am a sinner and I want to pay for every one of my sins. But sometimes I feel like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they? I want all of you small cock males to also know my sins. I want you to see my Chastity and crave it. Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are. Chastity is my masks and I believe in it -- The person I made up is me, I believe in my Chastity -- And my destiny. To me photos of locked cocks are way more sensually erotic than pornography. There is an intensity to the simplicity of the submission. For those who have interest in viewing chastity pictures, it is a intense aphrodisiac. Once upon a time all I did was look at male chastity blogs matsurbating myself into a lethargic goon. It was a sensual dichotomy of wanting to be locked and wanting to jack off at the same time. Fast forward to the present and I am now permanently locked away only to be let out for the only briefest amount of time. Now I am the creator of male chastity erotica. In a somewhat narcissistic way I post pictures of my locked penis. I am proud of the way

    It looks. I want people to masturbate to them. I have a fantasy that a large cock male is clicking through chastity blogs looking at pictures getting extremely aroused and ever so close to climax. Image after image and finally the last photo they see is mine. The cum load starts to spurt out all over. After looking at all my pictures I want the thought of chastity to eat away at you to the point of insanity. You will memorize all of the Chastity websites, Tumblr URLS and masturbate to the posts. Male Chastity will become your sexuality above all others. It will no longer be a choice, the pattern will be irreversible. I want Chastity to be all consuming. All other thoughts will be clouded by the images of locked cocks flashing in your minds. The only option will be to obtain a chastity device by any means possible and lock up your worthless cocks. You will look at styles and brands trying to find the perfect one. You will lay around nude writhing and moaning with the tight fitting cage existing in a chastity tortured bliss. You all will start a blogs and post pictures in provocative poses of your succulent, limp, locked penis.
    You will become extremely vain and narcissistic. A drooling sexually addicted goon worshiping your flaccid locked penis. Chastity will control every aspect of your life.
    You will become me.

    “Chastity, that stealthy thing that entered life as a secretive visitor, then became a welcomed guest, then a best friend, and now is the sexual Master”


    I pledge to willingly submit my cock to chastity. I am a caged slave. I have no choice in this matter. It has consumed me from the moment I knew I could slide my penis in a modern device. The look, the feel, the action is a part of me. I am proud to be in chastity. I need to be trained. I have to be controlled. The more flaccid my penis becomes the more psychologically aroused I am. There is supreme pleasure in impotence. I admit my small penis fetish. My useless cock belongs in a small cage. My only purpose is the be a slave to Chastity.

    “They never really had a manhood in the first place and Chastity allowed them to stop looking for it. It’s time to throw away the masks and finally put on the soul.”


    Chastity is a pure human experimental art form. The art of sacrifice, the art or virtue, and the art of pure, sensual indulgent lust. It is glorious body display and adornment. Device Chastity in reality is an abstract concept. Natural male sexuality is what makes it organic. Chastity is as beautiful as it is vulgar. It is the balance of raw power and submissive weakness. Chastity is longing and lamenting. For those who like it, love it, and for those who love it, crave it. Chastity will provoke you sexually and yet you need it to control that same urge. It creates the illusion of pure innocence and projects total deviant sexuality all at the same time. It is a granted wish with unforeseen circumstances. It is cool calculation and reckless abandonment. Submission is everything that refers to the delight of the senses. There is more sensuality and stimulation in Chastity, even for the briefest time than in most recreational drugs. That’s what Chastity does, it stimulates the body in every possible way.

    “Comfort…is the key ingredient to making the prisoner crave the prison.”


    Beware of the submissive caged male because they are the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates their sexuality is for mindless sport or lust or greed. True when unlocked they will continuously masturbate to total impotence simply for the feeling of shame and the punishment. Without chastity they are selfish errant freaks. Let them not be bred in great numbers for they will make a disgrace of their homes and yours. Deny them and permanently force them back inside a chastity device for they are the disgusting harbingers of pure perversion.

    There are almost as many definitions of male chastity as there are experiences that represent it. Chastity unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what inadequate males have into just enough, and a lot more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

    Chastity is not just about enforcing virginity, It’s also about establishing dignity. Chastity is not just restricted to femininity, but requires the protection of chivalry, and regard for responsibility. Chastity is not innocence out of ignorance, it’s making a choice that’s different. Even when facing a challenge. Chastity is not just about hiding behind a tight fitting cage, or donning a weighted stainless steel Chastity device. It’s about going through a season of waiting, even if it becomes tough. Chastity is not just a state of being, It’s a state of knowing, valuing and protecting. The sacredness of a choice. The loyalty to one’s desires. The unity of the penis and cage to form one flesh. Not giving up one’s body to all the rest, but leaving it for sensual bliss. Be humble, be gracious, and make peace with your small penis before stepping out into the limelight and allowing yourself to be exposed to all the pleasures of permanent Chastity

    “Knowing purpose helps in using all available resources in achieving Chastity.”

    If you seriously look for Chastity, you will find it. If you ignore the craving, Chastity will follow until you submit.

    “Chastity is sometimes bitter but the fruit it bears is so sweet.”
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    "Before chastity, chop wood and carry water.
    After chastity, chop wood and carry water."

    -- Locked Tzu
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