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Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Steviepie, Oct 22, 2017.

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  2. now that's neet.you could use 4 of them and make your own porn and it would be like having 4 cameramen in the room .a little editing and poof.instant video.
    and with cheep extention cords they could be placed anywhere.
  3. We have 2 "Canary"cameras in the house that Mistress uses to keep track of me while at work. At times, I am required to model my lingerie for her and each morning, She inspects my makeup application via the camera at my dressing table. She threatens to show me off to Her coworkers, but I don't believe that She has done so yet. ((I was at a party with them a couple of weeks ago and I got no unusual looks of offhand remarks. She could "out' me at any time, though.
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  5. Well we've certainly explored some male perspectives on this thread........my hope is that this technology might be useful to some wives or SOs who are unaware of how much there husbands masturbate. Obviously once that can observe they may find the rest of CM more interesting.
  6. With the world of technology what it is today we can now put a camera almost anywhere for any reason. If a Mistress installs some kind of camera to watch her sub without him knowing about it it would definetly lead to some interesting video and conversations. I'm with @DonnaSue@DonnaSue Our home has security cameras that only my wife has control over, the cameras don't cover everything so if a person knows where they are they could do things out of camera era get. My Wife also monitors me by keeping a record of what and how long I'm on the Internet. This has caused me a painful back side on more than one occasion. As I will be finding out later since I've been informed that I went over my allotted time for October. Keep us posted if you install the camera and what you find out it could be interesting.
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  7. One other thing about the Canary cameras that we have is that they also can listen in on audio, so when I looked at some porn videos, I didn't realize that She could hear what I was hearing on the video. After a very severe reprimand, I now know to turn the volume off. Of course, with the cage on, those videos just add to my frustration. Nonetheless, I now longer enjoy much privacy.
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