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T&D Propoganda

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by WEC, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. As I've said I'm on an "honor system" with my wife and she doesn't really know the full extent of what its like for me, what my motivations are, how it feels, and frankly how persistent the "experience" is. I communicate to her maybe once per week about it to remind her and "teach" her about it. The results have been very good for us so far. I was thinking I might slip some tasteful "T&D Propaganda" into some of my emails or start my own blog who knows. Just messing around for now...feel free to create and intermingle your own...




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  2. looks good to me, but Im a guy, maybe a woman would see it differentlly
  3. Very typical of the stuff we send back and forth to each other. Some are a bit more romantic some are just plain dirty, depending on our moods.

    I think this kind of open and constant communication really helps to let the other know how they are feeling. It’s also easy to respond without over talking it to death...a picture says a thousand words. And memes even have words lol
  4. You can start off with leaving out the tumblr captioned posts as they are not reality. Most are done by single horny men who are not into whatever they are posting about. We started on the honor system and it was simply my wife seeing how much more intense my orgasms were after ever increasing periods of denial. In fact, my wife called sex without my orgasm, fake sex, well before Trump coined that phrase for news. It took her 3 years to get used to sex being about her orgasms only.

    Look up Kareeza and Tantric sex. They are basically about orgasms denial and you can skip all the mysticism stuff. Orgasm denial does bring you closer since sex is not about your orgasm. It becomes about showing each other love without expecting an orgasm in return. Once we decided to go for 3 weeks of orgasm denial I told my wife that I could not promise her that I would refrain from an orgasm and that is when I suggested buying a chastity cage. She said Ok if that is what I thought I needed because by then she was learning that the lack of my orgasm was not due to a lack of attraction for her. She started to have orgams like she had when we first got married 45 years ago and still does. She loves her vibrator and to be frank, after 5 years of chastity, is OK if I never asked her for sex again except for special occasions.

    I would never do orgasm in my younger days since there is strong evidence that frequent orgasm lower your risk for Prostate cancer and more than half of my friends have Prostate cancer and did not have the sexually active life I had living with two women. I had a lot of orgasms and cutting them out in this stage of my life will have zero impact on my Prostate.

    However Google Kareeza and do as I did and emailed my wife articles about orgams denail and the benefits for a marriage. Good luck and it took us a fews years to get really into this.
  5. I appreciate your thoughtful post. I have posted many times and keep in mind this one is essentially about ways to communicate..."tasteful" (hopefully, and sometimes not) things I can send to my wife to help her understand how I am feeling as I transition from perpetual teenager to 40+ year old man. The images I've put here were created by a married horny man who is VERY into what he is posting about...me!!! Its early in our journey and I appreciate your point of view. Thanks!
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