She's really getting serious (after 8 years)

Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by Greatlakes guy, Nov 17, 2020.

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    I have been a frequent visitor to this site for years now, although I've made very few posts. I discovered chastity about 8 years ago and have been intrigued ever since. I got up the courage to introduce my wife maybe a year later. She has always taken very little interest, and only locked me for the day on a couple occasions over the several year period. Fast forward to 2020....I tried to have the conversation again, and this time she was more receptive, at least willing to discuss it for a couple minutes. I found that she doesn't like the device because it restricts her access to me and thinks it would be uncomfortable. In the weeks after that, I kind of accepted her viewpoint and started suggesting that she simply take control without a device.

    I started suggesting that I wanted to try to go a period of time without masturbating, (to see if the buildup makes a better climax, and also to see how my energy level would change, if at all). I explained how I had the willpower of a guy, and that I would appreciate her help in holding me accountable, (which I suggested she could do by telling me that she doesn't want me to, and randomly asking if I've been a good boy today. I made no mention of a devise and no longer plan to. Over the next couple months, she started slowly practicing the suggestions I gave her, and would deny me for a few days at a time, although she still didn't have the elements of excitement about it.

    Well, on October 12 we had a conversation again and I told her that I'd liked how she was becoming more assertive with me, and that I'd like to try to wait to climax until our vacation, about 2 weeks away and she seemed to like the idea. She started developing excitement for our new "game" and would start bringing it up on her own most nights. As things turned out, she was unable to go on vacation with me at the last minute, so I went alone. Upon returning home, I still hadn't taken pleasure into my own hands, to which she was pleased. I was becoming obviously horny and frustrated (in a good way). After my return home, she really started to own her role of authority and would very persistently deny me every night. This lasted 34 days in total. We were playing together on Nov 15th, she was edging me and accidentally went a little too far. (It was our first ruined orgasm)! She seemed truly bummed out and upset with herself for taking me over the edge. (I think she had planned on pushing for a much longer denial period. Later that evening, she rode me to the most Intense orgasm I've ever had! It lasted forever. The next day, I asked her about getting a couple days of freedom, an enthusiastic NO was the answer. So, it seems we've started another denial period, and we now have conversation most every night about this game. I asked her what she thought, on average, how frequently I should be allowed an orgasm, to which she said once a month!

    Relying on my willpower to obey is overwhelming to say the least. Surprisingly, the first week or so seems the most difficult for me. After that, the urge to masturbate greatly subsides for whatever reason. (Possibly because the thought of starting over after a week would be devestating?) I don't know where this is going, but she seems to be thoroughly enjoying the way things are going, she now likes my denial better than orgasm, and she has really taking the lead. I have never been more frustrated, or more happy, so I will sit back and enjoy wherever she takes this.
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