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Silicone Nozzles Chastity Insert

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by anomalous1, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Here's a quick review of a product that might be of interest to anyone with a CB or Holy Trainer like chastity device.


    My wife and I are still pretty new to chastity and we've been having fun exploring. One of the things that she really enjoys is making me leak pre-cum (chastity tears). She thinks it's rather amusing, and she enjoys having such control over my arousal. Of late, we've both been intrigued by chastity devices with urethral inserts. She likes the idea of removing the last bit of control I have over my penis.I like that it would make peeing a little more accurate and prevent pre-cum from gathering in my device. (My opinion doesn't really matter of course.)

    Most of the devices that have inserts are either too expensive or of questionable quality. Plus, I'm an absolute newbie to urethral play too and the idea of jamming a metal rod or silicone tube with a little piece of metal (that seems like it could detach very easily) is a bit daunting.

    One night, the Google gods smiled upon me, and I came across a company called Silicone Nozzles. Mostly, they make various urethral sounds from silicone but they also had a insert specifically designed for plastic Chasity devices.


    Since I wasn't sure exactly how this would work, and not having much experience, I ordered one "soft" and another "semi-soft" insert. (in transparent white and translucent). Both of the inserts have thru-holes, though you can order solid plugs if desired.

    The Order

    I placed my order an immediately received a confirmation email indicating a timeframe when my items would be available and shipped (almost everything is made to order).
    As you would expect, orders show up using a rather innocuous company name.

    Within two days, my inserts were shipped discreetly to my door.

    So far so good.

    First Experience

    I sterilized the inserts, broke out the Surgilube, and got to work. The "soft" insert was very deformable, so I elected to try the semi-soft one first. How did it go? Well. it was exactly how I imagine shoving a gummy worm (candy) into my penis would be like. I tried inserting it before and after caging myself, and found that it was much easier to do so while caged. It was much less painful than I expected and while not entirely comfortable, I began to acclimate within about 2 hours.

    Even though the diameter of the thru-hole is rather small (3/32 or ~2.4 mm) I had no trouble peeing or leaking pre-cum. Hooray!

    Overall Impression

    I really liked the rapid turn-around and customization options. In hindsight, I wish I had chosen the two firmest options. I think the firm would be much easier to insert, and less susceptible to being deformed or constricted. Likewise, if I could change something, I think the inside flange should be much flatter to better conform to the device and to prevent irritation.In firm silicone, I bet the thru-hole could be expanded slightly too. All in all, I think it was an effective purchase and I'd recommend it to anyone with a Holy Trainer (like me) or a CB that's curious about urethra inserts/play.
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  2. Good written and overall you could try metal next time :)
  3. Nice find and review. Thanks. I can see how the insert fits into the end of the CB, but I assume that kind of fitting is easy to remove anytime you want? i.e. the insert cannot be irremovably made part of a device. Enjoy!
  4. Not super easily, but certainly possible. Removing would be significantly more challenging if the insert was made of firmer silicone.
  5. KH ordered from them last week with express shipping. All we have received, after we inquired, is excuse after excuse. "Going to be poured today and ship tomorrow or next", that was Tuesday's email. Today is "pouring today or Monday, ship early next week"
    No offer of refunding express shipping or apologies for multiple delays. If I could find another supplier I would cancel the order.
    I'll post updates as things progress.
  6. Wow Sub Dave, that really sucks. I had a very different experience.
  7. IMG_6243.JPG IMG_6244.JPG The nozzle finally arrived and they did eventually refund our money, so in the end I'm satisfied with the outcome. It's definitely not the "firmer" version I ordered and will fall out if not in the cage. I did modify the center hole on my new cage and it all fits great.
  8. Oh good, I'm glad that worked out. I forgot to write about it slipping out without a cage. I also have pretty strong PC muscles, so I wasn't certain that it would be an issue for everyone. Are you encountering any irritation from the internal (inside the cage) retaining flange?
  10. Not at all, although it does make me realize I have no control. And a weird feeling that I'm not urinating from my own cock. Willing to make any deal for a night out!!
  11. I ordered one of these to check it out.